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Why filipinos migrate
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Why filipinos migrate


Its a Project

Its a Project

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  • 2. FIRSTLYThey migrate to other countries because of the economical problems the Philippines is experiencing. The Philippines cant afford to pay their workers a lot of money due to their economical problems.
  • 3. Fun FactFilipinos who migrate to other countries increase in numbers every year!
  • 4. SECONDLYA lot of the Filipinos are addicted to the foreign products and they love it so much that they decide to migrate to that country. Filipinos who don’t migrate are mostly the ones who are lazy and who don’t work for our country.
  • 5. Fun Fact Many Filipino collage graduates migrate to other countries causing our country to lose good and skilled workers!
  • 6. ThirdlyMany Filipinas marry a lot of foreigners which causes most of the women in the Philippines to migrate. When they get married the Filipinas usually migrate to the country their husbands are from.
  • 7. Fun Fact  There are 36,150 foreign nationals working and residing in the Philippines.
  • 8. Here are some things that areMore fun in thePHILIPPINES!!
  • 9. It is mor e fun in thePhilippines! Why do people migrate? They are looking for better jobs because most of the jobs here are taken by foreigners. And the businesses are owned mostly by foreigners. That’s why they migrate.
  • 10. How to help the Philippines• Pay taxes• Support us• Buy our products• Be friendly• Talk good about our country• Tell your friends not to migrate• Work for your country
  • 11. An essay on why Filipinos migrateIf only there are no corrupted governmentofficials in our country, if only the wages ofour workers who tirelessly work even forlong hours, are increased beyondminimum wages, then we do not expectour Filipino workers to migrate to otherscountries all over the world.
  • 12. Usually the Filipinos of the lower status hadto doubly work to meet the demands of agrowing family. Yet, it is not enough to feedthe hungry children nor educate them wellnor give them enough basic needs.The salaries of workers abroad more thanmeet the needs and wants of their families,thereby giving them stable income andsustain their living on a monthly basis.
  • 13. • It is no doubt they are looking for greener grass elsewhere, not in the Philippines. There are more then 8.1 million Filipinos working in more then 200 countries and territories around the world according to Maruja Asis of Scalabrini Migration as of December 2004.
  • 14.  There is a culture of migration with millions of Filipinos eager to work abroad despite the risks and vulnerabilities they are likely to face. It is no wonder one in every five Filipinos is working in another country to have a better life.
  • 15. END  CREDITS Powerpoint maker: Ralph  Essay maker: Sabrina