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Andres tayo-pe


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Personal Experience

Personal Experience

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  • 1. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE Second Project Andres Tayo
  • 2. STAY STRONG • Three years ago I bought a mountain bike and I started to practice Downhill with some friends that had bikes too. I was practicing this sport for 1 year and I participated in many competitions.
  • 3. • I went to the most important runways in Ambato like Casigana, Pasaloma, Seguro. I went to other cities too like Riobamba, Quito, Salcedo, etc. I travelled each weekend with my friends and many afternoons too because in the morning I studied at the Pio X High School.
  • 4. • I never have been scared to the velocity so I was really fast riding my bike. After five months I won to my friends that practiced Downhill before I bought my bike. I was good in this extreme sport because I didn´t need to stop only down the mountain as fast as I can.
  • 5. • One time I had a competition in Cunchibamba and I went to there all the weekend with my friends to practice. But the runway wasn´t good and we decided to leave the competition for our security. This sport is very dangerous because you can fall in rocks or crash with some trees.
  • 6. • One Sunday we decided to practice in the Casigana´s track. We went in the afternoon. I was riding my bike in the mountain and I saw a jump in the runway so I accelerate a lot to jump this. I could jump so I was talking with some friends to try it again.
  • 7. • The next time I was descending first and my friend second. We were riding really fast and when I jumped I lost the control of my bike and I fell near to many rocks fortunately. I lost the oxygen and I was near fainting. My nose was bleeding but my friend helped me.
  • 8. • I broken my two arms that day and broke the bike too. My friend helped me and we walked down. I called to my father and he brought a doctor. Then of accident I came to my home and my mom cried but then she was happy for see me live again.
  • 9. • The accident helped me to be strong and never have scare because after the accident I practiced Downhill still. Now I don´t have time to this sport but when I can I go to Casigana´s track again and jump as far away as I can.