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My TopFriend is Nike


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My Top Friend is Nike. …

My Top Friend is Nike.

A short presentation on how-to integrate brands into social network services like facebook.

It gives an overview on Social Networks, explains the relation to Social Media and gives hands-on examples on howto integrate.

This is a copy of a presentation i did at ComputerSpace 2008 in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Published in: Technology

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  • 1. thanks for the ad(d). My Top-Friend is Nike(tm) How-to integrate brands into Social Network Services
  • 2. TOC What are Social Network Services Social Media <-> Social Network Services Integration of Brands Why How-to Facebook Applications The next 3 years social network development
  • 3. About me Andreas Klinger Co-Founder and Lead Developer of We develop Concept + Technology for Social Network Campaigns Projects for: BILD Zeitung (Axel Springer), Die Grünen (austrian green party), Whitelabel work, etc etc... We are still BETA ;) (founded May 08) (reminder: facebook apps exists only since May 07)
  • 4. a quick check who knows....
  • 5. What is a social network service? social network development
  • 6. profiles newsfeed 24.000+ Apps More than 110 million active users The most-trafficked social media site in the world (comScore) More than 10 billion photos
  • 7. More than 110 million active users Focus on Music and Music Fans Integrated Google‘s OpenSocial „Skyler“ to her mother, Sells Music at MySpace Music March 2006
  • 8. Strong Web 2.0 Metrics – The Times They are a-Changin’ – Hello Social Networking Alexa Global Traffic Rankings 2005 (1) 2007 (2) Rank Web site Rank Web site 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 Traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views / users (geometric mean of the two quantities averaged over time). (1) Rankings as of 12/31/05, excludes Microsoft Passport; (2) Rankings as of 10/15/07 Source: Alexa Global Traffic Rankings, Morgan Stanley Research 30 GLOBAL PLAYERS
  • 9. local networks can exist if the userbase is large enough for network effects (density within target group) but only a few global players will survive 2009
  • 10. facebook is no social network facebook and co are social network services: Virtual Tools to map and use the real social networks between people
  • 11. facebook is no social network You bring the social network to facebook! Its your property and they provide a service to use it better
  • 12. Social Network Services are applications within Social Media
  • 13. applications of social media? blogs are applications for publishing social network services are applications for communication within your social network (your contacts)
  • 14. Social Network Services are therefore a part of Social Media. This means the rules of social media apply!
  • 15. Social Media = Conversation The Conversation takes place with or without you People produce and consume on thousands of platforms Brands can only be part of this conversation social network development
  • 16. „there are no ‚errors‘ in the perfect world of company marketing, this is why many companies fail in social media marketing “ Max Kossatz Social Media Expert social network development
  • 17. Why Integrate into SNS? Millions of people communicate in social networks. Brands can communicate with potential customers via various ways. social network development
  • 18. Brands in Social Network Services
  • 19. „ brands have to adapt to the features of each community platform“ Harm Heibült Axel Springer AG
  • 20. Pages myspace social network development
  • 21. Pages social network development
  • 22. communicate with people turn users to fans add applications for interaction
  • 23. Share The Newsfeed shows me my friends activities people „share“ „sharing“ changes our content consumption
  • 24. The Idea Campaigns distributed by its users. Average Number of friends in Facebook: 140
  • 25. The Idea Campaigns distributed by its users. Average Number of friends in Facebook: 140
  • 26. The Idea Campaigns distributed by its users. Average Number of friends in Facebook: 140
  • 27. Social Applications direct interaction by users/fans/customers
  • 28. Social Applications * developed by 3rd parties (e.g. you) * spread viral (friend to friends) * can interact with external platforms (or services) * know about the users and their social network (can adapt to user preferences) social network development
  • 29. Facebook Platform vs OpenSocial Facebook Platform technology leader OpenSocial supported by orkut, Hi5, myspace, netlog, sonico, friendster, ning, yahoo!, etc... write runs test everywhere social network development
  • 30. Good Examples - Causes Causes example for social activism everybody can start a „cause“ motivate followers spread awareness collect money 12,298,605 Active Users/Month
  • 31. Good Examples - Causes rankings people see their impact/their points people motivate other people social network development
