ElagoTech - lessons that we got from the apps and games we developed


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***Important: You must download this presentation to see the lessons.
If you don't download it, then you will just see our screenshots ;-)
Go download it, pal!

We share some lessons we got when developing our apps and games as an indie developer.
Hope you can learn something.
There are useful links as a references too.

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ElagoTech - lessons that we got from the apps and games we developed

  1. 1. Elago Tech is an indie game developer team created in December 2011.The leader of the team is Andre Khrisna.Finance is Tri Juni Kusumastuti.Lead programmer is Billy Lukmaryo.Quality Assurances are Yehosua Krisma and Rohadi Wisnu Murtiono.We outsource the art job to Imagi Canvas.Our music composed by David J Franco (www.kidwithkeyboard.com).Lessons we got when creating the team are:1. Create the best team possible, search for the best talent possible, and always involve GOD in your searching.2. Always be generous, positive, and keep the relationship even if you can’t be in one team with someone.
  2. 2. This is our first app for PC, Mac, and Linux.It’s visual gospel of Matthew.Embark on a greatest journey as you read and play the game experience what happened in the Gospel of Matthew.Download it for free here: http://elagotech.com/rejoice.php#.UF2SIrLiYRkThe lesson here is this is a great project with so many difficulties, but we move on and finally it’s live.When you face any difficulties in your way making a game, do not surrender.Encourage yourself that if you have start it then you must finish it.Way better if you can pray and tell GOD what your situation is. HE surely helps ;-)
  3. 3. Our first iOS title was Kougo-KJV (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kougo-kjv/id524371440?mt=8), a first bibleapp in Japanese and English language with furigana/ruby to make Kanji font easy to read. It has beendownloaded times.It’s free. Download it if you need to learn Japanese via Bible ;-)For the first time, I think just few people will download this app.But I was wrong.There are so many people that need Japanese Bible app with furigana/ruby, because there are no bible appson the AppStore have furigana/ruby before.Wow, this is awesome!The lesson is we must study our potential users, what they want, what they need, and what can we do tomake their life easier and happier.
  4. 4. Our second app was Dual Bible (itunes.apple.com/us/app/dual-bible/id536434082?mt=8), a free crosslanguage reference bible with 18 languages to choose. All of our apps doesn’t need internet connection touse.What we learned from this app is people need Bible every day. There are no day without download. This appalways get downloaded.So, if you make app that fulfill people need, even if you don’t do marketing, it will get downloaded.Imagine if you make usefull apps and do some marketing?Won’t it get so many downloads?Go make useful apps, pal! ;-)
  5. 5. Tower Defense game in iOS will neverbe the same again since BattleBox.You will get unique challenges in eachlevel. And after you finished one level,we give you more challenges andharder enemies in Plus Game.Feel that the story in late TD games areboring and not interesting?Throw away that feelings, we bring youengaging story with full retina displaygraphics in kinetic novel style.There are Maya, Alex, Dad, and Fio toaccompany you fulfilling all challengesin every level.And here comes Editor Mode. The onlymode where you can create, edit, andplay your own level.Make a custom level, export the codegenerated, and share it with yourfriends via Facebook so they can playyour level.Download BattleBox for $2.99 now onthe AppStore >>>http://itunes.apple.com/app/battlebox/id527855572
  6. 6. When we planned this game, we havedecided to develop 3 primary featuresof the game, 2 secondary features, and3 tertiary features.But later in development, we droppeddown 2 of our primary features andtake 2 of our tertiary features assubsitutes.Why we did this?Because we found out that 2 of ourtertiary features are something thathaven’t touched by any tower defensegame in iOS.So this can be our advantages/uniqueselling point.With full humble, if I may suggest you,plan your Primary Features, SecondaryFeatures, and Tertiary Features.You don’t need to stick with thatprimary one, but adjust it to yoursituation and your research resultabout what market needs.One thing to remember for indiedeveloprs, put your all attention tobring 3 unique features that bestlycrafted rather than 100 averagefeatures.Be focus! ;-)
  7. 7. Here’s some links about Storytelling:Storytelling without Stories:http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/177765/storyDialog Junkie:http://gamesauce.org/news/2011/02/14/dedicated-to-gA Holistic Approach to Game Dialogue:http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/132566/a_holistic_approach_to_game_.phpStricly Speaking: Character Dialogue:http://www.writersbeat.com/showthread.php?t=19523Try to read this book: “Inside Jokes: UsingHumor to Reverse-Engineer the Mind”
  8. 8. Sometimes we need to know high concepts, so before develop agame, at least we know what we make.Don’t make a game that have no high concept at all, becauseyou will waste your time.Game can be seen as a media to communicate your values,concept, rules, and morales.So, go making games that have good impact on gamers, bothhardcore and casual.Oops, if you hate some high concepts, I found that this articlewill help us:The Four Lenses of Game Making:http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/39516/The_four_lenses_of_game_making.phpSuccess for you!