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VisionMobile - The mobile market in 2011: new facts & old myths


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A presentation given at the Med Wireless Conference in Athens (April 2012)

A presentation given at the Med Wireless Conference in Athens (April 2012)

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  • 1. VisionMobileThe mobile market in 2011: new facts & old myths
  • 2. Knowledge. Passion. Innovation. April 2012The mobile market in 2011: New facts & old mythswhat the mobile market looked like in 2011 and what changes are heading our way Matos Kapetanakis Marketing Manager Copyright VisionMobile 2011
  • 3. VisionMobileDistilling market noise into market senseResearch Workshops Market maps Strategy definitioncompetitive mobile industry dynamics Competitive landscape maps strategy design, ecosystemanalysis, commissioned for telcos and OEMs positioning, productresearch definition Developer Economics 2011: How developers and brands are making money in the mobile app economy Mobile Innovation Mobile Industry Atlas, 5th ed. Mobile Megatrends seriesClash of Economics 1,700+ companies, 90 market sectors Following and analysing majorecosystems how Internet business models are trends in mobilemobile platforms and impacting telecoms and how tothe battle for innovate in the age of softwaredominance HTML5 and its impact to the mobile industry Top-100 analyst blog 4,000+ subscribers The Android Game Plan 100 million club 20,000+ monthly uniques the commercial mechanics tracking successful businesses 90% mobile industry insiders behind Android and how in mobile Google runs the show Copyright VisionMobile 2011
  • 4. VisionMobile - Trusted by industry brandsClients selected VisionMobile clients 2009-2012 Copyright VisionMobile 2011
  • 5. State of the mobile market
  • 6. Handset market growing grown from 1.1 billion units shipped in 2007 to 1.6 billion in 2011 1.62 1.43 1.221.15 1.172007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  • 7. Smartphones on the riseglobal smartphone penetration risen from just 11% in 2008 to over 30% in 2011
  • 8. 2011: Smartphone penetration acceleratingglobal penetration went from 26% in Q1 of 2011 to 34% in Q4 of 2011
  • 9. 2011 in focus
  • 10. Traditional OEMs declining traditional handset makers (Nokia, LG, Motorola etc.) losing ground to smartphone-only players (Apple, HTC)Smartphone market share by OEM (2011)
  • 11. Android, iOS leading smartphone shipmentsAndroid and iOS lead in terms of mobile shipments – Android has 49% market share, iOS 19% Platform market share in smartphones (2011)
  • 12. What does 49% market share mean?Nearly 1 in 2 smartphones sold in 2011 were Android devices + = total market
  • 13. Does that mean Android is the king of smartphones?only in terms of shipments – In Q4 2011, Apple accounted for 75% of profits in the handset manufacturer market
  • 14. A tale of two business models Apple makes money out of device sales, Google makes money out of advertising
  • 15. The new mobile app economy
  • 16. Apps have become a new, digital currencythere are over 1.3 million apps available in major, native app stores, downloaded over 45 billion times
  • 17. Android, iOS lead in ecosystemstwo platforms hold the majority of available apps and downloads + = 1 million apps 40 billion downloads
  • 18. Ecosystem creates network effectsThe sales of Android and iOS handsets closely linked to number of available apps
  • 19. Future trends
  • 20. Cross-Screen developmentcross-screen development still in early stage, but shows great promise
  • 21. Cross-platform developmentcross-platform tools on the rise, more than 100 tools exist
  • 22. New verticals coming in playmHealth, wellness & fitness, business applications and m-payments part of the future of mobile
  • 23. get in touch Knowledge. Passion. Innovation. Matos Kapetanakis| Marketing Manager| @visionmobile out more Updated: 12 November 2010 Copyright VisionMobile 2011 Copyright VisionMobile 2011