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Essay #2 - Question I

Essay #2 - Question I



Essay #2 - Question I

Essay #2 - Question I



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    Essay #2 - Question I Essay #2 - Question I Presentation Transcript

    • Paris Marathon - 2010 ESSAY #2 – ANDRE CHOMA Show us an activity you enjoy doing. Tell us how you think it contributes to your personal and professional development
    • Running The activity I enjoy the most is running; I started in 2005, motivated by my sister, who had started to run a year before, and today I just cannot stop! Practicing Running for almost 9 years has taught me a lot, in both the personal and the professional aspects, and that is why I plan to continue practicing it for the time my body allows it.
    • CONSTANTLY EVOLVING My first race was 16km long, without any special training! I joined it just to accompany my sister for few kilometers, but ended up finishing it in 1h21min. Of course I had terrible pains after the race, but I saw that, with some training and dedication, I could do it regularly without suffering as much, and I knew I would enjoy it. Since then, I ran 10km, 15km and 21km races, until I was able to get to the classical distance: the marathon – 42km!
    • “If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon.” Emil Zátopek – won three gold medals in the 1952 Olympic Games In 2006 I finished my first marathon, in Curitiba, Brazil. It was a fantastic experience – specially because I had my parents and my grandparents along the race course to encourage me.
    • After running 3 marathons on asphalt, I wanted to experience another kind of challenge: running on trails, through mountains, beaches, sand dunes... It was love at first sight! Soon I realized that running close to the nature was much more enjoyable and rewarding; and today I run marathons and ultra marathons in this kind of environment.
    • X Terra Tiradentes – Brazil – 2012 50km race Mountain Do – Atacama Desert Marathon – 42km – Chile – 2013 Placed 4th overall Florianopolis – Brazil – 2013 84km race
    • How I think running contributes to my personal and professional development Since I have started running, it was clear that my life had changed, for a variety of reasons: • Personally, I am a much more motivated and in a good mood; dedicating time to myself helps me to set the balance between my work and my spare time; • I am closer to my family, friends and colleagues, since practicing a sport usually promotes integration; • I understood that no challenge is bigger than your will or motivation to get prepared for it; • “If you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you are right.” – Henry Ford • And finally, I saw that it can inspire people around me to take care of their health and enjoy practicing sports.
    • THE MORE I RUN, THE CLOSER TO MY FAMILY I AM… With my wife – Morretes – Brazil – 50km (2013) With my sister – Florianopolis – Brazil – 84km (2013) Finishing the race with my parents – Morretes – 50km (2013) Finished 4th overall With my grandparents – Curitiba Marathon – Brazil (2006)
    • How I think running contributes to my personal and professional development • Professionally, I am a much more inclined to accept bigger challenges, and be motivated by them; • I started to understand that most problems are not as big as they appear • If I am able to run for hours, sometimes in the dark or in a very cold day, I am able to take a deep breath and analyze a problem at work without losing focus on the real situation, and without thinking that everything is lost when your plans do not work out; • I understood that my dedication is key to set new thresholds in my career, and that I can learn and improve every day; • I saw how the sport can bring people together • Since I started to run, I believe I inspired many of my colleagues to use the sport as a way to change habits and take care of their health
    • INSPIRING THE COMMUNITY… My colleagues at Vale – Belo Horizonte – Brazil – 30km relay race (2013) Former IPA colleague (current Director) – US – 16km (2011) – 0°C and snowing! My wife – Curitiba – Brazil – 6km (2009) Former Euax colleagues – Joinville – Brazil – 7km (2006)
    • How I think running contributes to my personal and professional development • Also, running has inspired me to write about my challenges, and I cooperated a few times with a traditional running magazine in Brazil: Contra Relógio May 2008 December 2008
    • How I think running contributes to my personal and professional development • Essentially, running has contributed in many aspects to my personal and professional development because I realized I can face big challenges, I can transform those challenges in family integration events, I can inspire people next to me, among many other reasons; • And there is nothing more rewarding than crossing the finish line, knowing that you did your best, and you have done it because you had discipline, dedication and the support of your loved ones! My wife giving me the medal at the end of a 84km race (with my mother taking pictures on the back) Can it be more rewarding than this?
    • Hope we can run together some day! Thank you!