The Ultimate Complete Final Empower Network Review


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APR. 2014—Updated regularly, this Empower Network review contains EV-RY-THING you need to know, including FAQ, total all-in cost, history, products, and my Pro's and Con's.

My official, fair and balanced, regularly updated Empower Network review.

Hey there, I’m Drew Doggett. I’m an Empower Network affiliate (my ID is andrew7). I’m gonna lay it ALL out there. So fresh and so clean clean…

The Empower Network is a blogging community and an online “college” course on online marketing designed to turn you into an expert and enable you to sell more of anything online.

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The Ultimate Complete Final Empower Network Review

  1. 1. The Ultimate Complete Final Empower Network Review Source: By Drew Doggett My official, fair and balanced, regularly updated Empower Network review. Hey there, I’m Drew Doggett. I’m an Empower Network affiliate (my ID is andrew7). I’m gonna lay it ALL out there. So fresh and so clean clean… First, the most commonly asked question: What is Empower Network? The Empower Network is a blogging community and an online “college” course on online marketing designed to turn you into an expert and enable you to sell more of anything online. For example, if you don’t already have a business (online or offline) or anything to sell, and you want to live the “new rich” digital lifestyle, you could sell their education products and tools if you join their optional affiliate
  2. 2. program. If you do choose to join their business opportunity, like me (, you earn 100% commissions on qualifying sales of each product (except the Masters Course). I always call Empower Network the Ivy League level of online marketing education, simply because their education is superior to anything I’ve ever purchased… and I’ve spent thousands on both products and people. Empower Network is for anyone who’s serious about taking their income to the next level….whether your primary business is Empower Network or something else. Click to jump directly to (for this PDF, clicking any link below will take you the original article on my blog at • the Frequently Asked Questions • the Products • the Compensation Plan • the Pros and Cons Background Empower Network launched like a rocket on October 31st, 2011. The most powerful rocket the network marketing industry has yet seen. Since then, they’ve been growing like mad, exploring strange new worlds, changing lives… and surrounded by hype (more on that in a minute). They offer two things: One, internet marketing tools, education, and resources. Two, a very powerful business opportunity. In fact, to date, it’s one of the most powerful business opportunities ever to hit the MLM industry. Founders These guys are freaks. David Wood and David Sharpe are both eccentric marketers who struggled for years in traditional multi-level marketing.
  3. 3. Each has a “rags to riches” story, which are pretty incredible… Wood was homeless for a while, working from his van to make his first money online. Sharpe worked in a dead-end construction job (sound familiar?) and overcame a bad drug addiction. Together, with a potent dream and months of planning, they launched Empower Network… a one-of-a-kind, anything goes type of company. From day one they have talked the talk and walked the walk, remaining devoted to complete transparency, honesty, and truth. They encourage you to transform your life, elevate your status by using their education. They encourage you to tell your story, be 100% yourself, divulge your struggles and how you’ve overcome them and to unleash your uniqueness to the world. Yet, Empower Network — and the Daves (as I call them) may rub you the wrong way. For instance, in the first year especially, if you didn’t go all in (meaning purchase all the products), you would be dubbed a “wussy.” Yep, you’d be part of the Empower Network but you’d be a wussy. Interesting segregation method. I guess it made more people buy the products, but it also made a lot of people leave. “Wussy” also meant those people who didn’t — or don’t — give 100% of themselves to achieving the success they desire. For instance, if you’re not completely, utterly, absolutely devoted and driven to your success, you’d be a wussy. I don’t dig name-calling and that’s the one thing I have against these guys. Maybe name-calling is an effective tactic for shocking people out of their zombie-states and into driven, money-producing activity. I don’t know. I don’t have the numbers on that. I just don’t think that name-calling is really peaceful… but that’s me. Yet, I watch these guys still encourage others, change lives, and act out of compassion and empathy for the average person. They encourage the average person to become above-average. That’s what Empower is all about. “Be above average. You’ve got it in you. And we’ve set up a system that’s easier to do this than ever before in the history of the world,” they’re saying. And I agree. With all my heart. Wood still looks homeless, typically wearing shorts flip-flops and a tank-top, sporting some pretty messy hair (hey, I can relate to that…). They don’t dress the part of millionaires (whatever that is). Yep, these guys are pretty raw… They’ll say things that “polite” society just doesn’t say. You’ll hear the occasional F-bomb, too. From what I can tell, the Daves have been so upset with the network marketing industry that they wanted to flip it on its head. You’ve heard the term “harsh truth”? Well, they DO speak truths. It’s one of my favorite things about them. But what they say can be abrasive. But, like I said, it may be to shock folks OUT of mediocrity and INTO the pursuit of excellence. Maybe you’ll agree that it’s better to hear helpful-yet-harsh truths than to hear poisonous-yet-soothing falsehoods about ourselves. One’s doing a service. The other leaves us stuck or makes us more stuck. If you’re like me, you’ll dig their style. But I’ve worked with people who’ve been rubbed the wrong way by these guys and their “anything goes” culture.
