You’re Never Going to Be Creative or Brilliant — Unless...


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Ever wonder how to be creative or brilliant?

It's a process. We'll look at the ONE major pitfall as well as the process by which one fully embodies creativity and brilliance.

Where do brilliance and creativity come from? From an alignment of the stars? From our birth… some sort of natural talent? An alignment of energy or events? Or a good mood? Or when things “go our way”?

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You’re Never Going to Be Creative or Brilliant — Unless...

  1. 1. You’re Never Going to Be Creative or Brilliant — Unless Source: By Drew Doggett Ever wonder how to be creative or brilliant? Where do brilliance and creativity come from? From an alignment of the stars? From our birth… some sort of natural talent? An alignment of energy or events? Or a good mood? Or when things “go our way”? Do you know? (Click here to skip to the Conclusion of this article.) Tell me if this sounds right: brilliance and creativity are born through a process that we, each and every human, have access to. They’re born through discipline. The process takes years to achieve mastery of our selves, our field, and reality. But during those years, we will see results. We’ll witness blossoming creativity and brilliance within ourselves. And we’ll be growing in ways that aren’t physical but are subtle and sometimes hard to detect. … like spontaneity. Or when answers just come to you. Or you react quickly but also rightly according to the situation. These are signs of growth, that you’re becoming more learned and more competent in your field. And while they’re not tangible to scientific instruments, they’re tangible to YOU. Despite the inability of the scientific method to access our subtle, ethereal internal powers and inner abilities with which we’re all equipped, YOU — the limitless light and boundless love that is your natural state, that consciousness, that BEING — are able to self-observe inner changes. You are the witness of your own growth. And you must trust yourself. Also trust this process that is in harmony with nature, which, if you continue, WILL bring you to mastery and WILL tap you into your unlimited source of self-mastery, from which creativity and brilliance naturally express
  2. 2. themselves… not just in moments here and there, but they shine from you because they are the same as you, your light, your love, your competency. You develop the skills of creativity and brilliance… Avoid this pitfall Don’t quit. If you have to quit a career path because it’s not right for your heart or doesn’t fit your personality the way shoes should fit your feet, fine. But don’t quit your self development. I’ve seen this several times with people who want to start blogging, especially to make money. There’s a formula, a process that you go through that leads you directly to success. But they vanish. They give up. They quit. Why? Because they don’t trust themselves, or they don’t trust the process… Or because of the amount of work involved… Or because they give in to boredom, to impatience, and to fear, confusion and overwhelm. When you give in, you stop observing. And you stop learning. You can’t and won’t get anywhere when you stop this process. You don’t move forward unless you’re observing and learning. So don’t let that be you. Don’t quit. Let yourself win. Get out of your own way; open through the excuses your inner voices give you and keep going. Don’t resist these voices, the things that pull your attention away. Just keep breathing your purpose, your light — keep shining — and remember that you are made of love unbounded. As Jesus said, “Resist not evil.” When you resist these inner forces (which are either a) ego/thought-based identity or b) your brain’s evolutionary wiring trying to survive by trying to persuade you to remain comfortable instead of change) you come to their level and put your energy into THEM instead of into your own shining, breathing, loving and purpose. Open through boredom, through fear and confusion, through doubt. You can do it. It’s your power. We all can do it.
  3. 3. Get out of your own way. Smoothly, fluidly move forward, even if it’s uncomfortable. Deep breathing works wonders here. Flow beyond thought. This short, free book, Just How To Wake The Solar Plexus, explains this in detail. This is how you manage these negative emotions that lead to quitting, and instead WIN your life. Let’s look at the process and the steps involved You start as a beginner. Maybe you’re learning to play the guitar. Maybe you’re entering into a new job. As a newbie, you’re ignorant of your new situation. From beginner, if you keep observing, learning and following the lead of others you eventually come to the next stage, which is practitioner. As a practitioner, you are able to act from your own knowledge and experience, your own skills and muscle memory. Creativity comes more easily and spontaneously and you have a more intuitive feel for what you’re doing. And after practitioner — if you’ve moved steadily forward in learning, and let time take its course — you become a master. This is where it’s AT, yo. As a master, brilliance and creativity are no longer conjured; they simply ARE you. You’re tapped in all the time. Your instincts are razor sharp. You are one with your work place or your instrument; one with your craft and your skills. You’ve now internalized everything about what you do. It’s a part of your muscle memory, your nervous system. Ideas flow as easily as walking. As a master, the rules of whatever you’re working with can be broken. You can do anything you want because you’ve transformed. Conclusion and main message: allow time to take its course. Don’t resist negative emotions, but breathe through them. Dissolve them in your love, your light, your purpose. Creativity and brilliance are developed by the process of consistent learning and growing. Sing it with me:
  4. 4. I’m working on becoming a creative and brilliant writer. What are you working on? What’s your passion? What do you want to master? Let me know in the comments below. Deeply Breathing, Drew Doggett PS – I started blogging because of this Ivy League college level material. And if you want me to tutor you in it, I’d be happy to. Special thanks to Robert Greene, from whom I learn a hell of a lot.