Key insights from developer economics 2012


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Some of the key insights and graphs from Developer Economics 2012 - presented at LeWeb London (June 20 2012). You can download the full report at

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Key insights from developer economics 2012

  2. Developer Economics 2012 1,500+ 7 platforms Android, iOS, mobile web, developer respondents Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Qt, Java ME 83 5 countries continentsPage 2
  3. Top 10 insightsPage 3
  4. 10 The new pyramid of handset maker competition. In the new pyramid of handset maker competition, Apple leads innovators, Samsung leads fast-followers, ZTE leads assemblers and Nokia leads the feature phone market..Page 4
  5. Page 5
  6. 9 The next 10 million apps BRIC markets will drive app demand an order of magnitude larger as their smartphone penetration increases. The next 10 million apps are not going to come from the current leading markets, but from BRIC demand for localised apps.Page 6
  7. Page 7
  8. 8 Tablets are now a mainstream screen for developers Irrespective of platform, more than 50% of developers are now targeting tablets, with iOS developers most likely (74%) to do so.Page 8
  9. Page 9
  10. 7 Windows Phone is the new cool Interest among developers continues to build up. 57% of developers, irrespective of platform, plan to adopt Windows PhonePage 10
  11. Page 11
  12. 6 Mass exodus from second runners BREW (Qualcomm), Bada (Samsung), BlackBerry (RIM) are being rapidly abandoned. The developer exodus is a much greater and measurable testament to the decline than any other market indicator.Page 12
  13. Page 13
  14. 5 One in three developers live below the “app poverty line” The average per-app revenue is in the range of $1,200- $3,900 per month. An app has a 35% chance of generating $1 – $500 per month, which means that one in three developers live below the “app poverty line”Page 14
  15. Page 15
  16. 4 Developers struggle to identify the right revenue model There are 11 revenue models to pick and mix from, from pay-per-download to product placements. In-app purchasing generating on average 24% more revenue than pay-per-download, 63% more than freemium and 78% more than advertising.Page 16
  17. Page 17
  18. 3 iOS most expensive platform to develop on at $27,000 per app iOS apps are costing 21% more than Android and 81% more than Blackberry to make. The average app will take approximately three man-months to develop.Page 18
  19. Page 19
  20. 2 The imbalance between spoken vs. app languages 85% of developers publishing in English address just 8% (around 500 million) of the world population speaking English, while Chinese, spoken by 22% of the world population, only attracts 16% of developers.Page 20
  21. Page 21
  22. 1 Mapping the global app trade routes Developers in North America see relatively small demand from other regions, with Europe being their top export region. Latin America and Asia have a large share of developers (44% and 38%) that do not see high local demand - developers there mostly export apps to North America and Europe.Page 22
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  25. we‘re opening up the data to the world. full data. anonymised. visualised. live. Coming July 2nd DeveloperEconomics.comPage 25
  26. Knowledge. Passion. Innovation. Thank you! ✔ get in touch: ✔ follow : @andreascon ✔ we ‘re hiring! Updated: 12 November 2010Page 26 Copyright VisionMobile 2011
  27. AppendixPage 27
  28. About this research Sample: 1,500+ respondents to online survey, plus 20 one-to-one qualitative interviews with developers. Majority of respondents from Europe, but overall sample was global (83 countries) Methodology: Responses were normalised across all top 7 platforms – defined as the platforms identified as ‘primary’ be respondents (Android, iOS, mobile web, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Qt, Java ME)Page 28