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    Oneline Online The Green Line, Brochure en Oneline Online The Green Line, Brochure en Presentation Transcript

    • One-Line-Online The Green Line
    • One-Line-Online The Green Line l Page 2 Dear Readers! In this short leaflet, we would like to present the first important facts about our new One-Line-Online The Green Line business model coming in 2014. Starting from January 2014, the global marketing scene will face significant changes – what you will read in a minute will certainly outshine anything you might have known before. In our company, we combine by far the most brilliant marketing career plan with an opportunity to create passive income connected with globally booming green energy sector at the same time. It is as simple as that – you just buy GREEN SHARES and recommend our products and business model to others. Your opportunities are unlimited, anywhere in the world. Position yourself in the UNIQUE GLOBAL SALES NETWORK already prior to our official business launch! Your chance is open from January 1, 2014. The official launch is scheduled for the first months of 2014. From then on, clients can buy Green Shares, while sales partners are able to make money on revenue of our unique global sales network depending on their individual qualification. What does it mean that there is only one line of sales partners all over the world? As simple as that: with this model, we have literally managed to revolutionize the sales industry. It is easy – you just register as a sales partner and pay a fee of EUR 30 for your starter package. EVERYBODY registering later anywhere in the world is placed below you on the list. You decide by means of your personal performance how much money you earn. As percentage basis for your income, we do not only count your own revenue, but also all other global revenue which is generated by other sales partners and clients. Our products are GREEN SHARES. Green Shares are shares of green energy production facilities such as photovoltaic systems and wind energy plants. For client-generated revenue additional Green Shares are gathered. The facilities may be built or bought ready-to-use anywhere in the world. In the beginning, we plan to focus on Eastern Europe due to the very attractive market in this region. With our Green Shares you participate in the success and profits of the respective facility proportionally to the number of shares you bought. Via our online administration domain, every client and sales partner is regularly provided with current status of the facility/facilities of interest. For more detailed information see further comprehensive materials to be issued soon. Welcome
    • One-Line-Online The Green Line l Page 3 Location Dubai One-Line-Online The Green Line has its headquarters in Dubai. Dubai has proven to be an outstanding and reliable location for global players. All details about the company will be provided prior to our official launch.
    • One-Line-Online The Green Line l Page 4 GREEN ENERGY Germany has shown it is doable – the country has noted significant increase in the number of green energy facilities. However, if we consider the share of green energy in the global energy market, we will see the challenges for the future. A challenge also means a CHANCE – a decision to become a shareholder of one or several green energy facilities by purchasing Green Shares guarantees a secure and prospering passive income. Natural sun energy on earth equates to ten thousand times greater amount of energy than is currently demanded. Just from physical point of view, we have more energy at our disposal than we will need in the nearest future. Advantages of green energy: • Climate protection • Lower costs • Independence • Unlimited potential • Secure business locations • National and international support • For owners = outstanding passive income • For owners = permanent passive income Expansion of green energy sector is a global challenge and chances for the upcoming years
    • One-Line-Online The Green Line l Page 5 «We will leave our children a legacy of scorched earth if we do not switch to renewable energy as soon as possible» The Future is Green
    • One-Line-Online The Green Line l Page 6 The network marketing industry (also known as multi-level marketing) has existed for over 50 years now. If we take a look at career systems of older companies, it becomes apparent that nowadays it is extremely difficult to make satisfactory income in that area. About 15 years ago, the first DUAL remuneration plan was launched on the market and marked a real quantum shift. Currently, companies working with this kind of plans offer the biggest and the best opportunities. And now ONE-LINE-ONLINE The Green Line will be a true revolution on the market. On a global scale, we will work with one single line of sales partners only. If you register with us, all sales partners from anywhere in the world who will register after you will be placed under your name on the list (including their sales revenue). • You will not only earn on the basis of your own revenue but also of all other revenue which is generated anywhere in the world after your launch. • You will qualify for commission pools with the number of own sales partners plus the number of members of the group which has developed with your partners. • We offer 10 different career positions with 10 different commission pools. • With your own revenue of EUR 200-1,000 you have a chance to qualify for earnings without a need to win over new partners and clients yourself. • The UPLINE MATCHING BONUS makes the whole story brilliant - you earn up to 7 levels upwards thanks to people ABOVE you. Only one global line of sales partners
    • One-Line-Online The Green Line l Page 7 Pre-Launch as of January 2014 ,1 As of January 00:01 ,2014 ,1 local time in Dubai you can register for your starter kit paying no more than EUR 30.
