Vin65 RoadShow - Call for Wine Presentation
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Vin65 RoadShow - Call for Wine Presentation

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  • 1. Why should I call my customers?Who should I call?What should I say?When should I call them?How do I get organized?What kind of results can I expect?
  • 2. - Believe it or not, they want to hear from you!- They want to be part of the winery family.- A great opportunity to get their feedback.- They want to buy more wine, but don’t have timeto call or they forget.
  • 3. Call only customers that have bought in the last 18 months.Only call people that have opted in, it’s the law!Don’t waste time buying lists, this is an organic process.
  • 4. We see that you have bought "x" in the past and we have alittle left, want it?(Customers LOVE this)Invite them to the winery (most wineries that call fail to thinkof this. It should be a part of your overall strategy to drivetasting room traffic).Close the sale, i.e. Ask for the ORDER (Can we go aheadand put together a mixed case for you?)
  • 5. Immediately start the processof cleaning the list up.Typically start calling early springstarting in Feb through first weekof June.The day after Labor Daystraight through until 2ndweek of DecemberOnly call them two times a year (listpreservation is critical).
  • 6. Collect all the databases / customer listsStart with a simple contact manager (We use ACT! because itseasy to use and get reps up to speed on).Use people in house or hire part time telemarketers (big fanof part time telemarketers as they have he skill set your lookingfor, that is making phone calls)
  • 7. Your customers want to hear from you!You can outsource it (its what CFW does).Start off by doing it yourself- It will give you the insight into what is required- You will learn the right questions to ask a vendorIf you are not calling your customers other wineries probablyare, because people buy from multiple wineries.