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LG-Ericsson\'s iPECS-LIK is the IP communication solution developed with small and medium size business in
mind. The modular type fully distributed IP architecture, rich set of easy to use features and broad range of optional
applications hardware and software make iPECS-LIK the
obvious solution for your business communications.

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Lik Brochure V 5.6

  1. 1. Unified Communications U Can Afford! Your SMB communication solution shouldnt complicate your business. It should be simple to use and easy to grow as your business grows without having managers headache or too much economic pressure. Using the solution should also be clear and intuitive so users can easily understand how to work together. Feel free to enjoy our complete VoIP communication solution for you.
  2. 2. ContentsCOMPONENTS 06 iPECS-LIK 07 LIP-8000E series 08 UCS 09 UMS / iPECS Attendant 10 NMS 11 IPCR 12 WIT-400H / GDC-400H/450H 13 Phontage and iPECS Communicator / ACT-50SOLUTIONS 15 Transparent connectivity for the Branch office, Home Office and Business traveler 16 One-look management of remote branch deployments with secure survivable networkin 17 Improved business productivity and quicker decision making 18 Mobility, a tool for the Competitive Edge 19 Enhance Hospitality service and staff productivity 20 Enhanced Business Suites through Open Telephony Interfaces / LG-Ericsson Application PartnersSPECIFICATIONS
  3. 3. LG-Ericssons iPECS-LIK is the IP communication solution developed with small and medium size business inmind. The modular type fully distributed IP architecture, rich set of easy to use features and broad range of optionalapplications hardware and software make iPECS-LIK theobvious solution for your business communications.
  4. 4. Productivity EnhancementAs an SMB, you need to constantly improve the resources needed for efficient communications. more. Share applications and files to review theproductivity. iPECS UCS is one of several With the click of your mouse, UCS Client instantly latest information such as sales records andproductivity enhancing tools and applications in accesses shared resources such as a central improve decision making and response time. iPECSiPECS. The iPECS UCS Client is an intuitive company phonebook. Use the presence information UCS simplifies your business communications anddesktop collaboration application designed for SMB reduce communication latency and communicate improves productivity by linking voice and otherusers so they can easily collaborate with with others in the most appropriate format, Instant communications aware applications under a singlecolleagues. Wherever you are, you are able to reach Message, Voice call, video conference, SMS and intuitive user interface.Minimizing TCOiPECS employs a fully distributed modular without clumsy and difficult configuration limits. The appliances in a distributed environment. Managersarchitecture to deliver all the advantages of VoIP. modular type gateways, terminals and soft clients can monitor and manage up to 1,000 Call ServersThe single voice/data infrastructure significantly can be put anywhere there is access to the network. from a single remote point and have full access toreduces the costs of managing your communication Powerful redundancy capabilities assure operation the database and maintenance features of eachsolution. Due to the simply straight-forward should failure occur with back-up power and Call system. Thanks to the modular hardware andconfiguration and plug and play installation, Server modules. iPECS intelligent management software structure, you can simply add anothercommunication managers appreciate the ability to permits a highly versatile interface to save module to increase the capacity or coverage oflocate iPECS appliances where they are needed management time and costs of all iPECS service no matter how your business is growing.
  5. 5. COMPONENTSiPECS-LIK, Call Server and GatewayiEPCS-LIK Call Server is at the heart of the Distribution, SIP trunking, etc.) you can easily Communication Solution (UCS) combinesiPECS call control platform. This highly reliable access features and resources, often through voice, video and messaging under a singlepurpose-built server controls and maintains a single button on your terminal. iPECS offers user inter face; IP Call Recording (IPCR)communications between end-points and an array of terminals so each user has the monitors and records all type of calls in a singeshared network resources. You can select the right communications tool for the job. Select s e r ve r. I n a d d i t i o n , i P E C S A p p l i c a t i o nCall Server to best meet your needs based on from any of the LIP-8000E series desktop Integration Message (AIM) as well as Microsoftthe size of the business from 20 to 1,000 users. phones, DECT over IP, iPECS Wireless LAN standard TAPI let both LG-Ericsson and 3 rdModular type iPECS Gateways, which easily phones, PC and PDA Virtual phones, SLT or par ty applications combine to deliver aconnect to the call server over any IP network, standard SIP terminals as appropriate for each seamless overall communication solution forinterface to an array of resources including user. Even digital phones from your legacy your small to mid-size business.analog, digital and SIP connections both for LG-Ericsson system can be employed.trunk and extension side. The simple modular The iPECS-LIK Call Server is a platform for astructure yields flexible configu-rations and range of communication applicationsinstallations to meet your business needs now designed to improve employeeand in the future. p ro d u c t i v i t y a n d e n h a n c e t h eThe Call Server makes available an extensive customer calling experience. iPECSset of telephony features. From basics (Hold, Attendent improves Attendant call Transfer, etc.) to more advanced handling; Unified Messaging features (Least Cost Routing, speeds handling voice, FAX and Incoming c a l l e-mail messages; Unified 06
  6. 6. COMPONENTSLIP-8000E series IP TerminalsiPECS includes a wide variety of user desk-top to one button operations and user friendly there is a LAN connection and support the IEEEterminals. The LIP-8000E series includes six (6) features such as the navigation and soft-menu 802.11af Power-over-Ethernet standard so aphone models and 4 types of DSS Consoles to keys. The full duplex HD quality speakerphone separate power connection is not required.provide a solution tailored to the needs of each in most models let users converse handsfree,user. From the LIP-8002E/8002AE entry level assured of the highest quality through advanced The reduced power consumption and newphone to the executive LIP-8040E, the LIP-8000E VoIP technology. features of the series such as LLDP and securityterminals are simple to use yet feature rich. features help customers to have better TCO andUsers quickly learn to use the LIP phone thanks The LIP-8000E terminals can connect anywhere operational efficiency.I LIP-8050V I LIP-8040E I LIP-8024E I LIP-8048DSS 480 x 272 WQVGA color LCD 240 x 144 LCD 9 lines 240 x 56 LCD 4 lines 48 LED flexible buttons 3 soft keys 10 flexible buttons (LCD) 24 flexible buttons Paper underlay 5 flexible buttons 10 fixed buttons 10 fixed buttons Triple color LED Wideband Codec Wideband Codec Wideband Codec External power supply CMOS type video camera Optional DSS Optional DSS 12 pin connector (QCIF, CIF) LLDP-MED/802.1x LLDP-MED/802.1x Max. 4 cascading Max. 15 FPS Open VPN Open VPN USB host 1.1 Gigabit Support Gigabit Support I LIP-8012DSS 12 LED flexible buttons Paper underlay Triple color LED Power feeding from IP Phone 12 pin connector Max. 2 cascadingI LIP-8012E I LIP-8008E I LIP-8002E I LIP-8012LSS 240 x 42 LCD 3 lines 148 x 80 LCD 4 lines /8002AE 12 LED flexible buttons 12 flexible buttons 8 flexible buttons LCD underlay 128 x 32 LCD 2 lines 10 fixed buttons Triple color LED Triple color LED Navigation key Wideband Codec LLDP-MED/802.1x Power feeding 4 flexible buttons from IP Phone Optional DSS LLDP-MED/802.1x LLDP-MED/802.1x 12 pin connector Open VPN Max. 2 cascading Gigabit Support I LIP-8040LSS 40 LED flexible buttons LCD underlay Triple color LED PoE or External power supply LAN connection* Product images are subject to change. 07
