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Services & Benefits of PEO Broker Services

Services & Benefits of PEO Broker Services



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Peo Revised Main Website 12 8 10 Document Transcript

  • 1. WEBSITE INTRODUCTION HELLO BUSINESS OWNERS!MY NAME IS ANDRE’ OLIVAN,I’ve had a career of 35 Plus years as a Commercial Insurance Broker. During thattime I was also a pervious owner of a very successful insurance agency inNorthern CA. We employed over 35 employees, with 2 offices. I too understandwhat it takes to own a business. It’s a difficult task at best in the ‘Best of Times’.Over the years, I’ve earned the respect of my piers and clients in this industry byfocusing on the basic fundamentals. My focus has always been...How can I HELP MY CLIENTS grow their business? REDUCE EXPENSES,have a POSITIVE IMPACT for their success for the LONG-TERM!I’ve built my career and business on my core Beliefs & Values! That is; Honesty,Impeccable Word, High Values, Reliability, Creativity, Conceptual Thinker,Problem Solver, and Seasoned Competitor.My Goal is to help you grow your business! Your employees are counting on you!Today, we’re experiencing one of the most difficult times in the CaliforniaEconomy. Businesses are struggling to survive, expenses are skyrocketing, andrevenues are plummeting!Follow me thru my ’Website’! I’m going to show you how to... SAVE 20-40% on BUSINESS EXPENSE! I’m sure you’ve heard of a ‘Professional Employer Organization’... I’ve researched and... PICKED THE BEST FOR YOU! r ed ... YOU You can accomplish this... Do what you do best... GROW YOUR BUSINESS! &PUT SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS on YOUR BOTTOM LINE!
  • 2. AFFORDABLE WORKERS’ COMPENSATION COVERAGE ‘ALTERNATIVE’A VIABLE COVERAGE STRATEGY DESIGNED FOR FORWARD THINKING BUSINESS OWNERS SEEKING TO DRAMATICALLY REDUCE THEIR EXPENSES CASH FLOW OPTION & SOLUTION Coverage Program Attributes No Premium Deposit Pay Only a $250 Policy Fee Pay as You Go Workers’ Comp Pay Premiums as You Go Each Pay Period No Year End Policy Audit Annual Rebate on Your Account ‘Profit Sharing’
  • 3. Typical Hard Dollar Savings Equivalent to 20%-40% off On Workers’ Compensation Or Ex. $1,000,000 Payroll 3- 5% or $30,000 - $50,000 in Annual Savings Employer Services Platform Included Payroll/Tax, HR & Legal Support and Risk Management AN INCLUSIVE STRATEGY THAT REDUCES BOTH HARD DOLLAR COSTS & RISK TRADITIONAL VS ALTERNATIVE SIMPLE ILLUSTRATION OF WHAT A PEO CAN DO FOR YOUR BUSINESSTHE ALTERNATIVE REVEALED: WHAT IS A PEO?  Professional employer organizations (PEO) enable clients to cost-effectively outsource the management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and
  • 4. workers compensation. PEO clients focus on their core competencies to maintain and grow their bottom line.ALTERNATIVE: WHAT IS CO-EMPLOYMENT  The PEO relationship involves a contractual allocation and sharing of employer responsibilities between the  PEO and the client. This shared employment relationship is called co-employment.  A PEO provides integrated services to effectively manage critical human resource responsibilities and employer risks for clients. A PEO delivers these services by establishing and maintaining an employer relationship with the employees at the clients worksite and by contractually assuming certain employer rights, responsibilities, and risk. ALTERNATIVE: EMPLOYER CONTROL UNDER A CO-EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT  The PEO directs and controls worksite employees in matters involving human resource management and compliance with employment laws, and the client company directs and controls worksite employees in manufacturing, production, and delivery of its products and services.  Additional Information about a PEO may be found at: • MOMENT OF TRUTH
  • 5. Attitudes before Securing a PEO  Better than 9 out 10 New Clients Would Prefer to Stay On their Single-Sourcing Platform  9 out of 10 Consider the Payroll, HR, Legal, and Risk Support as Merely “nice to have” Resources  10 of 10 Make the Jump to Save MoneyAttitudes after Securing PEO Services  9 out of 10 Clients Stay on Our Single-source Platform for better than 7 Years!  Bottom line: Once the initial burden of transition has been completed clients are satisfied with the program and can’t imagine multi-sourcing ever again. TRUTH BE TOLD NOW STARTS THE WORKSECURING YOUR RATE INDICATIONReceiving a Non-Binding Rate Indication and or a BindingRate Quote is Simple.What We Need for a Rate Indication  Required • Completed Accord 130 • Application for Insurance • Contractor Supplemental  Needed for Optional Labor Audit Comparison • Current SUTA Rate with EDD • Ballpark Idea of Payroll Processing Costs • Ballpark Idea of HR and Legal Costs • Current Workers’ Comp Rates by Labor Code
  • 6.  Turn Around Time • 1 to 2 business daysWhat We Need for a Binding Quote  Same as Rate Indication Plus  (3) Years of Loss History  Supporting information requested by the carrier  Turn Around Time: • 3 to 5 business days SECURING YOUR RATES GETTING STARTEDProcess for Getting StartedRemit Set Up Paper Work  Authorize Price Quote  Authorize Client Service Agreement and Addendums  Complete Employee Application Package for 90% of All Employees  Remit the Items Above Along with Policy Fee to Your RepresentativeOnce Submitted  Welcome Call from the PEO  Confirm Information and Pay dates  If Needed, Certificate of Insurance Submitted to CSLB  When Appropriate Submit Pay Information via: • Phone, Web, or Fax  Remit Payment for Payroll Liability via: • Wire, Bank Transfer, or Cashiers Check  Payroll and Reports Sent Overnight Delivery
  • 7. My GoalEmpowering My Clients with the Opportunity for Affordable WorkersCompensation Insurance Coverage that includes Payroll & Tax, Riskand HR Support on a Pay as You Go Basis with No Deposits and or YearPolicy Audits. Our Clients Will Save an Average of 20 to 40% of WhatThey Are Currently Paying. PLEASE CONTACT ME: Andre’ Olivan Give Me A Call Today! Andre’ Andre’ J. Olivan, PEO Professional Broker andre.peoprobroker Office: 530.432.4746 Cell: 530.913.5001 CA.DOI.LIC#057.1576