    • One-Line-Online The Green Line l Page 8 Seizing global opportunities Thanks to the Internet every potential client or sales partner is only a mouse-click away. One-Line-Online The Green Line will offer different language versions original website and all official documentation. By the end of 2014 we plan our website to be available in 20 languages.
    • One-Line-Online The Green Line l Page 9 YOUR BUSINESSModern Online Processing After the purchase of the starter kit for just EUR 30, every sales partner is provided with perfect online infrastructure for his business launch. You will receive a personalized website containing all information about the products and your business. At the same time, we will provide you with a personalized video information and sponsoring page which can be useful to recruit new sales partners. The page will be available in all planned languages; therefore, you can use it to win over new clients and sales partners all over the world. Your online administration domain guarantees full business transparency. All important information is available in an easy and comfortable way. You will see your personal clients, your personal sales partners and the 7 sales partners placed above you. And you will be able to check at any time what exactly you have to accomplish in order to be qualified for the next commission pool. As an incentive, you regularly be informed how much you can earn in the next higher commission pool. You will receive print-ready invoices for all realized revenue. We will provide you with your commission billings once a week. You will have access to your personal structure tree and receive messages in your preferred language as soon as the next monthly payment is due. You have the possibility to opt for an automatic classification, where your monthly payments are directly settled with your commissions. Never again will you have to bear extra costs. Moreover, you will be informed whenever one of your personal partners is about to lose his qualifications due to the lack of his own revenue. This will allow you to react quickly and provide support. One-Line-Online The Green Line offers perfect infrastructure
    • One-Line-Online The Green Line l Page 10 Continent & National Managers On-Line-Online The Green Line is a global company. Although many business processes can be administered centrally, the experience of the last years has shown that national managers in the individual countries are necessary to guarantee smooth sales activities. That is why we decided to work with both continental and national managers. At present we are still recruiting managers for North America, Middle America and South America as well as for Japan, Asia, Australia, Russia, Europe and Africa. If you have good command of English and can prove experience in the development of large sales groups, we are looking forward to receiving your application. Additionally, we are looking for managers for all countries in the world. Again, if you speak proper English and can prove experience in the development of large sales groups, we are looking forward to receiving your application. Please include a note for which region or country you apply. We are looking for YOU – managers with a good contact network and EXPERIENCE in development of large sales groups.
    • One-Line-Online The Green Line l Page 11 Pre Launch The global pre-launch stage starts on January 1, 2014. Starting from that date, you may register as a sales partner. You will immediately receive your personal website and will have a chance to start looking for your own sales partners. You are therefore already granted the opportunity to develop a whole team of partners prior to the official launch of the company which qualifies you for higher commission pools. We will present the official career plan prior to January 1, 2014 – you will undoubtedly realize the advantages of the pre-launch stage. Attention: in order to register after January 1, 2014, you need to purchase a starter kit for EUR 30. Official Start For the time being, we are not able to give an official start date. But things are going well and we will most probably open our business at April 1, 2014 at the latest. As soon as you have registered after January 1, 2014, you will receive our official business newsletters. You can choose your preferred language already while registering. In the newsletters, we will keep you up-to-date about the latest progresses and the planned start date. As of the official company start, you will be able to run your own business as a member with a one-time investment of EUR 100 and a monthly revenue of EUR 50. Moreover, you will be eligible for career steps and commission payments on the basis of your clients‘ revenue. More details will be provided in the official career plan. Official Kick-off Conventions For the summer 2014, the first world-wide kick-off conventions are planned. These events will be organized in different countries on different continents. We will decide on specific locations r having previously analyzed which region of the world gathers the highest number of prospering sales partners. During the pre-launch stage and the first months after the official start we plan special promotions for the kick-off conventions. Based on your performance, we offer different kinds of grants or refund all costs for your trip to the convention location. Depending on your qualification, entrance tickets, VIP tickets, accommodation (in a three-, four- or five-star hotel, respectively) as well as your flight tickets may be paid by the company.
    • One-Line-Online The Green Line For further information, please stay in contact with the person who has delivered you this leaflet.