  7. 7. COMPONENTSUCS, Unified communication for small andmedium size business!iPECS UCS is a powerful multimedia communi- Private directories, ICR, etc., are included in a database or companys Active Directory viacation and collaboration tool, which operates in single server application, improving performance, LDAP.conjunction with the iPECS Call Server. iPECS lowering costs and reducing maintenance. Further, UCS operates and synchronizes withUCS Server simply integrates all of your modes Additionally, traffic analysis of the various UCS major personal information managementof communications into a single graphical user functions permits the comm-unication manager applications and databases such as Outlook,interface. Supporting up to 2,000 concurrent login to easily analyze use of each module and adjust ACT!, Goldmine and Excel. The user interface isand 6,000 registration per server, iPECS UCS the environment appropriately. highly flexible and can be customized to addressexpands and enhances the communication Services available include 32-party voice and the needs of the individual user. As an IP solution,services of iPECS to dramatically improve business 6-party video conferencing, 32 party video UCS overcomes geographical limitations, allowingproductivity and customer responsiveness. In presentation, Business purpose instant access to services and databases of the UCSaddition to the rich voice services available from messaging, Application sharing and Multi-party Server while in the office or on the road. Eventhe iPECS LIK, UCS users are provided access call recording, Remote video monitoring, with the latest mobile UCS client, users canto a wide range of video, text and graphic Comprehensive presence information, Individual access various UC services from the smartcollaborative and messaging services. Call Routing and more. Employing a simple phone.Unlike other UC solutions, iPECS UCS is designed intuitive graphical user interface, the UCS hasas a Single Server Solution. All the functional access to both private and shared Schedules.modules, IM, Video Conference, Shared and Users can easily access the central UCS 08
  8. 8. COMPONENTSUMS, Unified Messaging SolutionThe iPECS UMS (Unified Messaging Solution) The Text-to-Speech option permits automated iPECS UMS supports up to 16 simultaneousemploys the latest Microsoft Telephony reading of e-mails; call the Voice Mail and have voice paths and 4 FAX channels, and isapplication development environment to e-mails read over the telephone. Callers receive compatible with a range of e-mail protocolscombine advanced Automated Attendant and the recorded Auto Attendant message and are including POP3, SMTP and IMAP4 assuring theVoice Mail functions with UMS and Desktop routed with the callers input. Should the called widest possible inter-operability. If your e-mailCall Control to enhance voice messaging party be unavailable, the caller is passed to suppor ts IMAP4 protocol, messages areservices. Voice Mail, Fax and e-mails are available Voice Mail where a voice message can be left. automatically synchronized between the UMSfrom any medium; a voice message can be Once the message is complete, UMS notifies and e-mail servers, so you need only manageattached to an e-mail so the user can listen to the user. The Desktop Call Control lets users one set of messages. Like all iPECS components,voice messages while browsing e-mail. define notification preferences as well as UMS is simple to administer and maintain manage and access their voice mail box. through a Web based connection and user friendly GUI.iPECS Attendant, Software IP Attendant ConsoleiPECS Attendant is the new software based IP PC and also operating without the need for iPECS-LIK supports up to 5 iPECS Attendant forattendant console that extends the features of desktop hard phone. iPECS Attendant links to larger or high call-volume environment andez-Attendant with embedded soft phone function, local and corporate databases (MS Outlook, can be used as a Centralizedhotel features and an improved user interface. Excel, ACT and Goldmine) so the answering attendant in networked position is able to greet callers knowing who’s environment.The powerful attendant capabilities and superb calling. From a glance at the iPECS AttendantGUI improve efficiency of the attendant. iPECS Monitoring Window, the receptionist views theAttendant simplifies call handling for your status of users idle, busy, etc.attendants with a simple click of a mouse on a 09
