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Final specific questions (2)1
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Final specific questions (2)1


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  • 1. 1. Present the current reality of the incoming exchange non-corporate area in all theLCs that performed in the year 2011. Performance Represents the LCs that have already fulfilled 66% of their objectives; LCs that have a growth of GCDP at least 20% and their project s are financially sustainable.
  • 2. 2. Present the initiatives, way of working with the country, difficulties, etc. of the topperforming country in each GN on the incoming exchange non-corporate area inmaximum 2 pages.Egypt 236 GCDP  Growth 189 The Biggest difficulty is to make all the LCs aligned to a certain project. They fixed this by making all of the LCs work towards 3 main issues which are very broad and can take a lot of initiatives under it. Second thing is the situation in Egypt because people think Egypt is not safe. They have to prove otherwise and that everything is going well by videos and posts on Facebook pages. Basically, constant communication done by all LCs with EPs is the key. Their growth strategy is based on relevancy of the projects that are based more and more on the external situations and that are also more concrete. The 2 national peaks are summer and winter but the challenge is to make it the whole year. One thing that commends GCDP in Egypt is their CRM with some of their big NGOs. They used to have 1 TN, but now they are going to have a project with them each quarter having more than 30 TNs per quarter.Mauritius 184 GCDP  Growth 137 The biggest difficulty in Mauritius is planning and commitment of members. In Mauritius they mostly do GCDP with a GCDP-GIP ratio of 100:1. Well planning of projects to be run do not always go the way it has to since the tracking at times is also not done properly. They planned to solve them with regular meetings to track the progress of the projects and set milestones. These milestones would serve as guides to the OCP. How they should handle his/her project so that he/she meets the deadline and how to improve of the quality was discussed. This year they planned to have 400 GCP which is almost 200% growth from last year. Their national peaks for realization are December, February, June. The strong points on ICX NC area in Mauritius are: membership (a lot of members interested in running projects), society ( it is quite easy to find issues and work on them, many NGOs available and creating a project with them is very easy), getting funding for these projects take more time but it’s possible.Russia 898 GCDP  Growth 437 The main difficulty is to set the right mindset and then track execution on timeline by processes. They are always late with matching or raising. They could use more coaching (chats 2 per week) with the MCVP or NST, and focus on LCPs, tracking tool, supporting campaigns. This year, one of the main focuses was growing the scale of global internship. The main strategies which supported it and let it happen were:• Peak management: exact year timeline with concrete periods of main realization peaks aligned to LCs• People allocation into different exchange departments for each type of internships• Incoming exchange social national programs and projects based on relevant issues such as financialliteracy of youth, tolerance, education, entrepreneurship etc.
  • 3.  Strong points that commend GCDP in Russia are: JD of interns, constant projects with measurable impact, quality (satisfaction of interns), their work on content of current projects. If they implement a new project, work more at the business plan, than pilot it in 2-3 LCs. They have Quality Index system - based on survey which all interns fill in. Their national peaks are all year-round, except October and April. The biggest realizations occur in January and July because of holiday breaks.Malaysia 426  Growth 144 In Malaysia, the problems they encounter have to do with having too many forms and therefore, there is difficult to match with EPs. Lack of solutions for low peak seasons is also an important issue. Realisation peak is in November-January and May-August. However they are looking for off peak partnership seasons. The strong points are the issue topic which is very relevant to the EPs personal and professional growth, flexible time period for matching internships and very good intern servicing.Brazil 622  Growth 381  Biggest difficulty of Brazil as a country is matching in the off-peak period, around April-May and September-October.  Sometimes they have educational and third-sector projects that require a high volume of EPs, and they have been having problems finding available EPs for travelling for GCDP TNs in these periods. They are trying to solve this by establishing national cooperations for ICX. In the LCs level, they have been using LC to LC cooperations.  Brazil won the UBS Award in IC in 2011. However, they believe the growth they had this year is not sustainable, and they are prepared to have a little fall in growth numbers.  Peaks of RE are from June to August and from November to February. But, as I previously mentioned, they need supply for the off-peak periods, mainly because of educational projects and third-sector projects.  I believe Brazilian hospitality is great and a very important and decisive point of ICX NC because EPs are willing to travel abroad.  During the last few years, they have developed a great knowledge on educational projects and they are now also starting to develop projects for NGO and other third-sector entities. Projects are great for multiplying impact and allowing interns to live a high quality experience while getting to know other interns from all over the world. Through them, they have learned to manage a high number of interns at once. Projects are definitely the highest point in Brazilian ICX side.Italy 188  Growth 85 The difficulties for AIESEC Italy is the realization of national partnerships. The support that AIESEC Italy offers for LCs are quality(MC TN reception standard booklet and Italianbooklet for all LCs), knowledge offered for VPs on wikis and conferences. There are 3 peaks of realization for projects National Partners for projects can be easily found. A good thing about GCDP in Italy is the fact that they have 3 niches for projects: ecology, equity, economy. Their targets for projects are primary and secondary school, university.
