How to Promote Your Blog With Social Media
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How to Promote Your Blog With Social Media






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How to Promote Your Blog With Social Media How to Promote Your Blog With Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • How to Promote Your with Social MediaAndrew Young - @AndrewsLife –
  • AgendaSocial Networking SitesSocial Bookmarking Sites Blog Commenting
  • FOR BLOGSBasics: Create a Facebook Page: Your blog’s hub on Facebook Make it stand out: Complete bio, upload profile picture and cover photo Publish automatically: Publish blog articles to Facebook page Using RSS Graffiti Create Milestones: Mark important blog events Install apps: Increase page functionality (formerly Tabs) Get a few likes: Invite your friends to get started
  • Cover PhotoProfile Picture Description and URL Facebook Apps
  • Publish automatically to Facebook Clickable link sends traffic to blog RSS Graffiti app posts RSS feed automatically
  • Facebook leads in referral traffic
  • How to get more Likes Join groups in your niche: Contribute to discussions, post blog articles and post link to your FB page Create your own group: Become a thought leader and start a group for like-minded individuals Add link in forum signatures: Ensures page exposure when you post in forums outside of FB Tag an author or page: If it closely relates to one of your posts, tag a person or page that was influential to you Don’t buy likes!! You want interested, return visitors. Buying likes will buy you robots / fake accounts.
  • Facebook Groups 1. Type in interests and click magnifying glass 3. Join groups to post articles and contribute2. Click groups
  • Facebook Metrics Facebooks insights: Once your page reaches 30 likes, you have access to built-in analytics for your FB page. Track exposure: See likes, comments, shares, etc. broken down by single posts and overall.
  • Resources 10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Following (Social Media Examiner)  Tips on how to grow your Facebook fan base How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Blog (Problogger)  Describes how to create and use a Facebook Group effectively Facebook Timeline Arrives for Business: Prepare Your Page (PC World)  Basic tips on setting up your Facebook Timeline 10 Innovative Uses of Facebook Timeline for Brands (Mashable)  See how some big companies use their Timeline and Apps to get fans involved The New Facebook Insights Explained in Plain English (The Nonprofit Facebook Guy)  Everything you need to know about Facebook Insights 50 Ways to Get More People to Like your Facebook Page (Fanpageflow)  Great tips to earn more likes (ignore the two involving “buying” likes, which the author also does not recommend)
  • FOR BLOGSBasics: Create Google+ Page: Your blog’s home base on Google+ Complete profile: including picture and URL Post links to blog articles on page: Encourage clickthroughs or discussion with a question or call to action Supplement Articles: With YouTube videos, photos, etc. Share page: With your circles to get started Cross promote: Mention your Google+ page on FB, Twitter, or in a blog post
  • How to expand your G+ Circles Add other pages: Have a variety of pages / blogs from your niche in your circle. Some will add you in return. Comment on pages: Add comments and get involved in the discussions on other G+ pages. Ask questions: To encourage discussion in your circles Tag authors: (+Name) If someone has influenced your writing or post, notify them by tagging them. Host a Google+ Hangout: Deeply connect with readers to share your knowledge, or join others’ hangouts in your niche
  • To post content, click on “Managethis page” then post link in Stream Add a short description along with linksAdd pages to circles andjoin in the conversation
  • Visual Metrics for Google+Click name to view person’s G+ page -good way to connect with fans Large circles represent sharers with many reshares from their circlesAll circles representindividuals who shared post Press play button (below, not shown) to see sharing from inception Use mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • Resources 12 Google+ Marketing Tips from the Pros (Social Media Examiner)  Great tips on how to promote your Google+ Page and make it stand out from the crowd 10 Ways to Use Google+ For Promoting Your Blog (Famous Bloggers)  Useful tips to promote your blog using Google+ (“Sparks” has been discontinued but the other tips are still relevant) How Google+ Ripples Provides Social Sharing Insights (Social Media Examiner)  A recent article on how to use Google+ Ripples to discover who your biggest influencers (fans) are, and what you can do to connect with them.