  9. 9. COMPONENTSNMS, Multi site management tool for iPECSiPECS Network Management Solution (NMS) is a manager is informed of predefined events and IDs and passwords, the manager can downloadpowerful tool for managing fault information, faults on a real-time basis so unusual conditions or upload multiple system databases ormonitoring real time status, maintaining call can be addressed before they become service upgrades to software through NMS with a fewstatistics and databases of multiple iPECS affecting. mouse clicks.appliances. iPECS NMS is a Web based With iPECS NMS, communication mangers can iPECS NMS monitors and stores call traffic andapplication so that communication managers review real-time status of all devices and SMDR statistics from each registered server.access NMS via Internet Explorer from any channels associated with a Call Server, with fault Analysis of call (SMDR) and traffic statistics areremote PC. Providing services for up to 1,000 events highlighted for quick identification. NMS presented in both graphical and tabular formatsiPECS Call Servers, iPECS NMS employs maintains a database of all Call Servers and and to be used for resource planning of thestandard SNMP (Simple Network Management permits direct access to each servers Web corporation. Select stations, lines, time interval,Protocol) to identify and "trap"events should a Admin function for remote adds, moves and etc. to isolate the reporting you need.problem occur. changes. Instead of accessing the Web admin ofE-mail fault notification assures the network each Call Server and dealing with multiple site 10
  10. 10. COMPONENTSIPCR, Integrated IP Call Recording solutioniPECS IP Call Recording(IPCR) is a call i t c a n b e d e p l oye d qu i ck l y a n d e a s i l y, conversations of remote branch, home officerecording and monitoring solution tightly maintained either locally or from a remote data and road warriors can be recorded, monitoredintegrated with iPECS Call Servers optimized center, and supports all type of terminals and saved either in central server or local serverfor small and medium sized offices and contact registered with iPECS LIK. based on the business requirement. Up to 10centers. IPCR is designed as a simple and cost iPECS Call servers can be registered in a IPCR Even for small business, the features theyeffective solution, while it delivers powerful server and up to 10 IPCR servers can be regis- requires are not so different from the needs ofvalue added features. iPECS IPCR can meet tered with a single iPECS LIK. large business. With iPECS IPCR, powerfulthe needs of robust call recording to ensure value added features including voice packet You can easily access recording files over an IE 7regulatory compliance and quality management. e n c r y p t i o n , l o c a l s u r v i va b i l i t y, re m o t e web browser. Intuitive Graphic display such asSince implementing IT functionality within a maintenance and fault alarms as well as basic Icon view on agent status and graphs on systemlimited budget can be a major concern for monitoring, statistics report and more are related performance are provided as well as realsmaller business, IPCR delivers an all-in-one available to your business. IPCR also offers time graphic views of various statistics withcost effective system on a single standard flexible deployment as part of distributed many search options.server. It offers low total cost of ownership as architecture of iPECS systems. Particularly, 11
  11. 11. COMPONENTSWIT-400H, Wireless IP TerminalLG-Ericssons Wireless LAN terminal, WIT-400H, campus roam freely. During a call, the WIT-400H needing to read lengthy user manuals. Usersimplements an IEEE standard 802.11b/g wireless locates and uses the closest AP even changing , benefit from mobile access to all iPECS featuresinterface with full access to iPECS features and APs while you roam for seamless wireless and resources as well as WIT-400H specificresources. Set-up a network of WiFi Access communications. features like calculator, phone book, etc. all withPoints (APs) for an in-building wireless solution. The mobile phone-like operation means users the gorgeous full color screen.Users that need to be mobile in the building or quickly learn operation of the WIT-400H without I Major Specification 802.11b/g compatible User friendly GUI with 2" TFT color LCD Standby time 60hrs / Talk time 3hrs WEP/WPA/WPA2 2.5mm ear mike jack Web browser for public hot spot log inGDC-400H/450H, System integrated DECT solutionsLG-Ericsson offers perfect business DECT housing and tempered display window. What’s