Un training - epidemiology of motivation

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The 4 hour un-training session Marius Leatu and myself did as a follow-up for the Epidemiology of Motivation presentation. …

The 4 hour un-training session Marius Leatu and myself did as a follow-up for the Epidemiology of Motivation presentation.
Deeper look into the nature of motivation and its virality and ways to get it.

Did with Marius Leatu as co-author and co-presenter.

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  • 1. our story
  • 2. stories What are they?
  • 3. a story is…
  • 4. setting
  • 5. theme
  • 6. adventure
  • 7. heroes
  • 8. friendship
  • 9. uncertainty
  • 10. humanity
  • 11. re-interpretation
  • 12. what about us?
  • 13. re-InTerpretation
  • 14. setting
  • 15. theme
  • 16. this is OUR story
  • 17. we wake up in the morning
  • 18. to write the story
  • 19. and we do that
  • 20. when we’re motivated
  • 21. to see things differently
  • 22. let’s write our story for the next 4 hours…and beyond
  • 23. un training let’s start
  • 24. un-training write our story understand our motivation go home and be better at something
  • 25. rules of engagement any rule can be broken anyone can talk anytime make it better move fast and break things
  • 26. short theory recap mastery, autonomy, purpose hierarchical & organic organisations the competitiveness of the organisation stories motivation manifesto
  • 27. world 1 - only money $$$
  • 28. motivation exercise only reward is money nothing done or spoken that is not directly tied to money no concept of professional relationships, only transactions emotions do no play a role the money is a lot
  • 29. world 2 - everything but money brothers and sisters
  • 30. motivation exercise working together, as friends consideration to each’s needs perfect environment: respect, collaboration, appreciation the basics are provided no money for anything but the basics
  • 31. world 3 - star trek world everything is perfect
  • 32. motivation exercise everything we need or want is readily available there is no need for money, there is no money there is no need to work for anything vast majority of people are nice and helpful the only work we do is because we want to
  • 33. elections from the ideal star trek world, choose what you would most like to have in your real world tomorrow each has 5 votes use them as you like (all 5 to one, 2 to one 3 to another etc)
  • 34. why isn’t it happening?
  • 35. why not? impossible to change not enough motivation to change who needs to change what
  • 36. take 2 things to change as example discuss Q: what would need to be true for this to happen? Q: what would need to be true for that? Q: what’s the first thing to do? Q: who needs to do it? one rule: wgf who's fault it is
  • 37. 20 minute break don’t worry, you can continue eating & drinking after we resume, during the un-training ! !
  • 38. continue or do something else?
  • 39. I am responsible for my own motivation over support from others Generosity over efficiency Resourcefulness over resources Learning over knowing ! ! That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more
  • 40. naked buzzwords LEADERSHIP, TEAMWORK, PASSION, POSITIVE ATTITUDE big words what do they mean?
  • 41. the bullshit framework 20 15 10 5 0 What it is What is known Early Bullshit
  • 42. leadership Real? Bulshit?
  • 43. team work Real? Bulshit?
  • 44. passion Real? Bulshit?
  • 45. positive attitude Real? Bulshit?
  • 46. recap motivation theory the three world vote on what we’d like form star trek why can’t we have it? the change framework, 2 things motivation manifesto naked buzzwords; the bullshit timeline
  • 47. key takeaway motivation manifesto it’s up to you nothing is perfect but that's just perfect :)
  • 48. final thoughts, questions thank you Andrei Postolache Marius Leatu