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  • 1. Grainger UXAnalysisAndrew Campbell
  • 2. grainger.comMore than ecommerce,“A procurement tool for largeorganizations whom require a highdegree of account controls”
  • 3. Positive• Overall site appearance is clean and contemporary all elements are where I would expect to find them.• The case for email sign up and advantages for doing our spelled out immediately.• Slider is effective in routing users to specific information.• Search by brand, product number or category helpful• Procurement expertise is evident• Users can rate productsNegative• Difficult to get back to home page and, If I click the logo I can get to Home, but not all users know that.• Many categories• There is detailed content for power users, it is difficult to find and not always easy to find• Catalogue PDF could have improved functionality.• Service category landing pages are very cluttered. Browser Rendering Excellent, consistent appearance and functionality in Chrome Fire Fox and IE.
  • 4. Competitors
  • 5. Only Grainger offers Unique Products.
  • 6. Positive• Straight in to a product sales area.• Very lean, few links but all are essential to the interaction.• Product descriptions are highly detailed and will be useful to power usersNegative• User must be highly knowledgeable of products to use the site.• There is very little company information, site tells me little about the company values.• I feel unqualified to buy anything. Conclusion• Illustrations are not of products, I If you know the products you need it will be efficient if you do cannot find things based on my not……you sunk! recollection of them.
  • 7. Positive• Very Clean, good use of roll overs to way find.• CLEAN CLEAN efficient use of interface.• Very uncluttered additional links are there but discreet.• Good use of images, products seem relatable on my experience of what it is I am here to purchase.• Featured content is clear and interesting.• Site Allows users to review products and write specifications, Also asks weather user needs more information and what type of information.Negative• Difficult to find educational information Conclusion or content on the home page, site does Very good, I think user will like being able to review the products not address users as a community. and offering suggestions• Brand is a bit faceless.• Difficult to find information if I am a Government or Not for Profit user.
  • 8. Sites Compared Overall Site aims to be a great Site assumes users have Site is an extension of ecommerce experience purchased with Amazon and is catalogue and thus is really specializing in procurement familiar with site practices. It is an adaptation of print to a procedures for large not immediately clear that digital format. institutions leveraging users with procurement companies experience speciations will be catered to Info Site reflects corporate Corporate information is tricky Virtually no company values to find information, it is assumed the user knows the catalogue Site uses home page to Home page content instructs THERE IS NO HOME PAGE present additional content the user on how to get more form the site User Ratings User can rate / review Users can rate review products Dose not aim to involve products And share via social media user feed back. Social Media Has social media presence Site is designed to learn from Dose not contain any social via links user comments and share user media. ratings, social media is inherentDefine the user Educates user about global Dose not attempt to define its Very little company info presence and company users as a community, eg; there history are no images of users.
  • 9. ProductDescriptions
  • 10. Individual Product PageGreat deal of contextual informationand associated products offered.
  • 11. Product Page• Clean useful information• Very familiar environment• Allows for user interaction
  • 12. Product Page • Clean useful information • Dose not offer accessory products • No reviews or additional content
  • 13. Use of ImagesGrainger and Amazon similarMcMaster uses illustrationsAdvantage of photorealism• User will recognize products quickly• Branded Products can serve as way-finders• Grainger can piggy-back on supplier brands marketing initiatives.
  • 14. Find / Buy / Manage
  • 15. Search •Via search bar •Via search bar • Via search barProduct •Products Home •Products Home • Products Home graphical list or detailed graphical list or detailed graphical list Products nav Products nav • Detailed Products nav •Enter item number •Click item number andSelect Proceed to Check Out Click Proceed to Check Out As a non-registered user,Transact As a non-registered As a non-registered 6 steps to check out. user, user, 10 steps to check out. 6 steps to check out. 3 stepsFind 4 steps 3 steps 2 steps Add to cart-ReviewBuy 3 steps 2 steps Order/Place-Manage 1 steps Check out 3 steps (I signed in using my Amazon Prime id)
  • 16. Beyond DirectCompetitors
  • 17. User education at CDW• Help video presentations• Allows for a more streamlined interface• Introduces user to more site features
  • 18. Prospective buyers are educated byindustry or business size at Dell
  • 19. How dose Baxter help its clients,given the amount of regulation inHealthcare…..?
  • 20. What’s next for me? I would like to survey visitor data with the aim of providing better information to customers whom have regulatory or strict account requirements.