  • FOR BLOGSBasics: Complete profile: Make page stand out with a custom background, profile picture, short bio, and URL Tweet every article: Auto-post your article titles and URL using Twitterfeed Keep under 120 characters: Tweets still remain under 140 characters when retweeted Use a Twitter client: Like TweetDeck to keep your feed organized Use a URL shortner: keeps links short and allows you to monitor clickthrough traffic
  • Tips to get more followers Follow lots of people / blogs in your niche; many follow back Don’t be selfish: Tweet / Retweet others’ content regularly - adds variety to your own content Reply to others’ tweets regularly (use search to find relevant tweets to reply to), send direct messages where appropriate Tweet other activity – YouTube, Pinterest, etc. Use hashtags or start your own hashtag Tweet Questions to initiate conversations with followers Tweet Events: Live tweets of exciting events in your niche can attract a following METRICS: Followers, retweets, clickthroughs, referral traffic (Google analytics)
  • Completed profile, custom background , location and URLRetweet other blogs Tweet interesting Pinterest uploadsTweet directly fromother websites Reply to tweets / mentions YouTube activity Twitterfeed your articles
  • Resources The Right Way of Using Twitter to Promote Your Blog (Technshare)  Tips on how to make your tweets stand out and attract new followers 10 Ways Bloggers can Use Twitter ( Blogging)  The various ways blogs can use twitter, both to find and to contribute content How to Promote Your Website with Twitter (The Keyword Academy)  A detailed guide on preparing your profile, finding targeted followers to build relationships with, and writing effective tweets. References “customers” in some sections, but most can be applied to blogs as well. How to Promote Your Blog on Twitter (Twittertoolsbook)  Good tips on how to tweet blog posts, integrate twitter buttons and even use your custom background to promote your blog. The secret to getting 50,000 followers on Twitter (Web Ink Now)  David Meerman Scott blogs about how there is no secret, and the many ways that he earned each of his followers
  • FOR BLOGSBasics: Link to blog and twitter: In completed Pinterest profile Have picture(s) in every article: Allows you and others to pin Pinterest Firefox plugin: Right click and pin from anywhere Link pinned photos: Directs to corresponding blog articlePinterest Firefox Plugin Where to insert link
  • Grow your Pinterest following Get involved: Follow other boards, leave comments Pin, repin, and like others’ content: Augments your own and attracts followers, so your own content gets more exposure Add contributors to collaborate on your board Pin videos: YouTube videos help to diversify content Cover events as they happen: Create boards to showcase “best of” for events in your niche – like mini photo blogs Involve your fans: Have a Pinterest contest for your blog around a particular theme METRICS: Followers, repins, likes, comments, referrals (Google analytics)
  • People spend a lot of time of Pinterest (so make your presence visible) More than Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+ combined!
  • Bio and links to blog Humor keeps things fun and earns followersDiversify with pins from Event-specific boardsother, related niches showcase latest trends
  • Resources 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest (copyblogger)  An excellent guide with tips broken into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels for using Pinterest to market your website or blog 26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business (Social Media Examiner)  A comprehensive, A-Z guide with a diverse range of tips on how to use Pinterest effectively and get the maximum amount of exposure for your website or blog 10 B2B Strategies To Win With Pinterest (HellBound Bloggers)  If your blog is less visual or business-focused, this article has some great tips on how to use Pinterest to your advantage
  • FOR BLOGSWhat is it, and how can I submit my blog? Discover new webpages randomly based on interests through “Stumble” toolbar (Firefox plugin recommended, pictured below) Submit (by liking) your best articles (as per rules, stumble pages from a variety of URLs, not just your own; ideally have a friend stumble your site) For a successful article, it must (a) grab attention (b) have a clear topic / call to action and (c) have viral potential Use Su.Pr URL shortener: Makes the toolbar visible to everyone; easier to “like” –> more likes = more exposure
  • StumbleUpon is a great traffic source
  • Reasons to use StumbleUpon Discover great new blogs in your niche, large and small Grow a following: Make connections and follow others with similar interests on StumbleUpon Get inspired with a diverse range of content to incorporate in your own articles Pinterest: Find a wide variety of pictures to pin Twitter: Find great content to Tweet and people to follow Viral potential: Best articles quickly generate 1000s of pageviews, and continue to generate traffic months laterMETRICS: Page stumbles, followers, referrals (Google Analytics)
