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CAD-GIS Integration Approaches with ARCGIS
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CAD-GIS Integration Approaches with ARCGIS


CAD-GIS Integration Approaches with ARCGIS by Chris North, Director of Technology, ESRI Canada

CAD-GIS Integration Approaches with ARCGIS by Chris North, Director of Technology, ESRI Canada

Published in Technology , Career
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  • 1. CAD-GIS Integration approaches with ArcGIS Chris North ESRI Canada
  • 2. Key points regarding ESRI’s CAD support  ArcGIS CAD data support is core technology – ‘Out of the box’ – Does NOT require an extension  CAD data can be directly read by ArcGIS – Does NOT require any conversion – Behavior similar to other feature datasets and classes  Available at all license levels  Supported file formats and versions: – AutoCAD DWG/DXF: Release 12 - 2008 – MicroStation DGN: 5.x – V8
  • 3. CAD data in ArcGIS  A vector data source that can be visualized, queried, analyzed, and converted  Feature datasets that contain several feature classes  Read only data source  Input datasets for most tools  Can serve as reference for data creation – Snapping
  • 4. CAD data model in ArcGIS CAD data is comprised of: Geometry Attributes ABC CAD entity geometry is represented CAD properties and database links as GIS feature geometry are stored in attribute tables Coordinate World File System/Projection CAD data can be re-projected to CAD drawings can be transformed from overlay with other GIS layers local coordinates to real-world location
  • 5. CAD datasets in ArcMap  CAD feature datasets are organized into Group Layers in ArcMap  Initially in a collapsed state  CAD feature layer properties can be accessed via the Group Layer Properties dialog
  • 6. CAD properties as feature attributes  Common CAD properties – Color, level, linetype, handle, line weight, etc…  User defined data – Block attributes – Tags – MS-Links  CAD attributes support queries – Display – Geoprocessing input – Conversion
  • 7. Blocks and Cells 3548  Typically consist of 1 B multiple Block/Cell entities/elements and Geometry Feature Class different geometries Point  Can contain text and attributes 3548, 1, B Annotation  ArcGIS represents the Polyline insertion point as a point feature Polygon
  • 8. Tags and block attributes  Values represented as feature attributes – Tags = Fields – Tag values = attributes  DGN: Tag Sets are not an attribute DGN DWG
  • 9. Coordinate Systems and Projections  Coordinate Systems – CAD drawings may not initially have one defined – Not required - but recommended – Select, create or import from other dataset  Projection files – Stores coordinate system info – Created in ArcCatalog – Can be copied and reused for other CAD files
  • 10. Georeferencing toolbar  Georeferencing toolbar – use mouse pointer to move layer and create control points in map – Implemented CAD layer support in Georeferencing toolbar – Leverage existing Georeferencing tools and commands for CAD transformations
  • 11. World Files  World Files – File based, two point transformation for CAD data – Uses the .wld file extension – Simple text file containing two lines with two pairs of coordinate values: <From X1, From Y1> <To X1, To Y1> <From X2, From Y2> <To X2, To Y2> UC2008 Technical Workshop 11
  • 12. CAD to Geodatabase Tools  ArcMap – Export Data – Copy & Paste (Edit session)  ArcToolbox - Geoprocessing – Copy Features – Feature Class to Feature Class – Feature Class to Geodatabase – Import CAD Annotation
  • 13. Geodatabase to CAD tool: Export to CAD  Output features to native CAD format – DGN (V8 only) – DWG/DXF (R14 to R2007)  Various levels of complexity – Geometry only – Standardized entities  Preparation tools – Add CAD Fields – Add Field
  • 14. Mapping Specification for DWG (MSD)  Open source framework developed by ESRI for coding information in DWGs to define: – GIS feature classes + attributes – Coordinate systems  Utilizes CAD data structures to define schema and store data  Leveraged by ArcGIS CAD tools at 9.3 – CAD direct read/import tools – Export to CAD  Provides improved interoperability between CAD and GIS
  • 15. Mapping Specification for DWG (MSD)  Available in the ArcGIS Online Help system: – http://webhelp.esri.com/arcgisdesktop/9.3/index.cfm? TopicName=CAD_data_organization
  • 16. Export to CAD: Creating MSD compliant DWGs  Automatically generated by Export to CAD  Organizes CAD entities into feature classes in DWG  Attributes are embedded in CAD entities  Stores coordinate system in DWG  Recognized by ArcGIS Desktop at 9.3
  • 17. Mapping Specification for DWG: Export to CAD Output DWG Pre-9.3 Source Geodatabase Output DWG @ 9.3
  • 18. ArcGIS for AutoCAD: Overview  Provides access to ArcGIS Server map services – Control map display – Identify map feature attributes
  • 19. ArcGIS for AutoCAD: Capabilities  Map Services – Georeferenced – Projections on-the-fly – Cartographic GIS symbology – Dynamic/On Demand display – Scale-dependent display – ArcGIS Server data management – Database access:  IDENTIFY map service features
  • 20. ArcGIS for AutoCAD + MSD  Provides ability for users to – Read ArcGIS data in CAD systems – Organize and attribute CAD drawings for use in ArcGIS  Solves the question ‘How do I export my feature attributes to a CAD drawing?’
  • 21. MSD Feature Class Tools  Tools to manage feature classes in DWGs – Define, Modify, Delete  Feature Classes based on queries – Entities properties control feature class participation  Schema definition – Add fields
  • 22. MSD Feature Class Tools Specify CAD properties New feature class name and type Use property selectors Define schema and default values
  • 23. THANKS! Chris North cnorth@esricanada.com