  4. 4. Despite calling folks “wussies,” the Daves and Empower Network are incredibly supportive and have at their heart, an authentic desire to do good in the world and to empower as many people as possible to live excellent lives… not just financially, but teaching us how to take control of our destinies. This in perfect harmony with my heart of service. Think of the “wussy” thing as an attract-repel tactic and not to be taken too seriously. Brush it off. Keep in your humor. Keep in mind they’re not trying to cater to EVERYONE. Just like when you build your blog, you’re targeting a specific audience that YOU want to work with, not the whole world. Products The Empower Network product line consists of: Viral Blogging System (VBS), also know as ENV2 and Blog Beast: costs $25/mo. It’s mobile-centric, VERY simple to use and allows you to blog from your phone, but contains some glitches which are being worked out and possible oversights (time will tell). Inner Circle: costs $100/mo. Inspiring, motivating, insightful stories and talks… sometimes with real actionable content. Convenient and downloadable mp3s but some of these are free if you get on the Monday night Empower Hour. Viral Blogging Academy: costs $297 one time. Explains how to select your target audience, how to identify their problems and needs, how to create a blogging strategy, and how to position yourself as a trusted adviser so you’re an authority and sell with greater ease. Great stuff. I teach this here on this blog for free, mainly in the Blogging Pays category, and in the Cream Team Facebook Group if you’re on my team. High Ticket Academy: costs $497 one time. Price is going up. This new product explains how to make and close multi-thousand dollar sales. Learn to make fewer sales but have a huge income (Hey, that’s what I teach on this blog!). Great value. Will give you tons of Aha! moments. Phone calls are required using this method. Very effective. Internet Traffic Academy (unavailable, registration closed): costs $997. Vick Strizheus’ full traffic course, no holds barred. Empower’s NOT paying 100% commissions on this one. Awesome traffic strategies if you’re into more than just blogging and want to make six figures or more FAST. Costa Rica Intensive: costs $500 one time. Live marketing mastermind that took place in Costa Rica before EN was founded. The folks who attended paid a pretty penny to be there and learn from the masters. Pretty good content
  5. 5. but slightly outdated for beginners and needs to be updated. $15K Formula: costs $1000 one time. My absolute favorite course. Best product by far, constantly updated and current. Contains boatloads of real, actionable content webinars for the best, most effective internet marketing strategies. Incredible value. This curriculum blows the roof off! This one product alone will do wonders for your business, your blogging, your mind, your whole life. Masters Course: costs $3500 one time. Recommended for advanced marketers who already have money coming in. This is elite-level material… marketing skills and information webinars from a live mastermind… delivered in HD. Great stuff. As of now, April 2014, I still prefer my own blog setup to their system. However my high ticket method optionally utilizes their blog and I DO recommend it. Especially for beginners, the Viral Blogging System is faster and easier. The Costa Rica product is my least favorite of the products. The others are solid and $15K is not only the best bang for your buck but is a mind blowing delight on all levels. It’s a must have. The High Ticket Academy is perfect for people who have low-end sales coming in. Empower offers optional purchases, too, including video hosting (which is handy if you’re using the VBS and making videos from your phone) and event tickets. You don’t earn commissions on media services or event tickets if someone from your team buys. You can purchase any of these products in any order and you can upgrade at any time. For a full review of the products, visit my Empower Network products page. Compensation Plan To sell the Empower Network products, there’s a $19.95/mo business opportunity fee. Once you activate it you’re able to sell any/all of the products. All products pay 100% commissions (one of the reasons this is so powerful) except for the Masters Course (pays about 85%, which is $3000). You qualify for commissions in one of two ways: Buy each product yourself. Or make a sale of each product to a non-affiliate… someone who doesn’t activate his/her affiliate account, i.e. a customer of the products. Also, you’ll pass-up the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale. (Further explanation in the FAQs below.) The comp plan is not only unique but fair: you’ll benefit from your downline but won’t be busting your butt and fattening up your sponsor’s wallet. For instance, I’m making my way to surpass my sponsor right now… Yay! Check out my Empower Network compensation plan for a more thorough explanation. Pros I’ve purchased hundreds of marketing courses, spent thousands of dollars, sampling tons of what this industry has to offer, high and low, and by far — bar none — Empower Network provides the best marketing education in the industry.
