My TopFriend is Nike


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My Top Friend is Nike.

A short presentation on how-to integrate brands into social network services like facebook.

It gives an overview on Social Networks, explains the relation to Social Media and gives hands-on examples on howto integrate.

This is a copy of a presentation i did at ComputerSpace 2008 in Sofia, Bulgaria.


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My TopFriend is Nike

  1. 1. thanks for the ad(d). My Top-Friend is Nike(tm) How-to integrate brands into Social Network Services
  2. 2. TOC What are Social Network Services Social Media <-> Social Network Services Integration of Brands Why How-to Facebook Applications The next 3 years social network development
  3. 3. About me Andreas Klinger Co-Founder and Lead Developer of We develop Concept + Technology for Social Network Campaigns Projects for: BILD Zeitung (Axel Springer), Die Grünen (austrian green party), Whitelabel work, etc etc... We are still BETA ;) (founded May 08) (reminder: facebook apps exists only since May 07)
  4. 4. a quick check who knows....
  5. 5. What is a social network service? social network development
  6. 6. profiles newsfeed 24.000+ Apps More than 110 million active users The most-trafficked social media site in the world (comScore) More than 10 billion photos
  7. 7. More than 110 million active users Focus on Music and Music Fans Integrated Google‘s OpenSocial „Skyler“ to her mother, Sells Music at MySpace Music March 2006
  8. 8. Strong Web 2.0 Metrics – The Times They are a-Changin’ – Hello Social Networking Alexa Global Traffic Rankings 2005 (1) 2007 (2) Rank Web site Rank Web site 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 Traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views / users (geometric mean of the two quantities averaged over time). (1) Rankings as of 12/31/05, excludes Microsoft Passport; (2) Rankings as of 10/15/07 Source: Alexa Global Traffic Rankings, Morgan Stanley Research 30 GLOBAL PLAYERS
  9. 9. local networks can exist if the userbase is large enough for network effects (density within target group) but only a few global players will survive 2009
  10. 10. facebook is no social network facebook and co are social network services: Virtual Tools to map and use the real social networks between people
  11. 11. facebook is no social network You bring the social network to facebook! Its your property and they provide a service to use it better
  12. 12. Social Network Services are applications within Social Media
  13. 13. applications of social media? blogs are applications for publishing social network services are applications for communication within your social network (your contacts)
  14. 14. Social Network Services are therefore a part of Social Media. This means the rules of social media apply!
  15. 15. Social Media = Conversation The Conversation takes place with or without you People produce and consume on thousands of platforms Brands can only be part of this conversation social network development
  16. 16. „there are no ‚errors‘ in the perfect world of company marketing, this is why many companies fail in social media marketing “ Max Kossatz Social Media Expert social network development
  17. 17. Why Integrate into SNS? Millions of people communicate in social networks. Brands can communicate with potential customers via various ways. social network development
  18. 18. Brands in Social Network Services
  19. 19. „ brands have to adapt to the features of each community platform“ Harm Heibült Axel Springer AG
  20. 20. Pages myspace social network development
  21. 21. Pages social network development
  22. 22. communicate with people turn users to fans add applications for interaction
  23. 23. Share The Newsfeed shows me my friends activities people „share“ „sharing“ changes our content consumption
  24. 24. The Idea Campaigns distributed by its users. Average Number of friends in Facebook: 140
  25. 25. The Idea Campaigns distributed by its users. Average Number of friends in Facebook: 140
  26. 26. The Idea Campaigns distributed by its users. Average Number of friends in Facebook: 140
  27. 27. Social Applications direct interaction by users/fans/customers
  28. 28. Social Applications * developed by 3rd parties (e.g. you) * spread viral (friend to friends) * can interact with external platforms (or services) * know about the users and their social network (can adapt to user preferences) social network development
  29. 29. Facebook Platform vs OpenSocial Facebook Platform technology leader OpenSocial supported by orkut, Hi5, myspace, netlog, sonico, friendster, ning, yahoo!, etc... write runs test everywhere social network development
  30. 30. Good Examples - Causes Causes example for social activism everybody can start a „cause“ motivate followers spread awareness collect money 12,298,605 Active Users/Month
  31. 31. Good Examples - Causes rankings people see their impact/their points people motivate other people social network development
  32. 32. Good Examples - iLike iLike News, Music, Concerts, Infos etc matched to your music interest and those of your friends 5,390,670 Active Users / Month social network development