  • 8. PAGE 2 OF WEBSITE AFFILITE BROKER for BBSI __PARTNERS IN PROFITABILITY PARTNERS Who is Barrett Services Incorporated - BBSI Barrett Business Services is a Self-Insured (PEO) Professional Employer Organization In business since 1951 and is traded on the NSSDAQ Under the Ticker Symbol BBSI Annual Net Revenues exceed $1.2 Billion and is virtually debt free with $60 Million in Cash Reserve For information on BBSI, please utilize the following web links: Profit Sharing AgreementBBSI Clients will receive up to 1/3 of their premiums back annually in asafety incentive rebate for qualifying class codes. This rebate is paid out60 days of the contractual anniversary date providing all claims areclosed. This is a Contractual Agreement. Future Experience ModificationBBSI, clients future experience modification becomes irrelevant throughoutyour tenure and relationship as they are governed by the Department ofIndustrial Relations (DOI) and not the ‘Workers’ Compensation InsuranceRating Bureau’ (WCIRB). What if I want to return to the WCIRB system eturn system?You may do so, should you decide to return to the California System. BBSI isregulated by the DOI - (Department of Industrial Relations). Upon leaving theWCIRB, you will lose your Experience Modification. If you return, BBSI willgive you ALL your Current Valued Loss Information. You will be Re-Evaluatedby the WCIRB and after 3 years for a New Experience Modification, along withthe current valued information. You will receive your’ New ExperienceModification’.
  • 10. WEB PAGE 3 HOW CAN A PEO HELP YOUR BUSINESS? ? A PEO CAN BE AN INTEGRAL BUSINESS PARTNER PARTNER! SO‘YOU CAN FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST’ ‘GROW YOUR BUSINESS’ May I ask Business Owner 2 Basic Questions? OwnersDid you go into business because you had a ‘Dream’ or ‘Idea’ that you could buildsome sort of structure, manufacture or distribute a product, or render a service?Question 1 Did you know the difference between being a ‘BusinessOwner’ and being an ‘Employer’?Being an employer is NOT what or why you went into business. Besides, mostbusiness plans do not include the procedures and systems for being an employer.Most business owners do not know or understand the complexities of being anowner.Question 2 Did you know how complex... ‘Employee Management’ is?That’s another area of challenge, running a business and what the owner must do tocomply with the complex regulations that govern employment of workers. Why Businesses Need a PEOThe PEO can assist businesses in human resources management functions allowing,you the ‘Owner’ and your managers to concentrate on making the business runsmoothly.By engaging a PEO, the ‘Business Owner’ can concentrate on their own business,instead of researching and developing methods to comply with federal and statelabor regulations. It is important for you to understand the limits of liability and towhat extent your PEO assists clients in employment claims.
  • 11. Benefits of engaging a PEO for Workers’ Compensation and Risk ManagementWith ‘Professional Employer Organization’ relationship, your business can obtainworkers’ compensation insurance, provide a safer workplace, and reduce frequencyand severity of workers’ compensation claims. Some other the other benefits ofengaging a PEO for worker’s compensation and risk management perspectiveinclude: • Eliminations of the workers’ compensation down payment • Elimination of the payroll-premium audit • Elimination of the audit premium • Receive up to 1/3 of Premium Rebate for Loss Results • Smaller “no interest” financed premium payments • Work site safety inspections and recommendations • Safety Manuals • Assistance with Safety Meetings • Processing of workers’ compensation claims • Claims Management of on-going claims • Workers’ Compensation claim investigations • Post Accident drug testing • Assistance with workers’ compensation hearings • Assistance with OSHA compliance and reviews • Coordinating return to work programs Benefits of engaging a PEO for Human ResourcesThe PEO can assist businesses in human resource management functions allowingmanagement to concentrate on the business. Some of the other benefits to the clientby engaging a professional employer for human resources management may include:• Human resources consultations and solutions• Employee and supervisory training• Assistance with workplace conflicts• Employee handbooks• documenting personnel problems and disciplinary actions• Legally required postings• Assistance with state unemployment claims hearings and appeals• EEO/Title VII compliance assistance• ADA compliance assistance• FMLA compliance assistance, record keeping• PRWORA compliance assistance• Audit protections from government agencies• assistance with sexual harassment allegations• Pre-Employment screening assistance• Providing human resource forms
  • 12. • Drug Testing policies and procedures• Providing drug policy collection and administration• Eliminating potential court action for non-compliance• Eliminating fines and penalties for non-compliance• Job descriptions• filing the Form 5500 “the employee benefit tax returns”• assist with personnel reviews• Coordinating with legal counsel on labor issues• assist with the federal wage and hour claims• File the EEO-1Some of the COMMON FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT REGULATIONS are: • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act • ADA - American with Disabilities Act • COBRA - Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act • HIPPA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act • PRWORA - Personal Responsibility Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act • FMLA - Family and Medical Leave Act • FLSA - Fair Labor standards Act • ADEA- Age Discrimination in Employment Act • IRCA - Immigration Reform and Control Act • OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Act • WARN - Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act • ERISA - Employment Retirement Income Security Act