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  • 13 definitions pulled from textbooks, business websites, and business schools offering IMC programs.
  • According to, these are the three primary sources of marketing research insight.
  • Although a full-blown Twitter firestorm emerged over the Motrin ad (and a full page apology on the website, not to mention article in NYTimes!), turns out 45% of moms liked the ad (pretty good marks for this product category) and <10% have a negative response. Thus, is it possible Motrin overreacted to a vocal minority?Not everyone is your customer, or your potential customer. Marketers know this. Some opinions simply don’t matter. Even worse, in the world of thriving brand communities, the anti-brand community is also a real phenomena and growing (see: Mac vs. PC, Playstation vs. Wii vs. Xbox, Totoya vs. Ford, etc.), thus, there is purposeful negative noise being generated by your non-customers… perhaps precisely because you’re doing the right thing for your potential and current customers.
  • and Communispace: Listening to Create a Customer-Centric Sales StrategyBy CDW and CommunispaceCDW is a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, and education. Since 2004, CDW has had the voice of its corporate customers at its fingertips through three private communities of approximately 300 members each, built and managed by Communispace. Community members are influencers and/or makers of technology purchasing decisions who are eager to learn from their peers, and have a voice in shaping the policies, products, and services offered by CDW.CDW continuously taps members of its private online communities for all kinds of indispensible advice on its products and services, marketing ideas, and innovation. The communities also have inspired new approaches to sales both in terms of generating leads and relationship building with prospects early in the sales process.NASCAR "Fan Council" - The Engine that Drives Insight into Avid Fans, powered by Vision CriticalBy NASCAR and Vision CriticalWith TV ratings and attendance slipping after a decade of growth, NASCAR refocused attention on the avid fan and worked with Vision Critical to develop a private online community to engage with core fans. Known as the NASCAR "Fan Council", this pre-qualified online community of 12,000 fans is a foundational element in NASCAR's competition, business and marketing decisions. On average, NASCAR engages members at a minimum twice a month on input specific to all industry stakeholders. There is no incentive to participate as these passionate fans feel honored to be a part of this exclusive club. It's this enthusiasm that helped fuel a recent major rule change within the sport. After fan sentiment within the community ran high for a new restart format where drivers raced side by side as opposed to single file, NASCAR picked up the comments and pushed the feedback to senior management, who initiated a new double-file restart rule - to overwhelming positive reviews. It's a great example on how vital NASCAR views the "Fan Council" as a channel for fans to voice their ideas and opinions. And something NASCAR President Mike Helton supported when referencing on national television, cementing the value of the "Fan Council" as a vital listening agent.


  • 1. Or…
    How social media marketing is changing how we listen to customers
    Putting the ‘L’ back in ‘IMC’
  • 2. Interests: Social Media, Word-of-Mouth,Valuing Brands & Customers
  • 3. The break up
    (Embedded video broken - click yellow box above for hyperlink)
    (all yellow boxes are hyperlinks to additional content)
  • 4. What’s the moral?
    Doesn’t IMC fix that problem for us?
  • 5. Are we missing part of the ‘L’ in IMC?
  • 6. Product Placement,
    Event Sponsorship, Billboards, etc.
    IMC in practice…
    Direct (Print & Digital)
    P.O.S. Ads
    Newspaper & Magazine Ads
    Network & Cable Ads
    Banner Ads
    Personal Selling
  • 7. What if IMC was created by
    actual humans? (no zombies, no vampires, no marketers)
    What does it
    mean to be a “good communicator”?
    Speak to someone
    the way they
    want to be
    spoken to.
    Be an
  • 8. … We need to remember IMC is alsoIntegrated Marketing Listening
  • 9. … But you don’t need to take my word for it.
    “A spontaneous movement of people using online tools to connect, take charge of their own experiences, and get what they need.”
    “The groundswell is broad, ever shifting, and ever growing.”
  • 10. … But you don’t need to take my word for it.
    Listening to the groundswell
    Talking to the groundswell
    Energizing the groundswell
  • 11. Becoming a better listener:
    Integrating how we listen by using social media
    Build a Private Community:
    Bring your customers together in a virtual space & listen carefully.
    Brand Monitoring:
    Carefully & quietly listening to the online conversations occurring on the social web.
    Traditional listening vs. listening in the social world
    how to do it, benefits of doing it
    Radian 6 in Action
    (Embedded video broken – click yellow box above for hyperlink)
    how to do it, benefits of doing it
    A few select benefits:
    Downsides as well:
    Heading Bad PR off at the pass:Days Hours matter.
    Forgetting the marketer’s own lesson: Being the loudest doesn’t necessarily make it true
    Increasing evidence social media conversations are a strong precursor to sales change.
    Confusing any voice as your customer’s voice:
    Breaking bad habits:Perpetual bad ideas wither under harsh scrutiny
    how to do it, benefits of doing it
    • via online panels, scour existing online communities, or ‘extreme’ methods if necessary
    The virtual community:
    • High quality tech.
    • 16. 300 to 500 people max
    • 17. Minimize marketers’ direct interaction
    • 18. Identify a “social glue” (may not be the brand)
    • 19. Do not overcompensate participants
    A few examples:
    • CDW uses private communities to improve lead generation & relationship building
    • 20. NASCAR “Fan Council” drives customer-focused rules changes
    • 21. TURTLEWAX brings together the elusive “Ethnic U.S. Hand Waxing my Car More than 10 Times a Year” segment
  • Listening Isn’t Cheap… but it can reap huge rewards
    Brand monitoring:
    • MotiveQuest ≈ $70k/project
    • 22. Radian6 ≈ $600-$1800/mo.
    • 23. Cymfony ≈ $40k/yr.
    Private Community:
    • Communispace ≈ $180k 6-mth, $20k/mo.
  • Listening to social media is only the beginning
    Customer support calls, Feedback to FSEs, etc.
  • 24. SUMMARY
    • Talking to the groundswell:
    • 25. The 5 Love Languages
    • 26. Death of a Media Schedule
    Excellence in IMC demands equal attention to Integrated Marketing Listening.
    Social media has empowered consumers (the groundswell), marketers must pay attention.
    Brand Monitoring & Virtual Private Communities are 2 different ways to listen using social media. The appropriateness of using of one (or both) depends on your customers’ needs & social media behaviors.
    Social media is not the only place to listen. Further, listening can’t stop at the marketing department – the customer’s voice must be heard by executives.
    *The slides include numerous clickable hyperlinks to additional content.
  • 27. Teaser: Next time(?)
    • Talking to the groundswell:
    • 28. The 5 Love Languages
    • 29. Death of a Media Schedule
  • Thanks for your time
    Twitter: @andrewbaker13
  • 30. Media:
    Bunny Ears – D’Arcy Norman (flickr)
    Wedding Topper – tupper (Flickr)
    Splat – Kamikaze Stoat (Flickr)
    Spot TV & Magazine Data from Advertising Age & MediaMarkReporter, respectively
    Acoustic Listening Device (WWI) -
    “The Break Up” commercial from Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions