Social Media Success Plan


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Social Media Success Plan

  1. 1. #smsuccess
  2. 2. About me• Social Media Coach, Strategist and Speaker• Co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies• Community Manager for Social Media Examiner• Grandma Mary
  3. 3. Agenda• What is working now• Defining Success• Allocating Your Time – Activity Outline• Setting Goals and Making Projections• Measuring Success• Q&A
  4. 4. What is Working?• Facebook: – Text Posts: More Reach – Photos: More Engagement – Harder to be seen• Pinterest: Traffic Driver• LinkedIn: – Endorsements – Company Pages
  5. 5. Compare Your Stats
  6. 6. Facebook Visibility• Interest Lists• Notifications• Be INTERESTING
  7. 7. Take away• Drive social traffic to your e-mail optin – Free giveaway – Newsletter Signup – Contest – Webinar• Social will change – Email is yours!
  8. 8. Social Media + E-mail = Sales• Person has to see an offer between 5-9 times• Organized campaign• Reinforced multiple ways
  9. 9. Personal Assessment1. What worked for you last year in social media?2. Where did your web traffic come from?3. How much time do you spend each day?4. What are your specific goals with social media?5. Why should6. What would you like to change this year?
  10. 10. Do Some Research
  11. 11. Advanced Searches - Facebook
  12. 12. Advanced Searches - Twitter
  13. 13. Defining Success• Not all about followers• Put metrics in place• Lay out goals
  14. 14. Setting Goals• S.M.A.R.T. – Specific – Measureable – Attainable – Realistic – Timely
  15. 15. Laying out your Activity
  16. 16. Chunk it down
  17. 17. Editorial Calendar
  18. 18. Measuring Success
  19. 19. Making Projections
  20. 20. Review
  21. 21. Tracking Sales• Have a coupon code that you use just on one social platform.• Send traffic from social sites to one web signup page and watch the optins to your offer.• Have a different e-mail list for people who sign up to your freebie offer from social sites.• Ask people when they make a purchase how they found you.• Have Google Analytics track your traffic from entry to purchase.
  22. 22. What’s Next??• My best advice: – Don’t jump on the bandwagon• Watch these Pages: – –• Focus on your e-mail list
  23. 23. Setting Yourself up for Success• Keep your Goals in front of you• Chunk it down• Schedule your activity• Track your progress• Be kind to yourself• Have fun!
  24. 24. Introducing:• Track Your Progress• Quick and Easy• Worksheets, Assessments, Spreadsheets• Do not reinvent the wheel!•
  25. 25. Social Media Success Planning Kit• Includes: – Initial Assessment – Goal and Growth Plan – Activity Calendar – Daily, Weekly, Monthly – Editorial Calendar – Daily, Monthly – Social Sites Statistics, Projections, and Results• Only $27! Limited time•