Iapa talk 23 10-2013


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Talk to international group of accountants on how to prepare proposals and pitchs to win new business and grow existing business

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  • Tell the story of Chapter One and Bruce Springsteen. Also tell story of OVPR visiting VP research looking to invest. Who have we here and deliver same on presentation irrespective of Audience /Industry.
    You want to demonstrate that this is someone/ organisation we could work with!
    Nancy Dwarte “Designing a presentation without the audience in mind is like writing a love letter to ‘whom it may concern’” Nancy Duarte
    Who is my audience as question: Start-ups / Researchers / Professional Services/ Industry/
  • Reassure them that you have a solution
    That is better than anybody else's
    Persuade them that you have done this many times before
  • Materials Dept/ procurement; No one asked to see or discussed their expertise in the area of MRSA chillers. Reassure buyer of their expertise in this area.
    Remember no one gets sacked for buying IBM
  • There will be a handout to go with this slide
  • Tell the Baxter Story: Senior Manager delivered sales Pitch as she had always done with no attempt to incorporate the changes I suggested. As I was thinking how do I comment and suggest diplomatically that the talk was more cake than worm, when a voice from the audience said that CAKE. A discussion ensued but the feedback from the audience in no uncertain terms was that the pitch was cake. Etc etc
  • Iapa talk 23 10-2013

    1. 1. Welcome to Venue Andrew Keogh Aristo
    2. 2. “If a potential customer has made time to meet you, this means they have a problem to solve or a project in mind and they expect that you are not simply coming to tell them what you do, but that you have put some real thought into how you are going to help them solve their problem” - Deirdre McPartlin Enterprise Ireland Düsseldorf
    3. 3. ` ‘Creating Winning Proposals & Pitches’ ‘It’s About Relationships- Stupid’
    4. 4. ` Qualities of Your Hero • ??????????? • ???????????? • ????????????
    5. 5. Who is your audience? “Designing a presentation without the audience in mind is like writing a love letter to ‘ whom it may concern’ “ Nancy Duarte
    6. 6. ` Tip Scales in your Favour To connect successfully, use these 3 steps: Are Do Get
    7. 7. ` The Basics: Preparation Are  Situation Appraisal  Objectives  Measure of Success  Value to Organisation Do Get
    8. 8. ` The Proposal: Solution Are Do Get  Better than anybody else  Delivered may times before
    9. 9. ` The Proposal: Delivery Are Do Get  Situation Appraisal  Measure of Success  Objectives  Value to Organisation
    10. 10. “Most Boring Day of my Month” • You are one of 6-8 teams presenting, how are you going to stand out from the crowd? • Make Your Solution Stick !!!!!
    11. 11. ` Proposal Formation Establish objectives for the proposed project • What would you like the end result to be? • How would things be different from now at the conclusion of the project? • Ideally, what three things must be accomplished? • What are the business outcomes? • How would you like to be known as a result of this project? • What must be changed, fixed, or improved the most?
    12. 12. ` Proposal Delivery • Situation Appraisal: Open with your understanding of the client’s current condition and why the proposal has been sought. Focus on the problem or improvement you offer. • Objectives: Our objectives for this project include: 4 or 5 bullet points objectives emanating directly from previous conversations with prospect. • Measure of Success: Our metrics will include: 4-5 bullet points reporting on successes • Value to the Organisation: The value to ?????? will include: What have they told you they want? How are they better?
    13. 13. ` Proposal Options A proposal must offer options: Option 1: Option 2: Option 3: “If you reduce price without reducing value, the buyer will merely keep pushing, wondering how low you can go. If the discussion is about price and not about value, you have lost control of the discussion” Andrew Keogh
    14. 14. ` Cake or Worm?
    15. 15. “A gossip talks about others, a bore talks about himself, a salesman talks about his product, and a brilliant conversationalist talks about you.” - Andrew Keogh
    16. 16. ` The Aristo Philosophy Stop Delivering! • Sermons (churches empty) • Sales Presentations (no one wants to be sold to!) • Pitches/Presentations (majority uninteresting)
    17. 17. ` The Aristo Philosophy Start Having a Conversation Aristo promotes the art of extended conversation. Have a conversation, be it with 1 , 5, 50 or 500 people.
    18. 18. ` My Contact Details email: andrew@aristo.ie twitter: @aristoc2g web: www.aristo.ie phone: 01 8208552 http://ie.linkedin.com/in/andrewkeogharisto
    19. 19. Welcome to Venue Andrew Keogh Aristo