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Questions and graphs2!!!
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Questions and graphs2!!!


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  • 2. What gender are you? As you can see here in the graph more females answered the questionnaire than males. There were more females to answer the questionnaire as there were 13 . From this I will possibly keep the gender for the magazines as mixed but it will be aimed more at girls.
  • 3. What age are you? In the graph we can see that 15-19 was the most common age to answer the questionnaire, so this will be the age group I will focus on in the magazine . And the age that was the least was 25-30.
  • 4. What type of music do you like? I got many different types of music genres from the people who answered the question. And here they are some were chosen more than others. POP ROCK RnB INDIE ALTERNATE ROCK 60’S 70’S 80’S There were two genres most chosen and they were Rock and RnB, and seeing as my magazine is goin to be about rock I will keep with this genre . The least chosen where 80’s punk pop, dance and country. COUNTRY SMOOTH JAZZ SOFT ROCK INDIE ROCK 80’S PUNK POP DANCE CLASSICAL
  • 5. Do you bye music magazines? For many people who filled in the questionnaire said no to them buying magazines 12 said no, but 8 said yes. Many people who said they didn’t bye them said they would like to, but they don’t have he time . So I will make my music magazine as interesting as possible but fun so that it is attractive to the eye of my target audience.
  • 6. Would you prefer to bye my rock magazine weekly or monthly? As we can see in the graph monthly over won weekly by 12 more people . I am going to publish my magazine monthly as most people prefer this, and this will mean I can sell them for a higher price.
  • 7. How much would you be willing to spend on my magazine? This small table here shows the price which was most preferred, which was £2.00 and the least chosen prices where £1.50 and £3.50. This has given me an idea for the price I need to include in my magazine. I have decided to chose the price £2.50 as I have will be publishing the magazine monthly and not weekly. Price Amount of people £1.50 1 £2.00 7 £2.50 6 £3.00 5 £3.50 1
  • 8. What features would you most like in a music magazine? I asked the people filling in my questionnaire to chose more than one feature, p osters and interviews were most liked for this question and then it would be CD reviews, Tour dates, Gig reviews, Other and least chosen was editors letters. I asked the people who answered the questionnaire to pick more than one feature. What they said was “to have a profile of a band” and “A brief history of a band”. This will help me with ideas for my magazine cover, contents and DPS
  • 9. Please tick THREE colours that you would most like to see in my new rock magazine? The most chosen colours were, Red Black and Dark blue, the least chosen colour was pink as no one chose this colour. I may play with the colours chosen to maybe make the colour scheme more attractive by adding in the colour yellow to add that bright edge.
  • 10. Please suggest names for a new rock magazine. Here are some of the names that were given by those who could think of names. Many people gave in more than one name. Rock All Night Damned Devine Wham Rocopolyse Rock of the Week Maga Rock Rockarama Power storm Straight to the note Note perfect Rock Out Loud The names from here that I was most interested in were, CRAZE, Damned Devine, 7 inch leather heels and Outrageous. But my most favourite was MONSTER!! I really like this name and would love to use it for my magazine CRAZE MONSTER!! ROCK ‘N’ ROLL 7 Inch Leather Heels Rock Speak Beat SMASH BANG! Rock Maga Blast Outrageous
  • 11. Could you list five bands that you think will associate with Rock? Muse The blackout Foo fighters Young guns Paramore Red hot chilli peppers All Time Low All American Rejects You and me at six Evenesance The Beatles Aerosmith Cream Fallout boy Kings of Leon Cold Play 30 seconds to mars Queen Radiohead My Chemical Romance The Kinks The rolling stones Meat loaf Linkin Park Kiss Green Day Nickleback Nirvana Marilyn Manson Bon Jovi Journey Pink Floyd Biffy Clyro Guns and Roses The bands that were chosen more than twice were; My chemical Romance, Kings of Leon, Guns and Roses, Green Day, Kiss, Linkin park, All American Rejects, Muse and the band Paramore got the most votes as 10 people put this band in there questionnaire . This has given me a great idea of who to include in my magazine.
  • 12. Do you like rock? Out of all of the 20 people who filled in my questionnaire nearly all of them liked rock, only one person didn’t like it . This is great for me as I wont have to change my genre.
  • 13. Please state five words associated with rock? There were a lot of significant words mentioned some more than others. Cool Dark Heavy Edgy Awesome Guitar Crazy Hot Different Wild Electric Power Metallic Speed Sound Drums Singer Energy Gig Stage Dirty Ugly People Rage I asked people for words they would associate with rock, to help me with choosing a name. this was in case they couldn’t think of a name or if the names chosen where not good enough.
  • 14. What mood do you think the magazine should have? Happy, serious and Edgy were the most chosen moods for the magazine, so I think that I will stick with these moods, and include them in the pictures, layout and writing, that I will have in my magazine.
  • 15. If you were to interview your favourite band/artist what would you ask them? When and why did you become a band? Where did the inspiration come from? Where did you meet? How did you make yourselves known? What attitude does your music give out? If you had 1 wish what would it be? If you weren’t in the music business what would you rather do? Was it your dream to be a musician? How many gigs/ concerts have you done and what one was you favourite? What do you do when your not performing? Which famous musicians do you admire? What was the first song you wrote? How do you get ideas for your awesome songs? Where does this inspiration come form? Do you get nervous before performing? How do you tackle them? Has anything weird ever been thrown to you whilst you were performing? When will your next song be out? What is your favourite colour? What is your star sign? What is your favourite food? Is there anything you always eat before a performance? How did you begin? How do you cope with your fans? Do you go on tour? Do you have any pets what are they called ? These are the questions that I asked the band I have interviewed for my DPS!
  • 16. How many pages would you like my music magazine to have? Here are the amount of pages that people thought I should have in my magazine. People mostly chose to have 60 pages. The least chosen amount of pages were 20 and 90. So this has helped me as I now know how many pages I need to put into my magazine . And will help me with my contents page! Amount of pages Amount of people 10 1 20 0 30 2 40 1 50 3 60 6 70 3 80 2 90 0 100 2
  • 17. Here are some fonts. Tick two/three that you most like? Fonts Amount of people Rock 9 Rock 10 Rock 2 Rock 3 Rock 4 Rock 6 Rock 3 Rock 12 The most chosen font was STENCIL and the least chosen font was BROADWAY . I think in may magazine I will chose 4 fonts to work with and they are Emphemia, Agency FB , Arial Bold and STENCIL.