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Fama group profile_2013


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Fama Group Shipyards & Offshore Support Base, Company Profile

Fama Group Shipyards & Offshore Support Base, Company Profile

Published in: Business

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  • 1. FAMA GROUP SHIPYARDS Company Profile© 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.This document is for informational purposes only. FAMA GROUP OFCOMPANIES MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INTHIS DOCUMENT. The names of actual companies and productsmentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.
  • 2. FAMA GROUP SHIPYARDS HistoryOur Group was established in thefourties in Famagusta, Cyprus,and has been operating inLimassol New Port since 1974.The Group suffered a majorsetback in 1974 due to theTurkish invasion of Cyprus,resulting in the occupation ofFamagusta town. This hadcatastrophic effects on the Groupas all its assets and facilities werelost.The Group having as the onlyammunition its long experienceand reputation as well as thesupport of its clients restarted itsoperation in Limassol Port, whereit established the FAMA GroupShipyard, the only shipyard inCyprus.We have a wealth of experiencein repairing and servicing theOffshore Industry. © 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.
  • 3. SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS Successful projects that we have completed in the Offshore Industry include, to name just a few: Transocean [500 Tons steel construction, rig repairs] and Atwood Oceanics [rig repairs, blasting & painting of hull, and use of our offshore base for all works and logistics supply], special surveys, major conversions, mobilisation & demobilisation, steel constructions, engine overhauls etc. include: Maridive & Oil Services, Tidewater Marine, P&O Maritime, Nautika, Allseas, Subsea 7 and Seacor Offshore [carrying out all the repairs needed, and acted as their Shipping Agent].Fama Group has continued to grow in part due to its policy ofinvestment, expansion and diversification of its business.Introduction Organisation Profile Support ActivitiesThe upgrading of the The establishment of our Oil Rig Repairs / Modifications &Shipyard led to our Group Full Offshore Support Modifications, Fabrications, New Designsentering into the heavier Base means we can Subsea Vessel Mob / & Constructions, Shipyet more engineeringly cover all the needs of Demob, Demolition, Ship Designchallenging areas of Offshore Vessels & Oil Shipping Forwarding & and Building, High Steelmajor conversions and Rigs in the region, with Ship Agencies, Structure Constructions &specializing in Offshore private piers and qualified Spare Parts & Storage Maintenance, Riggers,Vessels full activity workshops & personnel. Facilities, POL Constructions &including mobilization and Our company can offer Supply Logistics, Repair, Vesseldemobilization and to the your company a full A-Z Flying Squad Teams to Salvage,Underwater Steelrepair and modifications support. any Location Worldwide, Repairs, Contracting,of oil rigs in the region. Non Destructive Testing, Mechanical Overhauls & Overhead Cranage, Repairs, Machining, Mobile Cranage & Hire, Hydraulic Repairs, Grit Dry-Docking & Repairs, Blasting, Tank Cleaning Afloat Repairs, Major & Coating, Cladding &© 2013 Fama Group of Companies. Conversions. All rights reserved. Rebuilding of Stainless Steel Shafts.
  • 4. Malta Cyprus Operating Operating Office OfficeOffshore Base Headquarters LEBANON Offshore Base FAMA GROUP SHIPYARDS How we are organized and where we operate Cyprus | Malta | Lebanon Through the Group´s extensive presence in the Ship Repairing Industry, it has diversified and expanded over the years to the Offshore Industry with all the Qualifications and Safety Work Procedures. Cyprus geographical location at the crossroads of three continents enables it to support movement around both Cyprus, Malta and the Eastern Mediterranean.. Our facilities support the mobilization and demobilization of Offshore Support Vessels in the region fulfilling all their needs such as onshore fabrications, executing all in a time conscious cost efficient manner with all safety precautions and awareness and training in place. The Maltese region includes offshore Libya and Tunisia. Other works include Special Surveys, Intermediate Surveys, major conversions, accommodation module fabrications and crane pedestal installations. © 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.
  • 5. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MAJOR CONVERSIONSKeeping our Customers Satisfied Its experiencedFama Group Shipyards has a 95% repeat rate from allits clients, which clearly illustrates its ability and NEW CONSTRUCTIONS dedicatedexperience in its field of operations. This further Management,indicates the Group’s professionalism with regard to SHIP BUILDINGevery project and its ability to deliver over and above work as a Teamthe Clients expectations with every project. SHIP REPAIR enjoying the challenging BUNKERING Industry. SPECILIZATION IN THE OFFSHORE INDUSTRY© 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved. VESSELS FULL ACTIVITY
  • 6. The Offshore Industries Best Solution We have a wealth of experience in repairing and servicing the Offshore Industry © 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.
  • 7. Worldwide Support ServiceFlying SquadsFlying squad teams are sent out to offshore vessels and / or Oil Rigs to repair / construct steelconstructions and / or the overhauling of main engines.This has gained an efficient and reliable reputation to the offshore industry. © 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.
  • 8. QUALIFICATIONS Qualified ABS for Stainless Steel Cladding of Shafts Qualified ABS for Stainless Steel Rebuilding of Shafts Qualified ABS for Welding in all Positions Certified to Level II in Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements Qualified to G.L. of Welding Procedures All Welders G.L. / ABS Qualified for Steel & Aluminum Welding NDT Non Destructive Testing ESS Safeguard | Gas Free Certification Approved Vendors for Transocean & Atwood Oceanics Mobile Crane and Forklift Certified Operators © 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.
