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Cloud computing.pptx

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Andrew Bourget E-Commerce Spring 2012
  2. 2. What Is The Cloud? Cloud Computing is simply the use of computer processing or storage available externally via the internet.• Cloud storage, servers, scalable service• New,Cyncs with Google docs, Storable file on PC• File storage, useable with Mobile Apps
  3. 3. Who Discovered the Cloud?• "The first high-profile usage of the term "cloud computing" must have been Googles Eric Schmidt back in 2006 during a search engine strategies conference." ~CNET editor Dong Ngo the offices of Compaq Computer, a small group oftechnology executives was plotting the future of the Internetbusiness and calling it “cloud computing.”(1996)~Antonio Regalado, Technology Review ComputingDiminishing need for lugging large computers on every
  4. 4. Cloud Companies Cloud Times Top 100 Cloud DropBox, Dropbox.comApple,
  5. 5. Public Cloud VS Private Cloud Public clouds:• Also known as a shared cloud, such services are provided "as a service" over the Internet with little or no control over the underlying technology infrastructure. This cloud is appealing to many decision-makers as it reduces complexity and long lead times in testing and deploying new products. It is generally cheaper, too. Private clouds:• Also called an internal cloud or enterprise cloud, this also offers activities and functions "as a service" but is deployed over a company intranet or hosted datacenter. This is private product for a company or organization offering advanced security and highly available or fault tolerant solutions not possible in a public cloud. In this scenario, the private cloud owner shares few, if any, resources with other organizations. Hence, multi-tenancy is not an issue.•
  6. 6. Contacts Public Cloud Photos Documents I-Cloud CalendarPrivate Cloud Company X Accounting Program
  7. 7. “The Cloudy Road”Pros• Enhanced mobile work• Lowers computing cost• Freedom to work anywhere• Work Actively "backed up"• Easier collaborationCons• Enhanced mobile security threat• Greater need for IT professionals• Compatibility issues• Information is located externally, no physical access.
  8. 8. Step one, step two, step three?• New Wild Wild West• The "night is young" when it comes to cloud computing.• New innovation is coming out every single day• The true test is will people adapt to new technologies• Net Neutrality issues are, and will be coming up as the Cloud grows.
  9. 9. Who Needs The Cloud?• Sales Men• Advertising• The on the go business man
  10. 10. Tweeting, Blogging, Ecommerce
  11. 11. Virtualization• Cloud Computing we have a good grasp onVirtualization?
  12. 12. I-Cloud