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Published on presentation for Cooley Godward Kronish "Capital Call" in DC-area, 2009. presentation for Cooley Godward Kronish "Capital Call" in DC-area, 2009.

Published in: Investor Relations
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  • Avg size of house has doubledAlmost 50% more kids go to collegeWealthier than any society at any time…
  • Major brands like best buy and coke are getting into the gameZappos bought b/c of focus on happinessInvited andrewrosenthal out to their campus to meet with his training and marketing people
  • Opportunity to bring several markets togetherSelf-improvement alone will be a $10B marketplace in 2010A growing market that has NOT been transformedPeople: books, coaches, weight watchers meetings, & 3-day seminarsAlready proven: less expensive, personalize, and MORE convenient
  • Meet demand with personal trainer for happiness?Platform: measure, track, improve30 yrs of research for suite of toolsSafe, simple way to practice techniquesThe more you use the site, the happier you get.Instead of $150 for visit to therapist or $25 for a book…
  • 15% of new visitors and 38kCharging in april and getting 6%Monetizing paid listingsb2b
  • Successful with large organizationsFocus helping subs find low-cost channels for customer service; teams and individualsAR – workhorse on minimum budget; saw opportunity to commercialize; thought leaders
  • While we are seeing revenue today, we expect rapid growth and profitability to come in the fourth quarter of 2010 as optimize our return on marketing and PR. Over 40,000 paying subscribers by that time will make that possible. Years 3, 4, & 5 will show more rapid growth in revenue due to an increase spend on marketing, product, and PR along with improved efficiency. And, of course, this a subscription revenue model.Our 2009 goals are well within reach. We started charging in late April and we are already 1/3 of the way to our 2009 revenue goal.
  • To make all of this happen, we are looking for an additional $2-4MM in funding.We will engage in parallel efforts to improve the product and increase the reach and effectiveness of our marketing. In addition, we expect to hire two additional people to work in these areas.Finally, we see our organization as an attractive acquisition target for companies like WebMD, Weight Watchers, and even one of Blue Cross-Blue Shield companies.
  • Transcript

    • 1. 1
      Reflective Learning
      A platform for science-based change and self-improvement.
      Our Mission: We inspire people to be happier and more resilient.
      Doug Hensch
      President & COO
    • 2. Problem
      Rates of depression are up 10x in last 50 years
      Indirect costs are said to be about $80 billion/yr
      Depressed employees use 4x more medical services
      Self-improvement books are selling more than ever
      Lower levels of happiness over last 40 years
      Existing solutions are expensive, ineffective, time-consuming, and very inconvenient
    • 3. Marketing Trends
    • 4. Market Overview
    • 5. Solution - A personal trainer for your happiness
      Personalized data analysis and tracking
      Confidential online access
      Instant, personalized feedback
      Monthly subscription
      iPhone app
    • 6. Public Beta:
      Registered Users
      15% of all new visitors register
      Almost 10% of registered users converting to paid subscriptions
      Lifetime revenue estimated over $100 per sub
      Practitioners paying $199.99/yr for listings
      25% of Webinar attendees pay for subscriptions
      B2B Clients include:
      New Extended Warranty (NEW)
      UC Davis
      $29.99/6 mos
    • 7. Management Team
      Richard Peterson, CEO
      35 years of experience in consulting and risk management. Former CEO of Penn Capital Insurance Co.
      Exclusive Advisor, Dr. Martin Seligman:
      Robert A. Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, and the founder of the field of Positive Psychology. Dr. Seligman is also a best-selling author, including books such as The Optimistic Child, Learned Optimism, and Authentic Happiness.
      Doug Hensch, President & COO
      Almost 20 years in product development and human resources consulting at Nextel, AT&T, & Sprint.
      Andrew Rosenthal, VP - Mktg
      Background in research and business development at the University of Pennsylvania.
    • 8. Marketing & Growth Strategy
      Focus on consumers
      SEM contextual
      Email marketing
      Paid blogs
      Corporate customers & affiliates
      Health insurance
      Affinity groups
      National PR efforts
      Expand B2B offerings
      Go mobile
    • 9. Competition
    • 10. Financial Projections
    • 11. Funds Requested & Use of Proceeds
      Series A – $2 million
      Product development – focus on UX
      Marketing – expand programs and continue testing
      Marketing and product development headcount
    • 12. Joan in Rowayton, CT
      “I just love My clients achieve results much more quickly and easily when they make even minor adjustments in attitude, to brighten their perspectives on life.”