more, GDC-400H/450H providessolutions. GDC 400H/450H for small and LG-Ericsson DECT solutions permit cost effective consistent management system and flexiblemedium sized business with fully integrated with support for multi-cell environments. Due to the deployment scenario, and that helps reducingthe iPECS-LIK system features and provides a commonly used resources and complicated manager ’s workload and reducing costs.cost effective solution. GDC-400H provides full feature sets implemented in iPECS systems, you GDC-600BE is base station for LG-Ericssonaccess to system features for most of business can simply choose from 1 cell up to 32 cells DECT and it supports 6 simultaneous voiceusers. While for more rugged needs, the GDC- without significant initial investment or any channel.450H handset fits perfectly with its ruggedized hidden cost. I Major Specification I Major Specification 1.5” full color LCD Robust housing for indoor harsh environment Multi language menu support Easy to use navigation key 9 differential ring tone(external/internal) context sensitive softkeys Vibrator & Ring melody 1.5” full color LCD Standby 150 hrs/Talking 15 hrs Standby 130hrs / Talking 20 hrs 2.5mm ear mike jack 2.5mm ear mike jack 12
  12. 12. COMPONENTSPhontage and iPECS Communicator,IP based soft phoneSoft clients turn your PC or mobile phone into a for incoming caller identification. iPECS SIP based softphone for users who need to keepcomplete IP terminal with many additional Phontage users can employ the Phonebook to seamless communications with one numberfeatures. These solutions provides users with place calls as well as manage contact records. either using a mobile or office phone. Basic callanytime, anywhere access with voice calling, The video interface in the desktop Deluxe version features including dial, pick up, hold, transfer andaudio conferencing, corporate directories and delivers video for a multi-party conference with other features such as Short Message Servicecommunications logs. up to 3 participants. Sharing allows multiple (SMS), call log, phone parties in a conference to viewand manipulate book are supported.iPECS Phontage is a software base communication files simultaneously. While Phontage Desktoptool using a PC or PDA to link the operation of an provides excellent communication featureson-screen multi-button telephone with other based on multi tasking PC platform, Phontagecommunicat ions related PC applications. All the PDA works as a perfect mobile communicatorfeatures of the traditional iPECS multi-button within wireless network are available to the user as well as 2 partycall recording. In addition, a Phonebook iPECS Communicator is a software applicationdatabase with links to the users PIM (Personal resident on mobile smart phones runningInformation Manager), provides pop-up windows Android and iPhone operating systems. It is aACT-50, IP audio conference terminaliPECS Audio Conference Terminal (ACT) is an phones. The LINE port (for analog phone lines) not stress to hear the conversation. Also, the highadvanced IP conference phone that delivers facilitates emergency calls with land line phones, performance adaptive echo canceller preventsexcellent audio performance with multiple cell phones, and analog phone terminals. Use the annoyances such as echoes, cut-outs, and dropsinterfaces. AUDIO IN/OUT ports to connect to a PC as a in volume when participants speak at the sameConnect to a iPECS-LIK via the LAN and ACT-50 microphone and speaker for Web conferencing or time, ensuring that your conference proceedsis ready to bring a new level with advanced audio soft phone use. and high-fidelity sound to your With ACT-50, users find no needs to raise theirconference experience. voice to be heard during conference. The topACT-50 offers a multi-interface voice conference mounted array of 16 microphones reliablysystem that can be used in various ways according reproduces the voice from 2 to 20 feet the application. The LAN port provides superior Received audio is delivered by the 4 speaker array,quality for conferencing between conference reproducing audio with rich and so users need 13
  13. 13. LG-Ericsson has answered the need of SMBs with a portfolio of Communication Solutions. iPECS solutions enable the integration of essential business applicationsUnified Communications U can afford which help employees stay in touch and productive from anywhere at anytime. LG-Ericsson delivers all the features that SMBs require from basic Voice over IP Business Services to advanced multimedia applications as well as 3rd party partner solutions. 14
