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BRIEF DEFINITION OF TRANSFORMATIVE AND INTEGRATIVE RISK MANAGEMENT. By © 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy) – Arlington, Virginia, USA at www.AgostiniWorks.blogspot.com, www.CyberCV.blogspot.com, www.twitter.com/SciCzar - As of Thursday, November 12, 2009
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BRIEF DEFINITION OF TRANSFORMATIVE AND INTEGRATIVE RISK MANAGEMENT. By © 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy) – Arlington, Virginia, USA at www.AgostiniWorks.blogspot.com, www.CyberCV.blogspot.com, www.twitter.com/SciCzar - As of Thursday, November 12, 2009



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  • 1. BRIEF DEFINITION OF TRANSFORMATIVE AND INTEGRATIVE RISK MANAGEMENT. By © 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy) – Arlington, Virginia, USA at www.AgostiniWorks.blogspot.com, www.CyberCV.blogspot.com, www.twitter.com/SciCzar - As of Thursday, November 12, 2009 The “TRANSFOMARTIVE AND INTEGRATIVE RISK MANAGEMENT©“ (TAIRM) system is constituted of all activities, strategies and countermeasures necessary to achieve the optimum degree of disruption-potential elimination, modulation and control. This is attained with the TAIRM framework of pre-facto / during / post- facto / forensics / lessons learned / refinement / enhancement / restoration / continuity constraints of operational effectiveness, sustainability, time and cost. In the hard-core of TAIRM is embedded the implementation of the systematic, systemic, holistic, Gestalt, ecumenical application of management (all chapters), scientific (all disciplines), and engineering (all specializations) principles and fundamentals throughout all phases of the systems operation designated, in the maximum pursuit and execution toward applied omniscience. I have defined applied omniscience.
  • 2. APPLIED OMNISCIENCE AS DEFINED AND IMPLEMENTED BY © COPYRIGHT 2009 ANDRES AGOSTINI (ANDY) What do I mean by instituting the Omniscience Perspective? Applied Omniscience, WITH THE PERSPECTIVE OF… This is a compilation on the lexicon applied “OMNISCIENCE” (ever- marshalling in crescendo the greatest attempt until the last exhale) to illustrate its meaning. When it comes time to manage risks, futures, opportunities, leadership and great pre-existential, existential challenges (sometimes labeled “global crises” with disruption potential in-roadding Earth’s existence itself) of this Era, via omniscience you exploit the positive facet of the challenge by crippling and/or modulating the disruption potential, partly or completely. If the problem can’t be solved at the same knowledge level it was birthed, let’s raise the ante dramatically—beyond and above any yardstick—by instituting the omniscience perspective without any mercy at all. Ipso facto, you center-stage SUCCES or desired outputs to your favor and that of your onboard crew. This vital notion must be
  • 3. imbedded in the neurons of any Milleniunn-3 Leader, otherwise nonsense is preached and practiced. One must make the effort to get the closet possible to applicable, applicable omniscience in the day-to-day battlefield. The reader is fully entitled to make his / her own conclusion. It takes hard work in extremis and a for-Life tsunami of determination to somewhat embrace the practicality of this crucial concept. I will first give the reader the dictionary’s definition of “PERSPECTIVE.” Why? Because the idea is TO MANAGE WITH THE OMNISCIENCE PERSPECTIVE. As follows: “per•spec•tive (p…r- spµk“t¹v) n. 1. The technique of representing three-dimensional objects and depth relationships on a two-dimensional surface. 2.a. A view or vista. b. A mental view or outlook. 3. The appearance of objects in depth as perceived by normal binocular vision. 4.a. The relationship of aspects of a subject to each other and to a whole. b. Subjective evaluation of relative significance; a point of view. c. The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance. –per•spec•tive adj. Of, relating to, seen, or represented in perspective. –per•spec“tiv•al adj. – per•spec“tive•ly adv.”