  • 32. Good Examples - iLike iLike News, Music, Concerts, Infos etc matched to your music interest and those of your friends 5,390,670 Active Users / Month social network development
  • 33. Good Examples - iLike charts of my friends events + buy tickets Band Infos/ News
  • 34. Good Examples - Mein Klub Mein Klub Bundesliga Fan App for BILD Zeitung (Axel Springer AG) Soccer Infos for Soccer Fans launch: November DISCLAIMER: THIS APP IS DEVELOPED BY DIE.SOCIALISTEN.AT ;) social network development
  • 35. choose your team send cheers to friends (publisher) infos, news, videos, dates etc social network development
  • 36. project for the green party austria tell your friends why do you vote the green party DISCLAIMER: THIS APP IS DEVELOPED BY DIE.SOCIALISTEN.AT ;) social network development
  • 37. an example to show egoverment and democracy ideas within social networks 167 „Reasons to vote Green“ in a few days... still they lost (doh!) social network development
  • 38. HOWTO if you cannot code use existing apps
  • 39. BMW used the app Grafitti to let people draw their own cars => ~9000 submissions in 7 days (!) „We tested marketing efforts on Social Networks using ‘Social’ criteria (rather than traditional marketing tactics) that meets the needs of the community, sadly, only 1 out 16 brands passed“ BMW Jeremiah Owyang SF Bay Area, USA Forrester Research: Social Computing
  • 40. HOWTO if you can code code!
  • 41. what you need web development language of your choice php5, rubyonrails,, etc facebook api classes webspace social network development
  • 42. Task: client requests a page with a list of all friends request Your Server GET /app/friendlist client Your DB social network development
  • 43. request Your Server GET /app/friendlist client Your DB social network development
  • 44. API (REST) Request Friends.get Your Server client API requests are done within the session of the client Your This means: a app can only do what the user can do DB Special requests for some permissions needed: e.g. inifite sessions, send email, etc social network development
  • 45. [list of uids] Your Server client get local information Your DB social network development
  • 46. *render layout* Your Server client Your DB social network development
  • 47. post feeds Your Server send fbml, fbjs client Your DB social network development
  • 48. Your Server client cache images convert fbml -> html convert fbjs -> js Your DB social network development
  • 49. Your Server send html code client embeded into facebook layout Your DB social network development
  • 50. <?php require_once 'facebook.php'; $appapikey = 'a23504985c0f4b6885c9c647b799b431'; $appsecret = 'f6ecb5d25bd92706ae4feeec9f1c773f'; $facebook = new Facebook($appapikey, $appsecret); $user_id = $facebook->require_login(); // Greet the currently logged-in user! echo quot;<p>Hello, <fb:name uid=quot;$user_idquot; useyou=quot;falsequot; />!</p>quot;; // Print out at most 25 of the logged-in user's friends, // using the friends.get API method echo quot;<p>Friends:quot;; $friends = $facebook->api_client->friends_get(); $friends = array_slice($friends, 0, 25); foreach ($friends as $friend) {   echo quot;<br>$friendquot;; } echo quot;</p>quot;; social network development
  • 51. FBML * generates standard layout output <fb:tabs><fb:tab-item href=“/“ title=“home“/></fb:tabs> * avoids API calls <fb:name uid=“2323232“ /> * is converted to plain xhtml via facebook <div class=“box“> <div class=“box“><h2>Hello <h2>Hello => Andreas Klinger</h2></div> <fb:name uid=“23232“ /></h2> </div> social network development
  • 52. FBJS * all variables and functions are sandboxed function foo(bar) { function a12345_foo(a12345_bar) { var obj = {property: bar}; var a12345_obj = {property: a12345_bar}; return; return; } } * wraps different js browser support obj.setStyle({color: 'black', background: 'white'}); * AJAX var ajax = new Ajax(); ajax.responseType = Ajax.JSON; ajax.ondone = function(data) { document.getElementById('ajax1').setTextValue(data.message + ' The current time is: ' + data.tim document.getElementById('ajax2').setInnerFBML(data.fbml_test); } ajax.requireLogin = document.getElementById('requirelogin').getChecked();''+type) social network development
  • 53. Note: OpenSocial works similar social network development
  • 54. What defines a good app? an simple idea to keep in mind
  • 55. Classic Internet Business Your Website Current Place your service/ your content/ customer your product/ your campaign
  • 56. Classic Internet Business Your Website Current Place persuade via ads your service customer
  • 57. Classic Internet Business Your Website Current Place persuade via ads (money) your service customer
  • 58. let‘s be honest you usually loose 99% of your audience that way
  • 59. Our idea Your Website Current Place your service customer
  • 60. Our idea Your Website Current Place your service your service customer
  • 61. Our idea Your Website Current Place your service your service customer
  • 62. bring the service to the clients if you want them to use it
  • 63. The next 3 years
  • 64. for slideshare readers: the future of social networks will be covered in the next slideshow
  • 65. thanks for spending attention! contact: Andreas Klinger social network development