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  • Andrew you are quite right build the minimal product quickly.
    However the marketing will take much longer than the building.
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  • The thinking process, presentation, and insight contained in this presentation are great.
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Minimum Desirable Product

  1. Minimum Desirable Product<br />Customer Development for the“Winner Take All” Consumer Web<br />
  2. My target audience<br />Mass market consumer internet startups<br />Daily usage, but low value interactions<br />Ad-supported, indirect monetization models<br />First to 100M uniques/month wins<br />
  3. Executing the “Viability-First” strategy<br />Get a lot of users through viral channels<br />Create a Minimum Viable Product<br />Maximize user acquisition and revenue/user<br />Iterate to a great product experience (?)<br />Can this ever lead to a high engagement product with sustainable viral growth?<br />
  4. Scenarios that made me think<br />High-growth social network that’s profitable but has terrible user retention<br />Dating site with lots of subscribers, but no one can find the dates they were promised<br />Photo-sharing site with 100M+ uniques/month organic growth, but unprofitable<br />
  5. Am I testing the right thing with a Minimum Viable Product?<br />
  6. A different approach:Minimum Desirable Product<br />
  7. IDEO design “lenses”<br />
  8. Test the riskiest thing first<br />Depending on your business:<br />Minimum Viable Product<br /> Distribution, Revenue, Business model<br />Minimum Feasible Product<br /> Transistors/inch, Power usage, Cures cancer<br />Minimum Desirable Product<br /> Engagement, Sustainable growth, Love <3<br />
  9. Desirable but not viable (for years!)<br />
  10. The “Desirability-First” strategy<br />Understand user goals<br />Create a Minimum Desirable Product<br />Listen to users and maximize Love <3<br />Iterate to a great product experience<br />It still needs to be viable and feasible, so filter your ideas through that!<br />
  11. How to build an MDP<br />Understand the target user and their goals<br />Identify 2-3 core scenarios<br />Make it 1-4 main pages<br />Tech demo in <2 weeks, MDP in 4-6 weeks<br />Are you using it every day?<br />Will 10 people to use it every day? 100?<br />
  12. If you get stuck,add more features right?(Or, once you have an MDP,add more features right?)<br />
  13. Min versus Max Desirability<br />Maximum desirability != More features<br />They probably have less features<br />Focus on the “right” scenarios<br />Compelling and refined consumer value<br />Boiling down the minimal featureset takes more time, not less! (Good design is hard)<br />
  14. “In many ways, it's the things that are not there that we are most proud of” –JonyIve on the iPad<br />
  15. examples and resources<br />
  16. The Inmates are Running the Asylum by Alan Cooper<br />The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelly<br />Designing Interactions by Bill Moggridge<br />Artful Making by Robert Austin / Devin Lee<br />The Design of Business by Roger Martin<br />Human Centered Design Toolkit by IDEO<br />
  17. Andrew Chen<br /><br /><br />
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