How to Get to Page 1 of Google for Free Using Authority, PR and Social Media


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Follow this article + video and you WILL rank on page one of Google for free. It's simple and I invite you to connect with me so I can help you.

How to get to page one of Google for free by having influential blogs in your industry write about you.

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How to Get to Page 1 of Google for Free Using Authority, PR and Social Media

  1. 1. How to Get to Page 1 of Google for Free Using PR and Social Media Source: By Drew Doggett How to get to page one of Google for free by having influential blogs in your industry write about you. This video will also answer a frequent question of people who wonder why they don’t get instant results when they sign up with a marketing company: Why, after 20 to 30 days, do I not see any results? I’m doing what you said, or I paid you to do it… why am I not seeing myself on page one? Answer: It depends on your industry. OK, what a great answer, right? Lemme explain further. As you know, the basis of my $$$ blogging method is guest blogging. If you can’t do this for yourself, I can do it for you. When you “guest blog” (that’s a verb) in a quality manner, you get relevant links back to you. You get other high authority, highly trusted blogs in your niche, vouching for you and essentially voting for you. To Google, this is exactly what they want to see. Later, as you become a guest blogging genius with loads of experience under your belt (or you pay me to keep getting your name out there), you’ll be able to land deals with even higher ranking super-authorities, like Forbes or
  2. 2. Huffington Post. Then, you won’t always get a link back to your site, but you will get links back to your G+ profile, which is also a very good thing for your blog… because it builds credibility for you as an author and as a publisher. So guest blogging — or more specifically, having relevant links from authority sites pointing back to you — is really the only way to get to the front page of Google. Cool, huh? There are other factors, but this one’s huge. Now you don’t have to wade through all kinds of other extraneous methods to get to page one. You just have to focus on this ONE method. As I explain in my Blogging Secrets Course, you don’t HAVE to guest blog… you can also: • contact site owners asking for a link trade or offering to pay them for a link back to your site • leave QUALITY comments on other blogs in your niche But definitely don’t buy a bunch of links from somewhere because Google will just categorize you as spam. Seriously. A link from a worthless blog is worthless. So here’s a twist… What Robert’s saying in this video is that if you want to get to page one of Google, you need other influential people to blog about you. And, he says, no one’s going to do that if you don’t have any connections… if you don’t have a big Rolodex. If you’re a New York Times best seller and you’re not on Twitter or G+, you don’t have much, if any, internet capital. You need to have some value to give, something to trade the people whom you want to write about you. The people you want to write about you should be people that have already been written about themselves… who have already been “vetted by Google.” They’re qualified. Google’s checked ‘em out and confirmed that they’re the real deal. So what qualifies you? And how can you become qualified? Answer: Build a network, build your Rolodex. You can do this by guest blogging, or by networking on Triberr. Or G+. Or Twitter. Or Medium. Or with Sparkah ( Or with Journik ( And especially: Give of yourself. Give value through your blog. Ummm, the Internet is in the real world… There’s no way around it. We’re living, playing and working in the real world. We’re building our businesses in the real world.
  3. 3. You can’t live in a vacuum, building your business online and not interact with people and just expect your site to rank or expect to have anything to offer. That’s like knowing there’s a community dance, getting dressed up to go, and staying home. And expecting people to dance with you. You’ve got to show up to the dance. You’ve got to interact, share, play, work, have fun. Be a man (or woman). Do what’s necessary. Do what it takes. Otherwise your business will disappear before it even had a chance to exist. Like so… So to get these influential people to link to you, write about, mention you, what can you give them in return? The three most valuable things you can give someone are: 1. Money 2. An introduction to their soul mate 3. A shout out in social media, in this case But if you don’t have a blog or a presence in social media, a shout out is not gonna do much good for the person mentioning you. If you don’t have a blog or social media presence, you’re just not in a position to receive what you ask for. But, if you know me, you know that asking IS the beginning of receiving. The act of asking puts all sorts of things in motion… within you and, from the evidence I’ve seen, throughout the rest of the universe as well. When you ask for what you want, your emotional and mental machinery begin to move you toward what you ask for…
  4. 4. So what do you need to do to put yourself in a position to receive what you ask for… namely, a mention from an influential person? Simple. Just build up your presence in: • Twitter • Google+ • Quora • Facebook (optional) Fun Fact: The most credible links you can get are from your competitor. I first learned this from Brad Campbell ( and now I’m hearing it again here. In fact, Brad says to think of your competitors as allies, rather than competition. Wow! What an Aha! moment that was for me. What a paradigm shift. Don’t compete, collaborate. Incidentally, that’s what my #1 recommended book of all time ( says too. Create, don’t compete. Conclusion: What makes you worth writing about? (Because this is how to get to page one of Google.) Answer: Your connections. How do you build connections? The same way you do in the real world… only easier! Answer: Share people’s stuff that you find valuable. Here’s a great place to do that, 100% free: Triberr ( On Triberr, after you join various relevant tribes, just spend a couple of weeks sharing people’s stuff (tutorial coming soon). You stay active in each tribe, the tribe leader will make you a member and then other people will share your stuff in kind. It’s that kind of mutually beneficial community. Awesome like a force of nature. Then, just spend a little time each day on G+ sharing relevant stuff. Like this ( plus-checklist/) (found this through Triberr). Lastly, according to Robert, build up your presence in Quora. This I’m just beginning to do. Moo hoo ha ha! As I mentioned earlier, another way to get on the first page of Google, where all that organic, money traffic is, is to
  5. 5. guest blog (link to article). So, what are you waiting for? I’m on Twitter ( I’m on G+ ( Start with me! Start building your clout so folks will give you a shout (out). Join me in Triberr ( Network with Robert also, on Twitter ( and G+ ( Now that you know have this down-to-earth ability to make magic happen in your, want to give yourself even more of an edge? Click through here to work personally with me to build your blogging legend. ( Look forward to having fun, meaningful conversations with you and seeing you on page one of Google! Drew Doggett