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  • 1. Andres Hernandez 19 Brock St, Flat 2, BA1 2LWCurriculum Vitae Bath, UK 07830 777959 andres_felipeh@hotmail.comAcademic qualifications 2012 MSc Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design, University of Bath, United Kingdom (Merit expected) 2008 BArch Universidad Javeriana, Colombia. Part I and Part II RIBA validated course. (First Class Honours)Professional experience Ergos (April 2011 – September 2011) - Project Architect and Site Manager from the Technical Design until Construction Stages for an interior design firm. - Prepared construction details and specifications of stainless steel and architectural glass elements for high profile clients like a 5 star hotel in the Caribbean and a major theatre in Colombia. Gained detail orientation skills and specialized knowledge in different types of architectural glass products. Site manager for a 200 m² office renovation in the Colombian Stock Exchange building. Issued information to the contractor, provided further Information when required and reviewed information provided by contractors and specialists. CP-AUI (August 2010 – February 2011) - Project Architect from the Design Development until Tender Documentation Stages for an architecture and urbanism firm. - Participated in the design team for a new 6,700 m² public high school project with environmental features. Worked in all aspects of the project, from materials and finishes research to final construction drawings. Focused on construction detail drawings, gained knowledge in concrete frame, concrete block structures and detailing and passive sustainable techniques. Coordinated with engineers structural and MEP designs on a regular basis. Applied for detailed planning permission, prepared technical designs, specifications, production information and tender documentation. DEOBRA Ltda. (June 2009 - July 2010) - Project Architect from Preparation until Tender Action Stages for a construction company. - Part of the design team and coordinator for major health care projects in different regions of Colombia. Such as a new 4,000 m² Rehabilitation Centre for disabled children, a new 4,000 m² Clinic, the renovation of 17,000 m² of the main Military Hospital in the country and its master plan. Project designer for a new 600 m² Cafeteria. Besides developing the ability to work in complex/high profile projects, became familiar with international regulations, design and construction strategies of the health care sector. Coordinated engineering designs and client meetings in a regular basis for a period of a year from the appraisal and design brief until tender documentation. Steven Morales Arquitecto (February 2009 – May 2009) - Project Architect in different architectural competitions for new design firm. - Coordinated the competition projects for the renovation of ‘El Campin’ Stadium, three new public high schools in Colombia, and a mixed use tower for Benetton in Iran. Gained skills in site analysis, competition entry renderings and layouts, and advanced 3D modelling in Rhino. Jorge Gutierrez Arquitecto (January 2009 – April 2009) - Part-time Architectural Assistant during Concept Stage for independent architect. - Assisted in the development of the Master Plan for the Universidad Catolica and the schematic design for the new library and new lecture building for the same University. Gained site analysis and BIM modelling skills. Page 1 of 2
  • 2. Professional experience Cont. JGArchitects New York City (July 2007 – May 2008) - Design Intern from Preparation to Construction Stages for an architecture firm in Manhattan. - During architecture studies, had a one year placement in a New York City firm. Worked as part of the design team in different projects, such as the Permanent Mission of Barbados to the United Nations and General Consulate in Manhattan, the Epsilon Offices and Building lobby in Manhattan, the Braunstein residence in Brooklyn, and the Cuban Art Space, an art gallery in Manhattan. In these projects worked doing responses to RFP’s / RFQ’s, Feasibility Studies, Projects’ Programme and Schedule, client meetings and the CAD drawings for the different stages of the projects. Working in a competitive international environment, developed the ability of working under pressure for high demanding clients and projects. Freelance Architect (Project Designer January 2007 – September 2011) - Project Architect, Site Manager and Architectural Assistant in different stages for private clients. - Since undergraduate studies have worked as freelance architect parallel to studies or office work. Been part and in charge of different scale projects such as a 6,500 m² Hotel under construction, 1,200 m² built Machining workshop, 1,500 m² unbuilt multifamily housing, 1,800 m² proposed multifamily