  14. 14. SOLUTIONSTransparent connectivity for the Branch office,Home Office and Business travelerBusinesses of all sizes are more geographically Networking brings together multiple branch complete solution for the home environment bydispersed with small and home offices needing office systems into a seamless telephony including a local CO line and SLT interface for faxto communicate as a single business. The network. connection. Remote users are an integral part ofdistributed intelligent architecture is highly the system and enjoy secure high quality Todays small and medium size businessscalable to 1,200 channels in a single system and communications with other users and resources recognizes the advantages of the Home officeiPECS modular appliances and IP Phones deploy of the server. workers in terms of costs, performance andanywhere an IP network is available. morale of the employees. However, without an Your traveling employees need not be out-of-Interconnect multiple offices over the WAN in a appropriate business communication solution, touch, wherever they have an IP connection withtransparent Network and achieve seamless remote workers end up on a communications iPECS Phontage or UCS Client, theyre connectedcommunications under control of a single central island, unable to effectively communicate with to the office system to place and receive calls andCall Server. All features of the central Call Server business colleagues. With the flexible iPECS messages. The iPECS Phontage and the UCSare available to all elements of the network while Remote application, users simply connect their Client link business communications with otheryou optimize your communications costs, remote IP Phone or soft client to a home network with PC based scheduling and contact applications togateways and automatic LCR tables provide toll internet access and the terminal is automatically improve productivity and In larger environments or with existing registered for service with iPECS. The RemoteLG-Ericsson communication systems, iPECS IP Service Gateway Module provides an even more 15
  15. 15. SOLUTIONSOne-look management of remote branchdeployments with secure survivable networkingManaging corporate communication systems Management Protocol) to log and "trap" events, conversation. You can even equip remote sitescan be complex and managing multiple systems including fault history. When automatically with a local iPECS server; should the WANcan easily become a communication managers notified, the communication manager simply connection to the main office fail, the local servernightmare. iPECS Web Admin acts to control all logs-in as an NMS client using a web browser. takes over operation for uninter r uptedassigned appliances and terminals through a The Web based NMS client displays real-time communications. Equip the remote site with ansingle admin and maintenance interface in the status screens high-lighting alarm and fault optional second power module for seamlessCall Server. Without suffering from primitive events. The NMS client has access to the Web power back-up.command str ings, managers access all admin of each iPECS server for one-look Security and Quality of Service (QoS) should be amanagement features of iPECS via an intuitive management with call and traffic statistics major concern in any networked environment.Web GUI. The same GUI is employed for the screens for historical and billing use. iPECS implements IPSec and SRTP, a wellStation User Portal where users can quickly enter For those critical applications, iPECS provides known security standard for the internet, tospeed numbers, forward calls or activate, full redundancy options for power supply, call encrypt data in the IP packets using advancedIndividual Call Routing (ICR). server and remote site WAN connection failure. encryption techniques and tunneling to hide theiPECS NMS addresses the multi-site Include a back-up iPECS Call Server and power real packet destination. To assure the highestcommunication manager needs "Centralized supply module; should the main server or power QoS, iPECS components support the standardManagement". NMS monitors each iPECS module fail, the back-up immediately takes DiffServ pre-tagging and 802.1 p/Q VLANserver using standard SNMP (Simple Network control of the system without damaging on going technology. 16
