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Open space
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Open space


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Presentation about what Open Space is, and how it can be used as intervention in change projects

Presentation about what Open Space is, and how it can be used as intervention in change projects

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Organizations Transformation conference 1985 Nowadays common in (Agile) conferences
  • Not withstanding that preparation is needed for these topics: try to invite the right people Explain theme, law and principles, marketplace and schedule The principles make clear that once started, the energies of people and discussion is leading, not ‘control’ of these by means of format or otherwise .
  • For the named Practicalities see slide for links ‘more information’ to these.
  • Geschiedenis Harrison Owen beschreef Open Space Technology voor het eerst in de 80er jaren. Intussen zijn er duizenden facilitators over de gehele wereld opgeleid die de methode toepassen. In het nederlands-talig gebied is de methode al een kleine tien jaar bekend, maar wordt hij met name de laatste jaren vaker toegepast. De op de slide genoemde ‘succesful examples’ betreffen voornamelijk congressen, maar ook enkele verandertrajecten, zie blog van Ben Linders.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Open Space Technology Open Space: Involving people in change Ben Linders, Nico Bakker
    • 2. Open Space Introduction
    • 3. Law of 2 feet If you're neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet and find a place where you can.
    • 4. Law of 2 feet
    • 5. Principles
      • Whoever comes is the right people
      • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
      • Whenever it starts is the right time
      • When it’s over it’s over
    • 6. Open Space Preconditions
      • Real issue
      • Issue is Complex or Chaotic
      • Safe environment
      • Drive for improvement
      • Diversity
    • 7. Learning by doing
      • Think back on your experience
      • Can you see Open Space as intervention?
    • 8. How
      • Open space and stand-up
      • Law, Principles and Practicalities
      • Theme
      • Topics presented at Marketplace
        • Attendants “sell” their topic
        • Attendants walk to preferred topic
      • Informal plenary feedback
      • Roles
    • 9. Open space as intervention
      • Stimulates bottom up change
      • Provides all the space to speak up
      • Topic examples
        • Benefits and cost for the organization
        • Impact on me and my colleagues
        • How to prevent likely pitfalls
    • 10. Why does it work?
      • Supports bottom up approach
      • Involves all
      • Responsibility remains at participants
      • Many successful examples since start (80ies)
    • 11. More information
      • Blogs (in Dutch)
        • Open Spaces: Betrokken medewerkers bij verandering
        • Open Space Agile en ICT Cultuur
      • Books
        • Open Space Technology: A User's Guide. Berrett-Koehler
      • Websites
        • Wikipedia: Open Space Technology
        • Open Space World
    • 12. is an initiative by Ben Linders, André Heijstek, Michel Verweij & Nico Bakker