  • 4. 3. As you know, the grand majority of your goals are going to be achieved by the localentities. Based on this, how do you plan to manage the LCs talent towards theimplementation of the national strategy? (Be clear and specific).Here I have 3 ideas that I want to implement in the next year: 1. I want to have coaching meetings every month with the VPs, if I can’t manage this by myself, the task will be taken over by the NST. On the professional side, I would like to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of previous month and analyze the planning for next two months. Using this information, I will create a centralized output and send it to all the VPs. This output will help the LCs to learn from their mistakes and others and also will help to align processes at national level. 2. I want to give all the LCs National Preparation, this means the possibility to ask for one training in every quarter.. Also they will be recorded and uploaded on in order to create a national database required for ICX NC preparation. As a result we will have all the LCs at medium knowledge on every process. By doing this, I know that even the small LCs will manage to increase their performance. I am going to know what trainings do the LCs need from auditing the SONA and from the coaching meetings. By doing this, it will be easy to understand the level of knowledge in LCs. 3. I want to implement national tools that are going to help the LCs on their processes. Some of these tools are: Visa booklet, containing all information required to obtain visa from each country. Also there will be the National product sheet which will be a template that will be made at national level and the LCs will personalize it for LC reality.4. Present your strategy to increase the quality of GCDP Incoming in AIESEC Romania.As I said, one of my directions for the next year is increasing the quality of GCDP Incoming in Romaniaand I want AIESEC Romania to be recognized in the international network for its qualitative processes.I want to do this by implementing a tool, so called “exit form” which will be filled in by the LC VPs andalso the trainees. After this, the MCVP and the NST will check them out.  The VPs will have to fill a survey that will concern the sending country, by doing this, in the future we will have a white list and a black list for sending countries, taking into consideration their involvement in the exchange process and also the quality of the EPs in every country.  The trainees will complete the survey about the hosting LC. Answering questions about the quality of the projects, their implication in the LCs, fulfillment of all aspects in the JD. The LCs that will have the highest grade for their qualitative experiences, will be the ones that will bepromoted for one month on the national wiki, on the forum and also by the MCVP at internationalconferences and other meetings with MCVPs. Also these LCs will first ones to benefit from theinternational partnerships if this international partnerships are signed.
  • 5. 5. What is your strategy for driving ICX growth in 2012-2013?My strategy for the ICX growth will be through selling GCDP to non-corporate entities(Ministry ofEducation and National NGOs), taking into consideration the fact that in all the LCs of AIESEC Romaniathe ICX area has split, I want to create national raising campaigns that will be aligned at national level.Every LC will use the same product sheet:  The product sheet will contain the description of AIESEC, description of GCDP program, national results obtained on GCDP part, a national design. Description of local projects, local results and testimonials will be added by each LC.  The role of this product sheet will be to align the national raising campaign and also, the results obtained will be used at national level for obtaining national partnerships.Every quarter the focus will shift from one niche to another. We’ll do so because we have to changethe mentality of random raising. If we focus on 2 niches the whole year(NGOs and Highschool) we willobtain a raise in the GCDP side. In the mean time, when the country is selling, the MC VP will go and sellat national level, at national NGO or government institutions.6.Taking into consideration the fact that on your term you will have to organize atleast one national project, how do you plan to communicate and organize the countryin order to implement the project?This year I want the NST team to be involved in the national strategy and direction. So I want to create2 position for NST members to be project coordinators. I want to have talks every month withVP/OCPs of the each LCs to see the status of the project. If the project is not reaching it’s objectives,NST members + VPs + MCVP will try to find back-up solutions in order to fill the GAP.  The communication between NST/MCVP and VPs will be made through Skype meetings and email.  At the end of each month there should be a centralized output of all information gather from LCs. This information should help the LCs understand and avoid in the future the mistakes that are made.  The communication between NST and MCVP will be made through Skype meetings or physical meetings(if possible). This meetings will be mandatory quarterly for planning the next quarter and set objectives.  The NST and MCVP will track all their performance through an MBO.All of these are made in order to avoid as much as we can the big GAP at the end of the year and tohave the objectives fulfilled at the end of the term.
  • 6. 7. Which are the major challenges and changes you see with regarding the 2015 inAIESEC Romania on the Non Corporate Area?  The big challenge in AIESEC Romania, will the implementing of the new structure. We will have to make it work if we want big results for 2015.  I think another major challenge will be the sustainable growth that we will have to control for the next year. Taking into consideration that all the LCs will focus on Non-corporate for the first time, the growth will be big and we will have to create healthy processes that can continue next year also.  Strictly on NC area, a BIG change will be the separation of the departments. In the small LCs, there are not enough members to support the both corporate and noncorporate sides and an important challenge for us will be to cover both needs for these departments, we will definitely be on the right track for achieving the 2015 vision in AIESEC Romania.