  16. 16. SOLUTIONSImproved business productivity andquicker decision making Presence and telephony status of other iPECS UCS users eliminates communication latency. Know whos on the phone before you call. If another user is on the phone, send an Instant message instead. iPECS UCS Instant Messaging lets you chat securely with one or a group of colleagues. Or use SMS to send a quick note to other internal users or to external parties using fixed line PSTN SMS. iPECS UCS Client has an intuitive Graphical User Interface with easy access to the always available Call Assiatance to place calls and receive notification of new calls through call pop- ups with detailed caller information. UCS Client has access to all iPECS features and unique capabilities such as peer-to-peer and multi-party conference call recording and voice file management. Record that important client callCollaboration is more than a hot-button, iPECS UCS Shared Schedules and Directories and assure you can pass the messageenhanced productivity, faster decision making, make it simple to schedule a conference call accurately to all concerned parties.and improved customer care mean improved with up to 32 voice or 6 video users. In iPECSperformance for your small to mid-sized UCS Scheduler create a shared group schedulebusiness. iPECS UCS delivers the benefits of with Outlook synchronization, create a conferenceorganizational collaboration at a price affordable room and password, iPECS UCS notifiesto the SMB. Use iPECS UCS Client to share and participants automatically with e-mail. Or set-upreview the latest budget analysis or sales a conference group identifying participants andbrochure with all concerned parties at once. establish your conference call with the click ofEveryone gets the same message and decision your mouse.response time improves. 17
  17. 17. SOLUTIONSMobility, a tool for the Competitive EdgeMobility can be a critical need for the competitive Using a network of WiFi standard Access points, connection while the handset moves from basebusiness. iPECS offers an array of solutions from the iPECS wireless LAN phone, WIT-400H, has station to base station. Because both DECT-wide-area mobile phone integration to in-building access to the full compliment of iPECS 400H/450H and WIT-400H employ mobile phone-mobility with WiFI or IP-DECT to address your functionality while on the move. As you move, the like operation and simple GUI, users will quicklymobility requirements. With iPECS Mobile WIT-400H automatically locates the most enjoy the many benefits of either of theseExtension service, callers only need to appropriate AP in the network to maintain a call. solutions.remember one number. No matter where you are, The iPECS IP-DECT in-building mobility solution Your traveling employees are always out-of-touchiPECS routes the call to your office extension and is built on LG-Ericssons DECT base station with the office. Phontage, iPECS Communicatorregistered mobile phone at the same time. You (GDC-600BE). Base stations connect to the and UCS Client let the road warrior transparentlycan also make calls from your mobile phone exclusive iPECS wireless management interface access iPECS anywhere there is an internetusing iPECS resources and features available at to create coverage zones. Within these zones, connection. Call others in the office, place andyour office extension. Major call features are users of the highly functional GDC-400H/450H receive outside calls just like while in the office.supported from the mobile including Call transfer, wireless DECT handset gain access to iPECS And, use the conference and collaborationRecall, Hunt calls, etc. features and resources without having capacity capabilities of the UCS Client to enhance limitation other than system maximum capacity.If you need to roam throughout your facility or productivity while on the road. With seamless handover, during a call, userscampus and maintain communications, iPECS roam freely through-out the DECT coverage zoneoffers both Wireless LAN and DECT technologies. and the Call Server automatically maintains the 18
