Version 2.0 -- Andres Agostini and His Intellectual Manifesto - At - Arlington, Virginia, USA


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Version 2.0 -- Andres Agostini and His Intellectual Manifesto - At - Arlington, Virginia, USA

  1. 1. MY INTELLECTUAL MANIFESTO! 2.0 (as of Thursday, Feb/18/2010). I will not identify with the content of any belief. I will identify only with the way I come to my beliefs. I am a the utmost critico-creative in excelsis thinker and executer and, as such, am ready to abandon any belief that cannot be supported by evidence and rational considerations in the form of hard-copy and sent to me via courier once I verify it myself. I am ready to follow evidence and reason wherever they lead. My true identity is that of being a critical thinker,
  2. 2. a lifelong learner, researcher, tester, experimenter, innovator, inventor, and a person always looking to improve my thinking by becoming more reasonable in my beliefs with the applied omniscience actionable perspective. I am not afraid to consider beliefs that are contrary to my present beliefs. I am not afraid of being proven wrong. I freely admit to having made mistakes in the past. I am happy to correct any mistakes I am still making: Tell
  3. 3. me what you believe and why you believe it in writing only (hard-copy only), and maybe I can learn from you thinking. I have cast off many early beliefs. I am ready to abandon as many of the present beliefs as are not consistent with the way things are. I must state most clearly that I am not trying to teach anyone at all anything except for my own self. If a third party learns something from me, it would be as a sole consequence of a yet not understood anomaly.
  4. 4. My intellectual perseverance can be defined as the disposition to work my own way through intellectual complexities, paradoxes, contradictions, predicaments, and phenomena (before me or before my clients) despite the apparent frustration inherent in the task. Some intellectual problems are complex and cannot be easily solved. One has intellectual perseverance when one does not give up in the face of intellectual complexity or frustration. The intellectually perseverant person displays form adherence to rational
  5. 5. principles of the highest order despite the irrational opposition of others, and has a realistic sense of the need to struggle with noticeable confusion and unsettled questions over an extended time to achieve understanding or insight the soonest. My intellectual autonomy may be defined as internal motivation based on the ideal of thinking for oneself; having rational self-authorship of own one’s beliefs, values, and way of thinking; never being dependent
  6. 6. on others for the direction and control of my own thinking. I mindfully form principles of thought and action and do not mindlessly accept those presented to me. I am not limited by the accepted way of doing things. I evaluate the traditions and practices that others often accept unquestioningly. I evaluate the traditions and practices that others often accept unquestioningly.
  7. 7. Under my independent thinking archetype, I strive to incorporate knowledge and insight into my thinking, independent of social status of the source, just to cite two considerations. I am not willful, stubborn, or unresponsive to the reasonable suggestions of others. I am a self-monitoring thinker who strives to amend his own mistakes early and even in advance. I function from values I myself have freely chosen. My only nature is that of my first nature –
  8. 8. over-accomplishes effortlessly as I have program it exactly to be for the past 30 years – of perpetual thinking through multiple perspectives at once through and for Life literally (sic). INCIDENTALLY AND FOR THE PAST YEARS, I HAVE BEEN DEFINING AND UPDATING SUCH A DEFINITION PERTAINING TO APPLIED OMNISCIENCE. NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM REDEFINING EVERY REDEFINITION OF APPLIED AN D
  9. 9. ACTIONABLE OMNISCIENCE IN THE NEAREST FUTURE WITHOUT A FAIL. MY OWN SYSTEM AND PARAPHRASING WILLIAM BLAKE: I I must Create a System, or be enslaved by another Man's; I will not Reason and Compare; my business is to Create. I'm the sole Method Developer and only Proprietor of: "Transformative And Integrative Risk Management" (with the applied omniscience perspective). More on my own System – that
  10. 10. also comprises my own definition of marshaled omniscience – at agostin i/definition-of-tranformative-and -integrative-risk-management-au thored-by-copyright-2005-andre s-agostini-andy-arlington-virgini a-usa
  11. 11. PLEASE REMEMBER WHAT I HAVE PUBLICALLY SAID OVER MANY YEARS, BOTH VERBALLY AND IN WRITING. NO OBLIGATIONS! My ideas neither count on others to follow, nor do they have me follow theirs. © Copyright 2010 Andres Agostini – All Rights Reserved – At