Wireless Broadband Delivers The 21st Century


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Wireless Broadband Delivers The 21st Century

  1. 1. Wireless Broadband: Delivering The 21st Century for Enterprise Users Andres Carvallo, CIO Austin Energy
  2. 2. Wireless industry to save enterprises $600B According to a recent study by Ovum, the wireless industry will create 3 million jobs and save enterprises an estimated $600 billion over the next 10 years. CTIA commissioned the study. The industry supports 2.5 percent of all jobs in the US and contributed an estimated $63 billion in taxes and fees to US governments. Ovum qualified the numbers in the report by adding that many companies did not want to reveal the money they saved because of wireless, fearing it may cause them to lose their competitive edge. The report suggests the $600 billion figure could be higher.
  3. 3. Innovation Forces “Critical Price” is often a psychological barrier threshold. A drop below a certain price triggers a larger adoption of the technology. Achieving this force establishes a real market for the technology. “Critical Mass” is normally reached when you go from reading about a technology to knowing people that actually use it. “Displacement,” which usually follows the first two innovation drivers, occurs when technology on the way up hits one on the way down doing significantly more for about the same price. “Near Zero Cost” leads to ubiquity of the technology as it reaches all target markets; new products, services, and markets are built on top of its original ubiquity and dominance.
  4. 4. Single Innovation Cycle Maturity Peak Capability Adoption Market Size Growth Commodity Cost ($) Pioneer Time
  5. 5. Multiple Innovation Cycles Maturity Peaks Adoption 1 Adoption 2 Market Size Capability 1 Capability 2 Cost 1 Cost 2 Time
  6. 6. Wireless Internet NETWORK-BASED CLIENT-BASED TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY Carriers & Enterprises End-Users Applications Content Personalization Games/Entertainment E-mail/PIM/IM Client Browser Games/Entertainment Location Based Content mCommerce/Vertical Content Infrastructure E-Mail Services/Messaging Location Positioning Carrier/Enterprise Access Operating System Software Delivery Solutions Security Billing/Payment Systems Location Positioning Synchronization Voice Technology Network Wireless Network End User Devices Infrastructure Thin Clients Very Thin Clients Internet working Function Mobile PDA Smart Phones PSTN Phones Mobile MSC ATM Origin Network Server Mobile Clients Other Wireless Clients Gateway Content Service Internet Node Base Laptops Intelligent Station TCP/IP Switch Electronics & Accessories PC
  7. 7. Wireless Technologies WAN 400Mhz, 800Mhz, 802.20 900Mhz, 2.5G, 3G (proposed) MAN WiMAX (802.16), Wi-Fi Mesh MeshNetworks LAN Wi-Fi Wireless Ethernet Bluetooth PAN HomeRF UWB (802.15) Note: Backhole with Fiber and BPL.
  8. 8. Technology Paradigms Open Standards VOIP 802.20 ? Ethernet Internet Wired Wireless Flarion OFDM MeshNetworks Sirius / XM Radio Telephone CDMA GSM/GPRS W-CDMA TDMA/EDGE Telegraph Broadcast TV SatellitteTV Broadcast Radio MobiTek Pogsag / Flex CDPD Proprietary
  9. 9. Wireless Market Forces • Treo users can access BlackBerry Connect • Skype add ringtones, pictures to VoIP service • MTV to launch content over Sprint's CDMA • Microsoft, Palm launch Windows Treo • Japanese handset makers set to launch TV cell phones • Dell to embed Cingular's 3G technology • Skype signs first 3G carrier deal • Sprint Nextel launches Sirius Satellite Radio • China adds 3mm wireless users a month • Verizon Wireless to embed EV-DO in notebooks • Sprint launches Rhapsody Radio for cell phones • Katrina intensifies 700 MHz spectrum debate
  10. 10. From Vertical to Horizontal Historical Model New Model for For Wireless Solutions Wireless Solutions Content/ Disney, Viacom, Tivo, Digeo, Applications Sony, Napster, Apple, BMG, ….. Microsoft, Google, Firefox, Yahoo, Interfaces Apple, Linux,Opera, WebEx, …… Intel, Cisco, Airspan, Aruba, Dell, Intelligence Tropos, Silicon Labs, Freescale,… Xdrive, Ximeta, Google, Storage Gracenote, EMC, HP, IBM, ….. Google, Earthlink, Skype(eBay), Network TowerStream, Clearwire, ……..
  11. 11. Wireless Broadband Co-Existence 802.16d (2005) 802.11b 802.11g 802.11a SOHO/ SOHO/ SOHO/ SMB/SME Enterprise Hotspot Hotspot SMB/SME SMB/SME Residential Residential Residential Metrozone Metrozone 802.16e (2007) 3G Cellular Suburban Urban Rural
  12. 12. Consumer Applications 45 Under-Served Mobile 40 SMS email Transportation TV Town/Maps Ring Mobile 35 Ticket Tones Banking Reservation Prediction of Future Use (%) IM Travel Reservation News/Weather 30 MMS Commonly Used Gift Certification 25 Credit Balance Restaurant Guide Scheduler Directory Service 20 Games Segment Specific Stock Trading Music Free mail 15 Character Download mCommerce Sports News Chat 10 Fortune-Telling Recipe Communication Board Transaction Data Base News Research Information Entertainment 5 Recruiting Information Rent Information 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Current Usage Frequency in Wireless Content (%)
  13. 13. Enterprise Applications Truck for werpoint.jpg (609
  14. 14. Future Utility
  15. 15. Utility Applications Program Impact: Enhancements and Additions Applications More Data Outage Detection AMR From Manual Reads to AMR Interval Meter Reads Load Profiles Energy Mgmt Services Demand Usage Asset Management / Business Intelligence Power Quality Demand Response Conservation Load Shedding Curtailment Status Load as a Resource Chiller Flow Data TOU Rates Critical Peak Pricing Outage Notification Customer Billing Consolidation Care Outage Status Trouble Account Management Off-Cycle Reads Customer Loyalty Programs Theft Detection Distribution / Mobile Data Substation Outage Status Reliability Enhancement / Outage Recovery Circuit Status Automation T&D Planning Substation Power Quality Automated Controls Security Video Surveillance Asset Protection And Valued And Valued Added Homeland Security Services Added Services Internet and VOIP
  16. 16. Enterprise Performance
  17. 17. Enterprise Support Combine the NOC and SOC into one. Move support staff for Clients, Servers, Apps, Databases and Networks to one site.
  18. 18. Wireless Market Predictions • Mobile TV will Overwhelm 3G Networks by 2007 • Mobile Device Battery Market to Top $9.1B by 2010 • WLAN and VoIP Sales to Double by 2009 • Wireless Mesh Networks to hit $974.3M in 2009 • Municipalities to Spend $700M on WiFi by 2007 • Russian Wireless to hit $10.8B this Year • Fuel Cells to Take off in 2006 • SMS to be Worth $50B by 2010 • Mobile Web Market to Hit $15.3B • Mobile Middleware to Reach $1.3B
  19. 19. My own prediction WiMax will dominate wireless broadband by 2010, driven by early success in the enterprise market.
  20. 20. andres.carvallo@austinenergy.com