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Final Presentation

  1. 1.  Throwing away one aluminum can wastes the same amount of energy as filling it half way with gasoline and then dumping in the drain. Facts like this inspired me to construct a magnetic generator for my senior project.
  2. 2.  Current solar technology is inefficient and expensive › Only 20% of light becomes energy › 1 solar panel – $1,000 Magnetic generators have zero emissions and can be placed anywhere. This technology was available decades ago.
  3. 3.  Newton: “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed” No more water can be removed from the cup than is already present (energy on earth) Unless the cup is already under a faucet (earth)
  4. 4.  Our society is not limited by a lack of technology, but by a hunger for power. People would not be powerless due to geography, and power outages would be left in the past.
  5. 5.  Fossil fuels are currently being consumed at a rate 100,000 times faster than they are formed. Oil companies represent a large amount of money globally. Fossil fuels drive the world, and have led to many wars.
  6. 6.  Oil is the most relied on source of energy, supporting 90% of transportation needs, and nearly 40% of all energy needs. Coal supports upwards of 90% of all domestic energy needs in the United States, and is currently the largest source of unregulated mercury emissions in the country.
  7. 7.  When you drive up to a traffic light, your car changes the magnetic field of wire underneath you. This sends a signal to change the light to allow you to pass.
  8. 8.  Getting magnets to stick on wheel Winding 900 turns of two copper wires together on one spool
  9. 9.  During one test a large part of the wiring caught on fire. I had to rewire the entire project because the parts became overloaded.
  10. 10.  Magnetic generators are simply no longer the focus of tomorrow. This technology was never manufactured, and never truly caught on. The focus is now on solar panels and wind turbines.
  11. 11.  Each are fairly inefficient and subject to weather conditions. Large farms are made with these. This technology is still something that can be monopolized and sold to consumers. This maintains the positions of power companies, which would loose revenue is personal magnetic generators were mass produced.
  12. 12.  Look into alternative energy sources Think about switching to natural gas Reduce carbon footprint Build a magnetic generator › Take the time to take advantage of this
  13. 13.  Questions