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5 Expert Vine App Video Strategies Used By the Pros


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5 Expert Vine App Video Strategies Used By the Pros

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  • 1. andrewmacart As simple an app as Vine is, it has allowed inventive types to come up with some really compelling video clips, whether they be adverts, stories, loops, or lots more. To help you produce the very best Vine clips that you can, here are 5 expert strategies used by the Vine App Video pros. 1. Experiment with video length
  • 2. The maximum length of a Vine video is six seconds, but you don't have to use that whole amount of time, and plenty of times it might be the case that you don't want to. In f act, just around two seconds is the
  • 3. minimum required to be able to post your video. When your recording exceeds two or so seconds, a little check box will appear at the bottom of your device's screen. When you're f inished, simply tap it to end the recording session and produce your video. 2. Achieve better audio quality Sometimes it's not just the quality of your visuals, but the audio in your Vine video, that can make or break it. Here are a couple of things you can do to make sure you achieve the best audio recording possible: Use headphones with an in-built microphone to record your own voice. Use an iPhone boom or directional mic (link opens in new window) to record the voices of multiple people Use an all-weather or underwater casing (link opens in new window) to produce silence. 3. Prevent your camera from auto-focusing
  • 4. When you play back a recorded Vine video, sometimes you'll notice that the image pulsates during playback. This is of ten due to your phone's camera re-auto-f ocusing on your subject. To prevent this f rom occurring
  • 5. as best you can, there are a f ew things that you can do: Set your phone down on a f lat surf ace and keep it there whilst your record. Attach your phone to a tripod - my recommendation is the Joby Gorillamobile (link opens in new window). For non-static shots, hold your phone close and tight to your body to stop it f rom moving and triggering the auto-f ocus f unction. 4. Stop a Vine video from posting
  • 6. If you change your mind about posting a Vine video just at the moment that is uploading, you can halt the process if you're quick. Simply swipe lef t to right on the upload bar to delete the upload bef ore it
  • 7. completes. If you're too late (and if your Internet connection is f ast, you probably will be!), you can still delete your Vine by tapping the three dots below the video in your f eed and choose the Delete option. 5. Include relevant hashtags in your video caption
  • 8. Like Twitter and Instagram, Vine utilises hashtags to allow users to group together and f ind videos of the same type. I know there is a trend to add about six billion hashtags to a photo on Instagram, but f or brands
  • 9. and businesses, I would advise against it, as it'll come across as unprof essional and spammy. Instead, I recommend adding a maximum of three relevant hashtags to your video caption, along with a short description that f eatures the keywords you want to target.