  6. 6. As I mention elsewhere, it’s the Ive League of online marketing education. The culture, support, and leadership is different from anything I’ve seen, ever. They root for the underdogs and the average person, like me and you. You can’t beat the scale and magnitude of their business opportunity — their products can be sold worldwide thus providing huge volume potential, plus you can make huge commissions. That’s utterly life-changing. The high converting sales funnel rocks like none other — all the selling is done for you… all you have to do is focus on getting traffic to the funnel. Cons The hype surrounding the company and the polarizing culture are a little too much to handle for many people. I hate hype, so I ignore it. And I also know that no man can affect me by calling me names, so I ignore that crap, too. It’s expensive to maximize your earning potential to get the full experience (all-in). There’s huge potential but the failure rate is still high. They are a young company but competition levels are increasing daily. They could be more product-centric. (They are becoming more product-centric!) Summary I’m an affiliate, so I’m biased, but I did my best to give you a fair and balanced review of Empower Network. I was raised to be honest, trustworthy and hardworking. Also, in harmony with the Daves values, I make a point to be transparent, honest and truthful. The products are pretty good, and the money-making potential is great. If you buy these products, will you become a better marketer and leader? I certainly have. If you become an affiliate will you get rich quick? Again, I have, but it’s not likely. It takes hustle, concentration, focus, and the ability to feel good about yourself and ignore those insidious (and often hard to hear) inner voices that make excuses for you to not succeed and not do the work. Self-worth is directly related to your material success. There’s nothing average about being successful online, even if it’s the best, easiest system in the world. I don’t recommend you join this if you’re desperate or just looking for easy money. You’ll want to join if you’re here to build a REAL business… to add value, meet a need, solve a problem. Join If you know that there’s risk involved in starting any business, that the odds are against you, and if you’re willing to spend the money, work hard and grind… … then I can help. That’s why I set up this blog and why I give so much personal attention to my team. I’m a blogger. I’m a free traffic expert and an SEO expert. It’s what I do. I follow a high ticket blogging formula that works every time (before the High Ticket Academy product even came
  7. 7. out!). Every post you make has a secret sauce that most people just don’t know about, thus don’t use. By blogging you can make unlimited sales throughout your lifetime or the lifetime of your business. And that’s without leaving your home, selling to friends/family, without using your phone or following that silly “10 foot rule” that says everyone’s a prospect, etc. You write, you rank, and you let your blog do the work. Foreva’ and eva’. It’s beautiful. And real. I’m willing to help. But I have no desire to work with people who are desperate or just need money. Those are the wrong reasons to start a business or get in this. I’m looking for A-players, entrepreneurs, aces, big thinkers; people who lead with value, who’re not chasing money. People who are sincere about changing their own lives and/or serving others. Join me by clicking here… ( FAQs How much does it cost? ENV2, the slick blogging platform, costs $25/mo. It comes with step-by-step fast start training (worth thousands in my opinion) and high-converting lead capture pages. If you want to resell their products, you’ll need to pay the $19.95/mo affiliate fee. For my feedback on their how-to products (Inner Circle, Costa Rica, $15k Formula, Masters Retreat) see my product review article. Otherwise, I listed all prices above, here. How do I get started? First step is to watch my Blogging Secrets ( video which reveals stuff that I don’t publish on my blog. It’s some of my best stuff and explains exactly how to be blogger who ranks on page one of Google. Next, peep my partner page to see how to work with me personally inside Empower Network, for $25. Can you really make money with it? Is the sky blue? Absolutely! Much of this blog is about showing you how to do it. OK, I’m interested… How much money can I make? As much as you want. One of the reasons I joined the Empower Network business opportunity was because of the high ticket opportunity. Blogging allows you to sell more of anything online. It also allows you to sell anything. So why not go big? Would you rather sell 120 $25 products or one single $3000 product? Which would be easier? I go over this in more detail in my free Blogging Secrets course.
  8. 8. If you apply the wisdom and the skills you’re taught in the products to building your high ticket blog, the sky’s the limit. You can make as much as you want. No cap. No limit. How fast can I make money? As fast as you want. Some people rank on page one of Google for some of their niche’s money keywords on day one and make money immediately. Others can take days or weeks. My intention is to show you how to rank on page one as quickly as possible. I want you to make money in days or a couple of weeks, not months or years. The beauty of building an online business is that you can do it fast. Gives a whole new meaning to “get rich quick,” doesn’t it? If you faithfully follow what I and Empower teach you, then the determining factor of how quickly you can make money is your hustle. Or my hustle if you’re paying me to do it for you ( Is it a scam? Empower Network is not a scam. It’s legit. I’m an average guy and when I joined I was actually making below average money tutoring math students. I started this with no list, no head start, no connections, no pre-existing team, no special skills. I went to town blogging and it’s working out actually beyond my dreams. Prior to this I had spent thousands of dollars on my online marketing education, and when I invested in Empower Network’s education, I was seriously blown away. “Pinch me, I must be dreaming.” Nope, it’s the real deal: the best online marketing education I’ve ever purchased. It’s like the Harvard of online marketing educations. I studied and I hustled and I built my vision for my blog step by step. It works wonderfully. Haters who knock it, call it a scam and a ripoff, usually have ulterior motives that you don’t know about… like selling a competitor’s product instead. Where does all this negativity come from? Is it a pyramid scheme? No, it’s not a scheme. Yes, it is a pyramid. Everything in life is a pyramid. The best in any field move to the top and get paid far more than the masses below. This is true for CEOs, athletes, writers, entertainers, doctors, lawyers. Check out Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field ( for free on Spotify. Life changing. Not everybody can be a star athlete, or a lawyer, or a rock star, or a CEO, or a doctor, right? That’s the way it works. As an example, think of a place like Wal-Mart… At the top is owner, the president, the CEO and other high positions. Levels down from there are regional managers, then store managers, assistant managers, and finally the workers. And that’s part of capitalism. The best rise to the top. I’d argue that Empower Network gives you and me, average people, a far better opportunity to make six figures than any of the above professions. I encourage you to rise to the top. The air is more rare and you meet some incredible people. And it’s who you become as you climb to the top. So just ask yourself this: “Do I have it in me to study and blog my heart and soul out?” If so, that’ll get you to the top in our pyramid, or at least in the top levels.
  9. 9. Nobody’s scheming. We’re all just bettering ourselves to the max. Who’s the best sponsor? Me, silly. Here’s why… Long story short, I came into this business opportunity with no special treatment. My growing area of expertise is blogging and SEO and that’s what I teach you (not technical stuff); getting to the top page in Google. Empower Network is a blogging community and I’m a blogging master (nearly). Go figure. So, I’m willing to take you by the hand and walk with you through my proven blogging formula. Like a master teaches an apprentice. Let’s get started ( Will I get personal support? Yes, you will absolutely get personal support from me. I have a history in math tutoring and I take what I do very seriously. I like working personally with people. Plus, we learn better that way, and can achieve much more as team and/or group effort. What we do in the Cream Team is all about blogging, ranking at the top of Google, copywriting, and conversions. Getting traffic, leads and sales. Answering any questions. Your personal and available blogging/business tutor. All of my training is about pulling back the curtain on how I personally achieve top rankings. I monitor progress, answer questions, offer feedback. I show you what works and how to do it. I’m there for you. What does it cost to get started? To get started, it costs $25/mo for the VBS and $19.95/mo to be an affiliate in the business opportunity. What other monthly expenses are there? You’ll need an email subscription service to capture leads. I recommend AWeber for this, which costs $1 your first month and $19/mo thereafter. If you choose to build your own blog, like I’ve done here, you’ll have monthly hosting fees (unless you paid one or more years in advance). That’s it! Can I still work with you if I’m already on another team? Totes McGotes! I welcome you with open arms. It’s a monthly fee and it’s going to increase, so lock in your spot here (, now. Plus, I foresee this being a limited time thing, too, as my team continues to grow… How does the compensation plan work? It works on a product by product basis. On each product, you get paid 100% commissions from the first person who buys, the third person, the fifth person and then the seventh through eleventh, the thirteenth through the seventeenth, the nineteenth through the twenty-third, the twenty-fifth through the twenty-ninth, etc., passing up payments to your sponsor every sixth. Said another way, on each product you pass up the second person who buys, the fourth person, the sixth person, the twelfth person, the eighteenth, the twenty-fourth, the thirtieth, etc.