  • 4. This is the unified compilation of the Omniscience Definition: (all of the following at the same time the whole time, increasingly so) S.I.C.: “ … Having total knowledge; knowing everything … One having total knowledge … Pansophy: ‘universal knowledge or wisdom...system or work embracing all knowledge ... pol•y•math: A person of great or varied, updated learning … know•ing … all- knowingness … Possessing knowledge, information, or understanding … Showing clever awareness and resourcefulness; shrewd ... Suggestive of secret or private knowledge … conscious … having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight … possessed of universal or complete knowledge … the omniscient narrator … A person of great and varied learning … one who has rejected authority and dogma in favor of rational inquiry and speculation … learning ; erudition ; teachers of great knowledge ; one who takes advice or information from others … familiarity or awareness or understanding gained through experience and study …the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, and/or learned … specific information about something … narrative and numerical data gathered and assimilated … the mastery of many areas of learning reflected in a scholar’s work … a collection of facts and data (A man’s judgment cannot be better than the information on which he has based it) … that who constructs expert systems … deep extensive learning … the instructed one that instructs other to get further instructed … the methods, discipline, and attainments via academia, personal, professional, organizational, and in-the-
  • 5. battlefield experience … extensive knowledge … infinite knowledge … convergence of all wisdoms brought into one ultimate over- wisdom … the state or quality of having infinite knowledge; knowing all things … universal knowledge or wisdom … system or work embracing all systems … a person of great and diversified learning … including in one view everything within and beyond sight, insight, and farsight … having infinite discerned insightfulness … a person of encyclopedic learning … omniscientia knowledge … having learned much in several fields of study concurrently … educated, knowledgeable ; wise, sapient … that possessing great wisdom and sound judgment … that who has been and remains schooled by the university of ‘hard knocks’ … one that presumes that all things have not done sufficiently optimally … a self-dealing person with his mindful transformation towards possessing all- knowingness … healthy obsession with the nano-granularity of detail as it is pondering a collective multitude of subject matters …. Profound knowledge, deep knowledge, total command or mastery; specialism, specialized or special knowledge; expertise, proficiency; wide or vast or extensive knowledge, generalism, general knowledge (updated), interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary knowledge; encyclopedic knowledge, polymathy, polyhistory, pansophy … learning by inquiry … knowing all happenings in the life or development of a people, country, institution, etc. … all scientific accounts of a system of natural phenomena … eternal learning of the most complicated, fact-driven literature … hidden knowledge, recondite knowledge … Development of character and mental powers through systematic instruction and pervasive intellectual activities to amplify and sophisticate your talents, skills, and practices…Including the body of knowledge of hermetic and
  • 6. secretive societies and associations…Hermeneutics, that is: the science of interpretation and explanation, especially the branch of theology that deals with the general principles of Biblical interpretation… gnosis and omnignosis … Recognizing limitations (as well as the perpetual and systemically crippling instituted of said limitations) of expansionists scientific modes of inquiry and the need for additional, quite different approaches—together with the ever-emergence and always more expanded convergence of many knowledge specialties (inside and outside the realms of ‘scientific truth’ science), to the always-increasing quest for reality (including virtually-based reality), including the search for actionable answers to questions like the origin of the universe and its stunning derivatives (ruling in an stunning array of tangible and intangible sub-cosmos) as per physicists, astrophysicists, and astronomers’ findings, among those of others. ” By © Copyright 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy) Ich Bin Singularitarian, High-Tech / Mind Expansionist Visionary and Method Developer/Proprietor of: "Transformative And Integrative Risk Management" (with the applied omniscience perspective), Blitzkrieg, Organizational Strategist, TransLeadership / Preter-Leadership Innovist, Iconoclastic Mind Expansionist, Applied Omniscience Activist, so forth. PS_1: Some people asked me where I get my ideas from. I have been involved with some of the most demanding and capricious
  • 7. clients, employers, allies, and scholars. It is not always fun, but I usually get hired when a noted institution needs a near-impossible situation to be turned around into a fully possible one. Among my direct clients, there has been GE, Toyota, Mitsubishi, World Bank, GMAC, TNT Delivery Express, Packmail, and PDVSA (CITGO’s parent company) and its operations in the Western Hemisphere, also leading executives of General Electric (GE) and Abbott Laboratories. Through joint ventures and other forms of alliances, my clients are MAPFRE, STATOIL, TOTAL (TOTAL FINA), CONOCO, Philips Petroleum, and British Petroleum (BP). There are, within my professional career, some 30 years of deep thinking, pondering, researching, managing, consulting, analyzing, strategizing, empirical experimenting / testing, complex-problems solving, as well as surveying and privately interviewing world- class business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, thinkers, and people committed to determined creativity and innovation, seeking to instill value to the world. I do overwhelming studying, researching and experimenting, learning from mistakes and positive findings early. I have the “luck” to have been mentored lavishly by parents, master-degree students, senior professors, researchers, and applied scientists, among many other representatives of prominent corporations and institutions into sophisticated technocracy. I have and always will have the greatest respect for science and applied scientists. To the extent that I habitually undertake any initiative with the standard scientific method (rigor with vigor and accuracy), keeping my mind always open and updated (as much as possible) through a detailed, all-encompassing vista of challenges and efforts. In addition and for a number of years, I have been developing and
  • 8. instituting my own methodology to developmental thinking, holistic thinking, and systemic/systematic/Gestalt, insightful discernment based on the systems methodology, systems methodology as it is utilized by eminent exact-science practitioners. I am also into professional development, mentoring, and teaching. It is worth remembering that I teach to learn. On the Web – among other occupations and skills – I am into extensive blogging and writing. This so that I learn a bit more every time. PS_2: All terms hereof pertains to the grandiose Shakespearean lingua franca. Others systems, not as enriched as the latter, are ineffectual and inconsequential and not as delightful a sophisticated to communicate complex thoughts unambiguously. PS_3: All quotations not otherwise cited are from the interviews conducted by the author or personal communications sent to the author.