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Slideset for EMS Gathering 2013 Talk on FOAM(ed) (free open access medical education). Full resources here. http://emergencymedicineireland.com/2013/05/workshop-for-ems-gathering

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EMS gathering 2013 talk FOAM

  1. 1. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com
  2. 2. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Social Media and EMS
  3. 3. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Who the hell am I?
  4. 4. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Why am I speaking on social media? The best way to learn something is to try and teach it
  5. 5. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Why bother with social media? “I need to pee” “I peed” “This is where I pee” “Why do I need to pee?” “CHECK OUT this PEE” “I have a PhD in urinating” “I pee therefore I am”
  6. 6. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Social = Fun = Motivated Asynchronous Learning How good do you want to be? Why bother with social media? Seize the little portions of free time in the day...
  7. 7. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com The differences Traditional Media Credit: anjan58 Flickr Social Media Credit:J Heffner Flickr v
  8. 8. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Isolated LearningSocialised learning Effectively an online version of what we’re doing right now v
  9. 9. Search Source Sieve Share Survive Cogitate Collate Curate Communicate Convey LEARNERS EDUCATORSSlides via Mike Cadogan
  10. 10. Search Source Sieve Survive Cogitate Collate Curate Communicate Convey LEARNERS EDUCATORS Share Slides via Mike Cadogan
  11. 11. Search Source Sieve Survive Cogitate Collate Curate Communicate Convey Networked Education Share Slides via Mike Cadogan
  12. 12. EmergencyMedicineIreland.comCredit: Jara Villanueva on Flickr Free Open Access Meducation
  13. 13. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Can we integrate this into traditional settings?
  14. 14. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com
  15. 15. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com
  16. 16. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com
  17. 17. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com 2) Quality 1) Professionalism
  18. 18. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Social Media: a good way to get fired 1) Professionalism
  19. 19. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com DO Share the Wealth Listen Comment Add Value Be Respectful Give Kudos Be Social Be Real Be You Collaborate Be Unprofessional Spam Be anonymous Disclose patient information Be Mean Be Inflexible Criticise Publish anything when drunk Go Full Frontal Be Negative DO NOT “An idiot offline is an idiot online” 1) Professionalism
  20. 20. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com 1) Professionalism
  21. 21. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com credit: digitalmoneywolrd on Flickr 2) Quality
  22. 22. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Post-Publication Peer Review via: rationallyspeaking.blogspot.com 2) Quality
  23. 23. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Mentor Textbook someone you trust... presumed infallible... 2) Quality in reality often out of date they might be wrong Who do I trust?
  24. 24. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com How to do it?
  25. 25. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com
  26. 26. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com
  27. 27. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com
  28. 28. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com GoMobile Credit: Stefan on Flickr [via Chris Nickson]
  29. 29. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Get out there and get stuck in
  30. 30. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com
  31. 31. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com Want to know more?
  32. 32. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com
  33. 33. EmergencyMedicineIreland.com