  33. 33. Good Examples - iLike charts of my friends events + buy tickets Band Infos/ News
  34. 34. Good Examples - Mein Klub Mein Klub Bundesliga Fan App for BILD Zeitung (Axel Springer AG) Soccer Infos for Soccer Fans launch: November DISCLAIMER: THIS APP IS DEVELOPED BY DIE.SOCIALISTEN.AT ;) social network development
  35. 35. choose your team send cheers to friends (publisher) infos, news, videos, dates etc social network development
  36. 36. project for the green party austria tell your friends why do you vote the green party DISCLAIMER: THIS APP IS DEVELOPED BY DIE.SOCIALISTEN.AT ;) social network development
  37. 37. an example to show egoverment and democracy ideas within social networks 167 „Reasons to vote Green“ in a few days... still they lost (doh!) social network development
  38. 38. HOWTO if you cannot code use existing apps
  39. 39. BMW used the app Grafitti to let people draw their own cars => ~9000 submissions in 7 days (!) „We tested marketing efforts on Social Networks using ‘Social’ criteria (rather than traditional marketing tactics) that meets the needs of the community, sadly, only 1 out 16 brands passed“ BMW Jeremiah Owyang SF Bay Area, USA Forrester Research: Social Computing
  40. 40. HOWTO if you can code code!
  41. 41. what you need web development language of your choice php5, rubyonrails,, etc facebook api classes webspace social network development
  42. 42. Task: client requests a page with a list of all friends request Your Server GET /app/friendlist client Your DB social network development
  43. 43. request Your Server GET /app/friendlist client Your DB social network development
  44. 44. API (REST) Request Friends.get Your Server client API requests are done within the session of the client Your This means: a app can only do what the user can do DB Special requests for some permissions needed: e.g. inifite sessions, send email, etc social network development
  45. 45. [list of uids] Your Server client get local information Your DB social network development
  46. 46. *render layout* Your Server client Your DB social network development
  47. 47. post feeds Your Server send fbml, fbjs client Your DB social network development
  48. 48. Your Server client cache images convert fbml -> html convert fbjs -> js Your DB social network development
  49. 49. Your Server send html code client embeded into facebook layout Your DB social network development
  50. 50. <?php require_once 'facebook.php'; $appapikey = 'a23504985c0f4b6885c9c647b799b431'; $appsecret = 'f6ecb5d25bd92706ae4feeec9f1c773f'; $facebook = new Facebook($appapikey, $appsecret); $user_id = $facebook->require_login(); // Greet the currently logged-in user! echo quot;<p>Hello, <fb:name uid=quot;$user_idquot; useyou=quot;falsequot; />!</p>quot;; // Print out at most 25 of the logged-in user's friends, // using the friends.get API method echo quot;<p>Friends:quot;; $friends = $facebook->api_client->friends_get(); $friends = array_slice($friends, 0, 25); foreach ($friends as $friend) {   echo quot;<br>$friendquot;; } echo quot;</p>quot;; social network development
  51. 51. FBML * generates standard layout output <fb:tabs><fb:tab-item href=“/“ title=“home“/></fb:tabs> * avoids API calls <fb:name uid=“2323232“ /> * is converted to plain xhtml via facebook <div class=“box“> <div class=“box“><h2>Hello <h2>Hello => Andreas Klinger</h2></div> <fb:name uid=“23232“ /></h2> </div> social network development
  52. 52. FBJS * all variables and functions are sandboxed function foo(bar) { function a12345_foo(a12345_bar) { var obj = {property: bar}; var a12345_obj = {property: a12345_bar}; return; return; } } * wraps different js browser support obj.setStyle({color: 'black', background: 'white'}); * AJAX var ajax = new Ajax(); ajax.responseType = Ajax.JSON; ajax.ondone = function(data) { document.getElementById('ajax1').setTextValue(data.message + ' The current time is: ' + data.tim document.getElementById('ajax2').setInnerFBML(data.fbml_test); } ajax.requireLogin = document.getElementById('requirelogin').getChecked();''+type) social network development
  53. 53. Note: OpenSocial works similar social network development
  54. 54. What defines a good app? an simple idea to keep in mind
  55. 55. Classic Internet Business Your Website Current Place your service/ your content/ customer your product/ your campaign
  56. 56. Classic Internet Business Your Website Current Place persuade via ads your service customer
  57. 57. Classic Internet Business Your Website Current Place persuade via ads (money) your service customer
  58. 58. let‘s be honest you usually loose 99% of your audience that way
  59. 59. Our idea Your Website Current Place your service customer
  60. 60. Our idea Your Website Current Place your service your service customer
  61. 61. Our idea Your Website Current Place your service your service customer
  62. 62. bring the service to the clients if you want them to use it
  63. 63. The next 3 years
  64. 64. for slideshare readers: the future of social networks will be covered in the next slideshow
  65. 65. thanks for spending attention! contact: Andreas Klinger social network development