Doing More With Compendium Ld
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Doing More With Compendium Ld



This slideshow describes some features of CompendiumLD which can help you lay out and manage your learning designs. ...

This slideshow describes some features of CompendiumLD which can help you lay out and manage your learning designs.
It shows how you can
- Add timing information
- Drag and drop files
- Lay out maps
- Save and share designs
- Hide/show menu options
- Manage maps & designs using workspaces and the outline view



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Doing More With Compendium Ld Doing More With Compendium Ld Presentation Transcript

  • Doing more with CompendiumLD
  • Contents
    Adding timing information
    Dragging and dropping files
    Laying out maps
    Saving and sharing designs
    Hiding/showing menu options
    Managing maps & designs
    Outline view
  • Timing information
    CompendiumLD allows the user to specify how long they envisage a task will take for a particular role-player (e.g. student or tutor) to complete. CompendiumLD keeps running totals of the time for all tasks assigned to each role player,
  • Adding timing information to designs
    To show the activity timing information, right-click anywhere on the activity background.
    For example right-click
  • Adding timing information to designs
    If you ‘tick’ the ‘Show task times’ option the timing information will appear.
  • Adding timing information to designs
    This window displays a running total of the times for each role
    To add or edit the time for a particular task, right-click on the task node itself to display this ‘Set task time’ window
  • Dragging & dropping resources
    You can drag and drop files or web pages into your designs and maps.
    This feature is illustrated in the movie after this slide
  • Laying out maps
    CompendiumLD provides some tools to help you lay out your activity maps.
    These include tools to
    help you align nodes within a map,
    enable you to zoom in and out and
    manage the display in other ways.
  • Aligning nodes
    You may want to align nodes horizontally or vertically if your initial layout is not neat and tidy (e.g. as in the example to the left).
  • Select
    First of all select the nodes you want to align.
  • Aligning
    With the nodes selected, right-click on the background of the activity.
    Now select the alignment option you desire.
    Vertical alignment options
  • Zooming in and out
    Use the zoom tool
  • Resize icons menu
    You can resize icons by selecting them and then using the ‘Set/unset Small icons’ toolbar option
  • Resizing icons
    This node icon has been set to small. If you select several nodes you can change the size of all of them simultaneously
  • Saving and sharing designs
    CompendiumLD automatically saves your designs as you are working.
    If you want to share your work you can export it in a variety of formats including a zip file which allows others to import and edit your design.
  • Hiding/showing menus
    Click triangle to extend menu list
    Click triangle to retract menu list
  • Hiding/showing menu options
    Click triangle to extend list of menu options,
    or to retract the list
  • Managing your maps & designs
    If your CompendiumLD projects begin to get complex there are some features which can help you manage them.
    Workspaces, which enable you to store a particular arrangement of maps and designs
    The outline view which can show the hierarchy of embedded maps within your project
  • Workspaces
    The workspaces feature enables you to save a ‘snapshot’ of an arrangement of windows. You can recall this snapshot later.
  • Outline view
    If you have a maps nested within each other you can display the structure of nested maps by selecting ‘Outline view’ ‘Views only’ from the view menu
  • More information
    CompendiumLD web site
    Open University Learning Design Initiative
    If you have used CompendiumLD please share your experience: