Trust fx reputation management marketing for auto dealers


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Trust fx reputation management marketing for auto dealers

  1. 1. Reputation Management / Marketing For Auto DealersAndrew WardChief Trust OfficerTrust FXaward@trustfx.com201.606.8110 Ext. 1
  2. 2. The Internet Plays A Major Role In Most Vehicle Purchases:85% of all car buyers research their purchase online.*83% of first time buyers purchased a vehicle from a dealership that responded to their online request.*63% of all consumers spend a week or more pre- shopping dealerships before they step foot onto your lot.** * R. L. Polk & Co, Consumer Expectations for Internet Lead Marketing, May 2008 ** Yahoo Search Marketing Survey, 2007
  3. 3. Your Online Reputations Is Now Critical•Google’s business is to help people find relevantinformation.•They are better at this than all of their competitorscombined.•Google knows that people are influenced more bywhat your customers say than what your website says.•Recent changes by Google link 3rd party consumerreviews with your listing. * R. L. Polk & Co, Consumer Expectations for Internet Lead Marketing, May 2008 ** Yahoo Search Marketing Survey, 2007
  4. 4. Visibility On the Internet Is Key But It’s No Longer Enough!You can have a great website and a highlyeffective Internet marketing strategy, but if yourOnline Reputation is poor - good prospectsready to buy will drive past your dealership. * R. L. Polk & Co, Consumer Expectations for Internet Lead Marketing, May 2008 ** Yahoo Search Marketing Survey, 2007
  5. 5. An Actual Example This is a basic Google search. Notice how 3rd party reviews are tied to listings. Google “Places” Reviews. Ouch! Is this helping Open Road Honda ?
  6. 6. Another Example And if we searched for Open Road Honda directly, their online reputation is very visible! They have a good web presence but their Online Reputation is costing them customers.
  7. 7. 65% of Consumers Shop For A Dealer Here is a search for Honda dealers in NJ. A third of consumers will travel over 20 miles to buy a car.* Again online reputations are prominently displayed.* Yahoo Search Marketing Survey, 2007
  8. 8. Your Online Reputation Is a Competitive Differentiator•Consumers are more informed than ever before.•Consumers have more control than ever before.•What your customer say about your dealershiphas more influence than what you say•Your Online reputation is a point of differentiation.
  9. 9. Trust FX – Designed for Business UseTrust FX is the easiest and fastest way to build a robustand credible online reputation.•High Authenticity – Trusted key process prevents gaming.•High Customer Participation – Up to 49%.•Control – You select what reviews to publish.•Visibility – We publish your reviews across multiple sites.
  10. 10. Our Trusted Key Insures Authenticity •A key is required to give feedback. •The Trusted key can take many forms including digital or printed but includes a unique single use code that allows customers to anonymously rate the dealer that they purchased or had their car service by.
  11. 11. Participation is Key•Happy customers will give feedback when there issomething in it for them!•Trust FX will serve a dealer’s incentive to each customerwho gives feedback. We have seen participation ratesreach 49%.•Incentives drive incremental service business and highercustomer loyalty.
  12. 12. Control is Key•With Trust FX, dealers get to preview all reviews andselect which ones to publish. • This is identical to testimonials.•A “natural” option is also available where dealers give uptheir ability to filter reviews but can respond to negativeones.
  13. 13. Visibility / Credibility is Key•We publish approved reviews across all of the majorreview sites creating visibility and credibility not possiblewith a single site.•This creates a balanced online reputation.•A dealer may have a great reputation on a single site likeDealerRater but have disproportionally negative reviewson other sites – this looks suspicious to consumers.
  14. 14. Trust FX Is Easy to IntegrateIf you serve the automotive market place with anapplication, website design or Internet marketing, wewant to speak with you about integrating or resellingTrust FX to your customers.
  15. 15. Trust FX is your best solution for building the most robust and the most authentic online reputation in the shortest amount of time.Andrew Ward201.606.8110 ext.1www.trustfx.comaward@trustfx.com