  10. 10. But, each person you pass up, will also pass up sales to YOU in the same way as you’re passing up sales to your sponsor. Each product pays 100 percent commissions (except for Masters Retreat and Internet Traffic Academy, where you get eighty-five percent). So for each product, respectively, you’ll make $25, $100, $497 (increasing soon), $500, $850, $1000, $3000. Is this “one-time” money or residual income? The two products VBS (also known as Blog Beast, ENV2, or the Basic Membership) and the Inner Circle are residual income, at $25 and $100 respectively, together totalling $125/mo from each customer you bring in. This adds up! The High Ticket Academy, Internet Traffic Academy, Costa Rica Intensive, $15k Formula and Masters Retreat are one-time payments, at $497 (increasing soon), $497 ($997 after launch), $500, $1000, $3000. Do you guarantee that I’ll make money? I’d love to. I wish I could. No one can guarantee that. For instance, if I encouraged you to go to college, could I possibly guarantee that you’d graduate? Or if you start an exercise program, can I guarantee that you’ll follow through with it all the way? The only person who can guarantee that you’ll make money is you. If you commit yourself and put all your heart into this, and you hustle, you will succeed. I’m here to guide you if you’ll power-walk with me. We may even jog. Or if you want to bike, we can bike. I do it all. The important thing is, I’m here to help you and work with you to succeed. But it’s ultimately up to you. That’s what a lot of this site is about… increasing your own self-worth, esteem, and self-trust. Because when you increase those you increase your material success. They’re related. Keep up with me. I’m here. Gatorade, anyone? So, are you one of those people who DOES take massive action? WILL you give this your complete focus? CAN you follow a step-by-step system? ARE you serious about your future? WILL you do anything it takes to reach your dreams and goals? Bottom line, if you just got jazzed up reading that and thinking about how bad you want this, I can help you! Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you’re coachable, trainable, and just follow my step-by-step system, there’s no reason in the world why you shouldn’t expect to get fantastic results. How can they afford to pay out 100% commissions? The $19.95 affiliate fee covers the company costs, which include the home office, customer service agents, programmers, designers, merchant accounts, etc. Otherwise, the owners make their money the same way you and I do… by using the wisdom and skills they teach in their products and selling the products themselves. Can I make money without a ‘list’? Abso-freakin’-lutely. That’s how I started. You just gotta start blogging. Using the strategies you learn in the Empower Network training and my training and the posts around this blog you’ll learn how to do just that: blog
  11. 11. effectively. What’s up with Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe? Like Lady Sovereign says, “Love me or hate me, it’s still an obsession…” Some people think the Daves are visionaries. Those are the believers. Others think they’re creepy and freaky. Those are the haters. When Wood and Sharpe founded the Empower Network, they aimed to change the game. Network marketing is already a pretty level playing field (ideally). The Daves leveled it even more, by exposing even more money making capability to the average person. They say they built the company by the people for the people. And they didn’t set out to create another stuffy MLM opportunity… they aimed to make a dynamic culture where everyone is encouraged to be 100% themselves. I believe they’re onto something here, because I’ve found that the more unique you are and truly expressive of yourself, the better you do in online marketing. The Daves are as real as it gets. They’re raw, honest, and tell it like it is. I love their honesty. And their rawness. But it gets under some people’s skin. Definitely not for everybody. Where is Empower Network located? The home office is in St. Petersburg, Florida. Why does David Wood live in Costa Rica? Because it’s his dream, so why not live it? :) Where do you want to live? Why not you? Where does David Sharpe live? St. Petersburg, FL. But not in his office. Does Empower Network provide support? Yes, they do. They have a support team of over 50 people who can help you with any concern or questions about the products or opportunity. This includes phone support five days a week and online and email support 24/7. No additional cost for this. Do I need a merchant account? PayPal? No. The $19.95 affiliate fee sets you up with Empower Network’s in-house merchant system. You’re covered! Do I need to build my own website? Nope, that’s what the VBS is for. It’s your very own blog. However, as of now I vastly prefer my blog setup on the WordPress platform. It gives me complete control over every aspect of my own online branding and customization. Including speed. I can show you how to get your website to so fast it’s among the fastest 1% of websites on the web (or do it for you). You don’t have this kind of control with VBS, nor can you customize the look and feel of your blog outside of the banner, and changing colors and position of the sidebar with ENV2. I simply prefer not to be so cookie cutter. I prefer to stand out from the crowd and not look like a cheerleader. What about you?
  12. 12. When and how do I get paid? Payments are made every Friday to all affiliates’ merchant accounts. Once it’s deposited there you can immediately transfer it to your bank account or use the optional debit card (MasterCard) our merchant service provides. Do I have to attend meetings or host parties? No freakin’ way! Not unless you want to. One of the very best parts of this business is building your business from your own home, dressed however you like. This is about you making money by using a simple online marketing system for about 1-2 hours per day. Do I have to attend company conventions? They’re not required, but I highly recommend company conventions. Being live amidst thousands of people, networking and learning in this environment cannot match learning through webinars, videos or on the phone with me. It’s a real, sensual, visceral, somatic way of learning. You absorb so much more in the presence of others. A live event is a real experience and serves your growth like some sort of super-fertilizer in your garden. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. They’re truly life-changing. Events of any kind are, not just Empower Network events. Do I have to do phone prospecting? Again, no way! I don’t recommend this unless you enjoy it. The beauty of what Empower teaches, and my specific area of expertise, is that by blogging and ranking on page one of Google, you’re there for life. People come to you. You don’t have to go after people. At all. Let them come to you. Heck, I haven’t had a cell phone ( for over a year now. Where do I get leads? From the front page of Google. Or from networking online with other bloggers and on social media sites. But I definitely prefer blogging and ranking because those are the most qualified people. They’re searching for information — specifically information about something they want to buy — and you’re meeting them and giving them the info. It’s set and forget. Once you write the blog post for the keyword phrases they’re looking for, you don’t have to do it again. You’re free to frolic in the daffodils or go sky diving. The more high quality blog posts you make, the more freedom you build into your life. There are lots of ways to do this and together you and I will find exactly the right one for you. It’s literally untapped, an infinite number of possibilities, so when we sit down and do our prosperity mind meld ( together we’ll tailor it to your, your voice, your personality, so that you can comfortably and confidently write to satisfy their needs. Satisfying needs gets you leads. If I already have a home business, will Empower Network help me? How? Yes, it will. That’s one of the reasons it was formed ( network/).
  13. 13. The education you get in the Inner Circle, $15k Formula, Costa Rica Intensive, and Masters Retreat all specifically address how to sell more of anything online. How to get traffic, leads and sales to your business. Empower Network is for anyone who’s serious about taking their income to the next level… whether your primary business is Empower Network or something else. It bears repeating. Can I do this part-time? How much time does it take? You can definitely do this part-time. In fact, that’s how most people start because we have a job or are raising children or some other thing that keeps us busy. You can start with as little as 1-2 hours a day and scale up from there as your income grows. I usually put in 3-6 a day. Will you meet me at the local coffee shop so we can talk about this business? I’m already mind melding with you, yo. I’m already in our Facebook group everyday helping people out. You get a lot of my time, attention and feedback. That said, if you’re near where I live (at the moment) and you’re on my team up to at least the $15k Formula, then hellz to the Yes I’ll sit down with you and do some work on your business. You can meet me at one of my usual coffee shops. But, I’m not going to meet with you to discuss the biz if you’re not in. One of the luxuries of online business is that you don’t have to have meetings and you don’t have to convince people to join. And you don’t have to waste time on tire kickers. That gets me buzzed. And it’s not just the coffee. Also remember that your ability to make money has nothing to do with explaining the business personally to anyone else. And that means you’ve got more free time to do the stuff you want to do. I’m completely broke. Can you get me started and let me pay you back out of my future earnings? Nope, sorry. It would be a strange world if that’s the way it worked. I believe I would be doing you a great disservice if I were to invest in your business, because you’re asking me to be more committed than you are to your personal growth, success, and business. That’s not the way success — or Nature — works. You need to take responsibility for yourself. Step up and be the leader you’ve got inside you. Get rid of all distractions like TV, Facebook, and the like. Take out a piece of paper and write down ten ways you can come up with the money within 24 hours. It’s easier than you think. I know that some people need a low-cost opportunity. But what about someone who wants to make BIG money? Can I earn a super-sized income here? Yes. I wouldn’t be doing this if I couldn’t earn huge income. Big money is where it’s at. Blogging works and it works well when you know what you’re doing (hint hint). You can sell ANYTHING by blogging. Anything. So I wanted to go for the big bucks. And I wanted to change people’s lives in a BIG way.
  14. 14. And that’s what I do here. Any questions? Leave ‘em below and I’ll get right to you. Otherwise, ready to change your life in a BIG way or see if it’s right for you? Go here and let’s get started. Thanks for allowing me to be your Empower Network reviewer. Please share this review and leave any questions below. Cheers, Drew Doggett P.S. Still on the fence? On another team? I’ll take care of you (