  • 9. Health and Safety EnviromentPolicy Statement 24 hours SecurityFama Group of Companies since formation has been  24 hour Security Guardssuccessful in providing a safe and healthy workingenvironment in all workplaces onshore and offshore. We have security guards on duty 24 hrs in the Shipyard.Senior management has endorsed the principle that No trespassers are allowed. All visitors who enter therequirement of safety, health and protection of the Shipyard must produce their identification and get aenvironment is given priority over all business activities. Visitors’ Pass from the Guards Office.This principle has provided a significant contribution toour achievement to date and will no doubt continue to do  24 hour Recording CCTV throughout Shipyardso in the future. The standards set are necessarily high inorder to meet our business objectives. Therefore it is not Closed-circuit television [CCTV] is the use of televisionsufficient only to meet minimum legal obligations but to cameras to transmit a signal to a specific, limited set ofclearly demonstrate the Company´s positive attitude to monitors. CCTV is used for surveillance to ensure thesafety, health and the environment. Complacency is a safety of our staff and our facilities.word that must never be associated with safety, health orthe environment. Management at all levels are expected Health and Safetyto apply these policies enthusiastically and to encouragethe same enthusiasm in their staff. The support and  ISO Certificationassistance of all personnel is necessary to ensure the  Our Safety Record: ZERO fatalities ZERO injuriessuccess and effectiveness of those policies. It is the duty  Our Goals: To KEEP our perfect record. Our guests andof every individual to co-operate with management and to work force to go home safely. To Learn, Invest &work in such a manner as to ensure the safety and health Impose Regulations with the aim to Improve on Safety.of themselves and others. The company will provide thenecessary training/information to achieve this. We areconfident that with wholehearted support andimplementation of the Company´s Safety and Health and © 2013 Fama Group of Companies.Enviromental Policies our achievements of the past can All rights surpassed in the future.
  • 10. These clients have used and continue to use our facilities in Limassol, Cyprus: OUR EXISTING CLIENTS EXISTING CLIENTS EXISTING CLIENTS POTENTIAL CLIENTS Offshore Industry Non Offshore Clients Offshore Industry  Tidewater  UN Navy Forces  Eni  Maridive & Oil Services  German Navy  Kogas  Seacor  Danish Navy  Total  Transocean  Bangladesh Navy  Noble Energy  Atwood  Norwegian Navy  Itera  Vanderwees  Cypriot Navy  Vitol  Allseas  English Navy  GPB Global Resources  EDT Offshore  Louis Cruise Lines  OAO Novatek  Sartor Shipping  Salamis Shipping  BOA  Maestro Shipping  Rubicon  Cyprus Port Authority  Mainport  Feeder Lines  P & O Maritime Tug Vessels  Unicom SCF  Subsea 7  Brasal Marine  Hydrex  J & P Athena  IMS  All local Fishery, tugs and  Skandi private yachts  Maersk  Technip  Micoperi © 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.
  • 11. U.N. NAVY Quality and time conscious engineering SkillsThe Group´s quality and time conscious engineering skills has called the UnitedNations to recognize and trust us as their sole technical service provider for their U.N.Navy vessels situated in their Limassol Port Base. U.N. Navy vessels worked on arefrom Germany, Norway, Denmark, Bangladesh and Greece. © 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.
  • 12. OIL RIG OFFSHORE SUPPORT Past Projects: Steel Repairs in Holding Tanks, Cantilever Deck, Leg Braces and Brackets Complete Removal and Repositioning of Mud Lines Removal and Modification of Choke and Kill Lines Grit Blasting and Painting of Entire Oil Rig Hull Steel Repairs of Hull and Cement tanks Accommodation outfitting Logistics Supply Supply of Certified Welders & Fitters to Atwood & Transocean © 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.
  • 13. Fama Group of Companies © 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.
  • 14. If you cut the tail off a salamander it grows a new tailOur Group´s nameFama Group of Companies has grown to this day, with our business centered around the Shipyard of our customers, butthe name "Fama" represents our wish never to forget our origins. Our Group´s name is derived from the name of the cityof Famagusta, our home town, a city on the east coast of Cyprus. Our first Shipyard, which was built in the forties of thelast century by our ancestors, stood in the port of Famagusta. During the second phase of the Turkish invasion of Cypruson 14 August 1974 the Mesaoria plain was overrun by Turkish tanks and Famagusta bombed by Turkish aircraft.In two days the Turkish Army occupied the city, which had been completely evacuated by its Greek Cypriot population,who had fled into surrounding fields before the armys arrival. Most believed that once the initial violence calmed downthey would be allowed to return. As a result of the Turkish airstrikes dozens of civilians died, including tourists. Our Groupsuffered a major setback because of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, resulting in the occupation of Famagusta town. Thishad catastrophic effects on our Group as all our assets and our facilities were lost, and we were never allowed to returnback.The shape of our logoOur Fama Group logo is a yellow circle, [the yellow color is associated with optimism, virtue and nobility], surrounded bythe color blue [blue stands for the ocean], and the salamander stands under the Fama letters, which has a deep symbolicmeaning for us. It is common knowledge, that If you cut the tail off a salamander it grows a new tail, and especially thesalamander lives on. That represents how we feel: we have lost our facilities, due to the Turkish invasion in Cyprus, butwe survived and have rebuilt our Shipyard in the port of Limassol again. © 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.
  • 15. Fama Group of CompaniesLimassol New Port | P.O. Box 51903 | 3506 Limassol | CyprusTelephone: +357 25 39 2060, Fax:+357 25393362E-mail:, URL:© 2013 Fama Group of Companies. All rights reserved.