  • Resources StumbleUpon Marketing: 5 Ways to Get More StumbleUpon Traffic to Your Website (WindMill Networking)  How to get traffic to your blog through StumbleUpon by getting involved, using the Su.Pr shortener and badge, and a section on how to effectively use paid advertising. How to Use StumbleUpon to Promote (David Risley)  A good article describing the typical StumbleUpon visitor, how to make your site stand out to them, and steps to earn the maximum traffic to your blog. Using StumbleUpon to Drive Traffic to Your Website (WebProNews)  Tips on how to help your content stand out and build up your StumbleUpon presence 12 Most Trippin’ Ways to Get Started with StumbleUpon (12most)  Covering the basics of StumbleUpon and how to get the most from your account
  • FOR BLOGSWhat is it and how can it earn me traffic? Social bookmarking site: Like Pinterest but you post bookmarks instead of pinning pictures Fill out profile: With profile picture and short bio, more welcoming for others to follow you and your links. Create bookmark “Stacks”: A collection of links around a certain topic, interest, or just about anything you want Don’t be selfish: Mix your own links with other blogs, sites, or even Wikipedia to create comprehensive stacks on a topic that others will share
  • Stack your Delicious page Make connections: Follow people with similar interests, follow / comment on their stacks, save their links Add contributers to collaborate on stacks: Helps to assemble a more diverse collection of links Add new links / stacks on a regular basis; keeps things fresh Create stacks with a clear topic and attractive photo Mix in your own links with others for powerful stacks METRICS: Followers, stack followers, bookmark saves, referrals (Analytics)
  • Resources Ultimate Guide to Delicious Social Bookmarking (Interactive Insights Group)  Just as the title states, this is a one-stop shop for everything Delicious. See the section titled “Specifically for Marketers” which has links on how to drive traffic to your blog 10 Tips for Making Your Blog Posts More Delicious (Vandelay Design)  A list of ways to make your articles stand out and encourage others to bookmark your posts on Delicious Tips On How To Use Delicious For Social Bookmarking (Ezine Articles)  Seven tips to make the most of Delicious, such as setting aside time every day to grow your network and bookmarks
  • (FOR BLOGS)Why comment on other blogs? Create connections: Build trust and community with fellow bloggers, who reciprocate with comments, follows, etc. Leave a link: Commenting on most blogs will link your name directly to your site and notify the author Latest news: Keep on top of the latest trends in your niche Establish a reputation: Quality (non-promotional) comments will add value and brand you (and your blog) as a thought leader
  • Where to find blogs to comment on? Blog directories (i.e. Technorati, Yahoo!, Blogarama) Twitter: People you follow, people who follow them, or use search to find like-minded people Social bookmarking sites: StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Reddit Other commenters: Follow link back to their blog Forums: Find links in others’ signatures Google it: Blogs are just about everywhere!
  • Tips for leaving quality comments Be timely: Recent articles have more active discussion and your comment appears above comments made later Read entire post: Get a feel for authors’ style and commenting etiquette; take a note or two while reading to incorporate into comment or prepare questions Be concise: Longer than a tweet, but no more than 2-3 paragraphs (depending on particular site and niche) Use real name / photo: Add legitimacy to your comments Be respectful: Thank them for posting - you can disagree but keep it civil Don’t spam: Post a link if closely relevant to your point, but comments are a place to add value, not self-promote
  • Sample comment structureSource: Warminster Prep
  • Resources Recommendations for Blog Commenting as a Marketing Strategy (SEO Moz)  Giving reasons for blog commenting and useful tips on how to contruct quality comments that others will notice How to Write a Great Blog Comment (Grammar Girl)  A set of rules for constructing a knowledgeable, quality comment 10 Ways to Find TONS of Blogs to Comment On (The Backlight)  Great article on how to find blogs in your niche to comment on, including from directories, Twitter, Google and more How to Comment on LOTS of Blogs Fast (The Backlight)  NOT an article on how to spam. Rather, it has tips and tricks on how to compose quality comments in minimal time, such as taking short notes while reading the article.
  • Buttons make it easy to follow and share Follow buttons on homepage Share buttons on each articleRecommended Wordpress Plugins: Ultimate Follow Me, Sociable
  • Promote Your Blog with a great Domain Name Tools to find best available domain name Expired search Name Spinner Name Generator Brainstormer Mobile Version
  • Check availability of your Social Media identity Instantly check if your preferred username is available on various Social Media platforms
  • Closing thought Remember to publish great content – that your fans will want to like, share, follow, repin, stumble, bookmark or discuss using their favorite social network. Photo Source: NetLZ