  18. 18. SOLUTIONSEnhance Hospitality service and staff productivityiPECS-LIK offers IP based hospitality solutions At the core of an iPECS hospitality solution is the To provide cost effective IP hotel solution to smalladdressing the communication needs of hotels, iPECS-LIK call server that is highly reliable and to mid sized hotels, iPECS-LIK offers built-inmotels, nursing homes, resorts and similar scalable. iPECS-LIK serves 10 to 1000 users hotel software for basic hotel service, customerhospitality industry businesses. Such businesses from a single system and, for larger environments care and embedded web management and alsocan achieve improved guest experience, or for multi-site configurations, up to 250 Call presence based workforce productivityincreased staff productivity, reduced costs and Servers can be linked in a distributed survivable improvement with iPECS new revenue streams through iPECS communications network. iPECS-LIK is highly In addition the iPECS-LIK solutions can integratesolutions incorporating unified communi- flexible and can leverage traditional SLT phones with Property Management Systems (PMS)cations, integrated call centers, call statistics while combining new IP and Soft phones for software to further improve the efficiency of thereporting, mobility and more. advanced feature access. As new services to hospitality business. iPECS-LIK is certified with reduce cost and improve productivity are world leading PMS software Micros Fidelio needed, they integrated easily into the iPECS-LIK PMS, Suite 8 PMS and OPERA Suite PMX. IP based applications environment. 19
  19. 19. SOLUTIONSEnhanced Business Suites through OpenTelephony InterfacesYour business system needs open interfaces to proprietary messaging. With proprietary LIK users can save communication expenses forsupport applications designed for your business messaging 3rd party developers can enhance overseas call and free-call without additionalprocesses and communications. iPECS supports functionality and interaction between their devices. iPECS-LIK supports all of interoperablestandard SMDR, traffic reports and iPECS AIM external application and iPECS. modes with Microsoft OCS®, including Remote(Application Integration Messaging). iPECS AIM Call Control, Dual Forking and Enterprise Voice, In addition, iPECS-LIK platforms integrated andincludes support for the Microsoft standard allowing easy access to both iPECS-LIK features certified with major business solutions such astelephony application interface, TAPI 2.1, and and OCS. Skype, Microsoft and Fidelio. Skype SIP iPECS- ,adds support for 3rd party applications to controlLG-Ericsson Application PartnersTo make it easy for you to be offered with With the partners, You will have better and party solutions and companies in the Globalinnovative solutions, LG-Ericsson lets you have powerful results along with LG-Ericsson iPECS Partner Site.3rd party application partners information. solutions. You can find more on the details of 3rd 20
  20. 20. SPECIFICATIONS CAPACITY DESCRIPTION MFIM50A MFIM50B MFIM100 MFIM300 MFIM600 MFIM1200 Max Channel No. 50 50 100 300 600 1200 Max Trunk Channel 42 42 42 200 400 600 Max Station Channel 50 50 70 300 600 1200 Built in Trunk 4 CO 2BRI + 2BRI* - - - - Built in SLT 2 2 - - - - Built in VoIP ch. 4(8**) 4(8**) 6 6 - - Built in VM ch. 6 6 6 6 - - VM recording time 270min. 270min. 210min. 210min. - - PFTU 1 port - 4 ports 4 ports 4 ports 4ports BGM 1 Int. + 1 ext. 1 Int. + 1 ext. 1 Int. + 2 ext. 1 Int. + 2 ext. 1 Int. + 2 ext. i Int. + 2 ext. Local Survivability Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes System Redundancy No No Yes Yes Yes Yes *License code required for channel activation **No of available channels using G.711 ITEM HEIGHT (mm/in) WIDTH (mm/in) DEPTH (mm/in) WEIGHT (kg/lbs) Gateway Module 230/9.1. 38.8/1.5. 194.5/7.7 1.5/3.3 Main Cabinet, Enhanced 265.6/10.5 440/17.3 318.2/12.5 7.78/17.2 PSU 230/9.1 38.3/1.5 179.4/7.1 1.4/3.1 1U RMB 38.3/1.5 482.6/19 183.27.2 2/4.4 DHLD *1 146/5.7 111.5/4.4*1 128/5 0.4/0.9 WHLD 280/11.0 60/2.4 188.3/7.4 0.2/0.4 LIP-Phones 235/9.3 206/8.1 129/5.1 1.0/2.23 LIP-DSS 97/3.8 206/8.1 127/5 0.35/0.77 ITEM VSF VMIM Description MFIM50/100/300 built in Optional G/W No. Channel 6 channels 8 channels Codec type G.711 G.711 / G.723.1 / G.729a Memory size 96MB(MFIM50/100) 112MB(MFIM300) 256MB IPCR Server UCS Client Phontage iPECS Communicator Intel core 2 Duo 1.8Hz + or Pentium IV 2.3 GHz Pentium IV 1GHz Android AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHz 512MB RAM 256MB RAM OS: Android 2.3 or higher 2G DDR2 memory 200MB Free HDD 200MB Free HDD CPU: 1Ghz or higher System requirements 1 TB HDD Window XP/2000 or later Window XP/2003/2000 Resolution : 480 x 800 Optional Back up HDD Full duplex sound card Full duplex sound card Apple iPhone 10/100MB NIC Optimized for 1024 x 768 Optimized for 1024 x 768 OS: iOS 4.0 or higher 21