housing, 200 m² private house under construction, 210 m² built office building expansion and a 150 m² unbuilt services facilities building for private clients in different regions of Colombia. Most of the projects were developed until Design Stage, and some until Construction and Use Stages working closely with clients, consultants and contractors. Leopoldo Bonnet Arquitecto (June 2006 – September 2006) - Architectural Assistant and Site Manager from Preparation until Construction stages for an independent architect. - First work experience during architecture studies. Gained skills in architectural design, drafting and Site Management through a renovation of a 400 m² restaurant.Skills Advanced - AutoCAD: 2D drawing and 3D modelling use of: - Archicad (BIM): 2d drawing, 3D modelling, perspectives and renderings - Rhinoceros: 3D modelling - IES Virtual Environment: Building energy performance software - Ecotect: Daylighting analysis - 3D Max Studio: Rendering, animations and panoramic views - Maxwell Render: Rendering - Macromedia Flash: web layouts and animations - Adobe Photoshop: Layouts and image edition - Corel Draw: Layouts and image edition - Sketchup: 3D modelling - Microsoft Project: Project Programmes - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) Other: - Hand sketching and rendering - Model making Languages: - English (fluent), Spanish (native)Awards 2011 Santander Masters Scholarship / University of BathReferences: Available upon request. Page 2 of 2
  • 4. 2 Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children 4 Hospital Militar Central Master Plan 6 H.M.C. Waiting Rooms CONTENTS 8 H.M.C. Cafeteria 10 Universidad Catolica Library and Master Plan 12 El Campin Stadium Renovation Competition 14 Public Highschool Competitions 16 Internship Projects JGArchitects 18 Permanent Mission of Barbados To The United Nations and General Consulate 20 Machining Workshop Gravillera Albania 22 El Tesoro Apartments 24 Edificio Contador Apartments 26 Imbricaciones Urbanas 32 Enigma Bar 34 Santo Domingo Public LibraryAndres Hernandez 36 Students’ HousingB. Arch., MSc Environmental Design19 Brock St, Flat 2BA1 2LWBath, UK44 7830 777
  • 5. 2| PROJECT UNDER CONSTRUCTION |DE OBRA LTDA.Located in the north of Bogota, it wasdesigned with another architect underthe supervision of the Principal. The20,000 sq ft program consists of aClinic, School, Water therapy area, Gym,Accommodation for 20 students andSports Centre, divided in 2 volumesthat intersect at the main hall.
  • 6. | MASTER PLAN PROPOSAL | DE OBRA LTDA Part of the year 2015 Hospital’s expansion plan a new proposed building would include a new orthopedics floor, two different specialty floors for rent, and commercial spaces in the ground floor. It was intented to create a new design language for the hospital and its future projects. Part of the year 2020 Hospital’s expansion plan, a small boutique hotel was proposed (right) targeted to health tourism as an additional service for the Hospital’s main surgeries. OSPITAL aster Plan, Clinic and HotelILITAR CENTRAL 4
  • 7. 6| PROJECT UNDER CONSTRUCTION | DE OBRA LTDAFor Colombia’s biggest and most important military hospital, I worked in thedesign of the public waiting rooms among other spaces. The concept was to makea warmer and more comfortable space for customers trough textures, basicshapes and colours with a minimum intervention of the existing landmark.
  • 8. 8AFETERI | DESIGN PROPOSAL | DE OBRA LTDA. Designed with another architect in the office, it’s located over an existing plaza in the middle of the hospital. The main concept was to put the lightest building (visually and structurally) over the plaza. The roof is intended to be viewed from the 14 floors of the Hospital’s main tower.
  • 9. | PROPOSAL PROJECT | JORGE GUTIERREZ ARQUITECTO 10 The university required a 20 year master plan for its physical growth. Among the general master plan proposals, I participated in the schematic design of two buildings: The new Library and the new Classrooms building.UNIVERSIDADCATOLICALibrary and Master Plan
  • 10. 12| COMPETITION PROJECT | STEVEN MORALES ARQUITECTOThe idea comes from the image of the Savanna surrounded by clouds, where the stadium is a diffused plateau that stands in its context, respectfuland subtle despite its mass and size. We wanted to present the stadium as a landmark, delicate and light, contrary to its current image - seeking aless aggressive image with its immediate environment, given its proximity to a dense urban and residential context.
  • 11. 14 UBLIC HIGHSCHOOL| COMPETITION PROJECTS | STEVEN MORALES ARQUITECTOThree schools were thought the most flexible as possible. Beingable to let the local communities use the cultural and recreationspaces during any hour without affecting its safety or normaloperation.
