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  1. 1. To whom it may concern,I have the pleasure to endorse Andreea Fratila, the current Vice President InternationalInternships in the term 2012-2013 in AIESEC Craiova, for the position of MCVP GIP Outgoing2013-2014 in AIESEC Romania.I worked with Andreea on my term as Vice – President Communication 2011-2012 in the 20thEB of AIESEC in Craiova. I could say Andreea was one of the modest stars in her recruitment,having the ability to wait for the right opportunity for her. When offered that opportunity shededicated all her time and creativity in developing a system that would convince our membersto go on exchange.During my term Andreea was the key piece in the synergy between the communicationdepartment and the OGX one, becoming a specialist in using communication tools, and ourmembers in developing OGX processes. She had an important role in creating an internationalmindset in our LC, mindset that she maintained all throughout this year while leading the OGXteam in AIESEC Craiova.What characterizes Andreea is the professionalism she shows in managing a team andsolving organizational problems in creative ways. She is a person that gets motivatedby challenges and manages to channel her energy towards finding solutions in allsituations.Andreea is one of the people that challenged me the most in AIESEC and showed me that bybeing a professional and showing commitment you can achieve what you set out to. Sheshowed responsibility all throughout our collaboration and I am sure she has a bright future inAIESEC.Taking everything into account, the work that Andreea did in the past 2 years and almost onehalf in AIESEC Craiova, her involvement in the development of an exchange-oriented mindsetin our members but also in the strategic direction of the LC as a whole, are the reasons why Istrongly recommend her for the MC of Romania in the position of MC VP GIP Outgoing.If you need more details, please contact me at: mihai.vilcu@aiesec.no +47 4792 449 Sincerely, Mihai Vilcu MC VP Communications & PR in AIESEC Norway 2012-2013
  2. 2. Endorsement letterTo whomever it may concern,My name is Dušan Janković, alumnus of AIESEC Serbia and current GIP EP in AIESEC Austria. With thisletter I am endorsing Andreea Fratila for the position of AIESEC Romania MCVP Outgoing GIP. I had achance to work with Andreea on “SPARK” conference in Romania and “NatCo 100th” in Serbia.I was introduced to Andreea when I was invited by her LC to chair their local planning and motivationalconference “SPARK” in August 2012. During this time I was an active member of national team of AIESECin Serbia and she was LC Craiova VP OGP.First thing that I noticed early on during her conference manager experience was that Andreea has warm-hearted and constructive approach on everything she does. I was impressed by the way she carefullyhandled communication with all the stakeholders involved in the process during this experience. She wasconstantly looking for and applying feedback, ensuring that all the activities go smoothly, according toplan and in the best way possible.After this experience we remained in touch virtually and Andreea was always looking for GCPs from ournetwork in order to apply them to AIESEC Craiova reality, demonstrating that she’s great when it comesto networking, always seeking new ideas on how to improve on both personal and LC level. I learned thather driver is honest belief in what AIESEC does and she is highly driven by passion, having aninexhaustible source of energy to perform and lead.Probably the most impressive thing about Andreea is her inspiring level of commitment – during everysingle activity on which we worked together I could see her extraordinary amount of dedication andpersistence. She’s demonstrating resilience in everything she does in a way that not only can you expecther to never back down but to instead be the catalyst for her team and people working around her andprovide them with motivation to go through toughest challenges and back with the smiles on their faces.Having in mind her combination of competences, attitude and experience and requirements of membercommittee team member I’m absolutely confident that Andreea Fratila is the greatest candidate to beAIESEC Romania MCVP Outgoing GIP for the term 2013/14.For any further questions feel free to contact me. _________________ Dušan Janković AIESEC Serbia dushan.jankovic@aiesec.net +381.64.3495529 skype: dushan.jankovic AIESEC Serbia | Kamenicka 6 | 11000 Belgrade | Serbia Phone: +381.11.2621.455 | www.aiesec.org.rs | office@aiesec.org.rs
  3. 3. February 4th 2013To whom it may concern, I hereby fully endorse Andreea Fratila for her application in the leading team ofAIESEC Romania for the term 2013-2014. I met Andreea almost 2 and a half years ago when we both entered AIESEC Craiovain Autumn 2010 and I had the great opportunity to work with her as one of her team membersboth on International Internships and Communication departments. From day one, she began to create a strong bond between the people of the team, inconjunction with an alignment of ideals and ambitions, which secured the commitment anddelivery of all. With her unique profile of leadership, very motivating, passionate and focused,she coordinated with success the International Internships team, offering support for everymember and encouraging everyone to take initiative and to have an active role in supportingExchange Participants to find the right experience for them. I can only say that working with Andreea was inspiring because she makes the best inpeople flourish, she leads us to explore the limits of our capabilities and she makes us reflecton who we are and who we want to be. Andreea is that kind of person that believes in peopleand works for them to have qualitative experiences and to deliver positive impact both to theteam and the society. In short, I believe the word that best describes Andreea is hardworking. I can extendthe description with words like innovative, prepared, focused and confident. With each newexperience she seeks such characteristics are enhanced, as I observed when working with herduring the last year. Taking everything into account, the work that Andreea did in the last year and herinvolvement in the development of International Internships area, I strongly recommend herfor the MC of AIESEC Romania and especially as MC VP oGIP. If you need more details, please contact me at: ciprian.laja@gmail.com or 0784 099 033. Sincerely, Ciprian Laja Vice President Communication 2013-2014 of AIESEC Craiova