  • 12. 16| BUILT PROJECTS | JG ARCHITECTS NEW YORK CITYDuring my architecture studies, I had a one year placement in a New York City firm. Worked as partof the design team in different projects, such as the Epsilon Offices and Building lobby in Manhattan,the Braunstein residence in Brooklyn, and the Cuban Art Space, an art gallery in Manhattan. In theseprojects I worked doing responses to RFP’s / RFQ’s, Feasibility Studies, Projects’ Programmes andSchedules, client meetings and the CAD drawings for the different phases of the projects. Working ina competitive international environment, I developed the ability of working under pressure for highdemanding clients and projects.
  • 13. 18PERMANENTMISSION OFBARBADOSTO THE UNITED NATIONS AND GENERAL CONSULATE| BUILT PROJECTS | JG ARCHITECTS NEW YORK CITYThe main projects I worked on from the proposal until the final stages were the Permanent Mission of Barbados to the United Nations andGeneral Consulate in Manhattan. In these projects I worked doing responses to RFP’s / RFQ’s, Feasibility Studies, Projects’ Programmesand Schedules, client meetings and the CAD drawings for the different phases of the projects. Working in most of the phases gave me theopportunity to develop excelent relations with both client and engineers.
  • 14. 20 MACHINING Gravillera Albania| BUILT PROJECT | INDEPENDENT WORKDesign of a CNC workshop for heavy parts, located in a town near Bogota. The client (an important gravel company) requiredabundant daylight and to use recycled structure parts from another building, like concrete columns and metal joists; whichdetermined the new mixed structure.
  • 15. 22| PROPOSAL PROJECT | INDEPENDENT WORKLocated in a narrow lot in a city in the north of Colombia, it was designed for a private developer to minimize construction times throughprefabricated elements and repetitive structural units. It consists mostly of duplex apartments with all its rooms with external views, andexcellent sun exposure.
  • 16. 24| UNBUILT PROJECT | INDEPENDENT PROJECTDesign of a 5 stories apartment building in the northof Bogota for a private developer. With 3 types ofapartments per floor and 2 penthouses. An exposedconcrete element integrates the whole façade givingit movement , rhythm and depth. apartments
  • 17. | ACADEMIC PROJECT | DEGREE PROJECTFor my degree project I proposed a model of ‘urban overlapping’(inhabited bridges) in downtown Bogota generating units ofhabitable links between urban areas and systems disjointed bymotorways. The buildings themselves seek an organic link over motorwaysin a resemblance to middle age’s inhabited bridges over rivers. 26
  • 18. | ACADEMIC PROJECT | DEGREE PROJECTAn overlap between different uses wasproposed, allowing a continuous occupancy inspace and time. Through office towers, flats, anhotel, a mall and an exhibition centre, it wouldcreate not only a physical connection betweentwo sides, but an innovative live urban link. 28
  • 19. 30| ACADEMIC PROJECT | DEGREE PROJECTA significant plaza located directly over the motorway creates a pedestrian friendlyspace in a place that otherwise would not be habitable. Pedestrian spaces couldrecover car oriented infrastructure not only for a more efficient use of land, but forbetter urban life.
  • 20. 32| ACADEMIC PROJECT |Located in Bogota’s bar area it’s designed for tree different experiences indifferent floors. The vertical circulation is the main articulator functionallyand formally. It has tree different entrances that cross each other spatially inthe main hall.
  • 21. 34SANTO DOMINGO | ACADEMIC PROJECT | Located in Bogota and designed with another student. The program is separated in two main spiral buildings, related trough the public space. One above grade for reading, research and storage of digital buildings, related trough the public space. One above grade for reading, research and storage of digital and printed information and other for complementary cultural activities like auditoriums and multiple media rooms. The internal programs are developed trough spirals around inner central spaces.
  • 22. TUDENTS’ OUSING 36 | ACADEMIC PROJECT | Located in Cartagena in the Colombian Caribbean. Designed with two other students, it was proposed for the expansion of an existing colonial house. The shapes of the buildings and the patios are conceived in a contemporary language that doesn’t try to copy the existing buildings, presenting instead a reinterpretation of the colonial architecture (materials, elements and spaces) in a more dynamic way.