Q.3 feedback


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Q.3 feedback

  1. 1. Q3.What have you Learned from your Audience Feedback?
  2. 2. These are the few questions I asked when I published thedocumentary on Facebook. I put it on this social website knowingthat I would get true and honest answers.1) Do you think the documentary was entertaining?2) Do you think that it had good quality (e.g. camera angles,framing etc.)?3) Was it eye catching?4) Do you think it could be compared to a professionaldocumentary?5) Would you watch this documentary if it was on television?
  3. 3. 1)No2)Yes3)No4)Yes5)No
  4. 4. 1)Yes 2)Yes 3)Yes 4)Yes 5)Yes1)Yes2)Yes3)Yes4)Yes5)Yes
  5. 5. 1)Yes2)Yes3)Yes4)Yes5)Yes
  6. 6. 1)Yes2)Yes3)Yes4)Yes5)Yes
  7. 7. 1)Yes2)Yes3)Yes4)Yes5)Yes
  8. 8. 1) Do you think the documentary was entertaining? Yes NoThe majority of people said that they found the documentary veryentertaining and that they enjoyed watching it, one person said itoffered good insight to the amount of sweets people ate. Otherssaid It was nicely organised and put together well.However one of the individuals lost interest towards the end of thedocumentary.I have learnt from my feedback that I need to keep a continuouslevel of entertainment and make sure it stay current throughoutthe documentary.
  9. 9. Everybody who answered the questions agreed that aspects of thedocumentary had good quality. Many said that they liked they wayit was filmed, framed and the shots were very interesting.However one person said although they thought it was goodquality they said the sound jumped and went a little higher.I have learnt from this feed back that I need to ensure that allediting including sound, lighting and framing is carful andproperly defined.
  10. 10. Many said that there interest was maintained throughout thereviewing and that they were intrigued by things such asVoxpops, interview and some cutaways. However one individual saidthat documentaries are not something they would watch so thereinterest was soon lost.This feedback has shown that I need to add more footage that isgoing to keep the audience watching and make them want tocontinue watching after the five minutes. However I have been alittle successful with maintaining the interest of some individuals.
  11. 11. Everyone who has answered the questions have said that they weremost please with how professional the documentary looked. It showsthat even though there have been some places of improvement I havekept to the codes and conventions of creating a documentary. Oneperson said he really liked the way the cutaways smoothly cut into otherinterviews, and that the narrator was well spoken and clear.
  12. 12. Mostly everyone who watched the five minute documentary was willing towatch it if it were to come up on Channel 4. Some said it was due to thereinterest in what was being said and they wanted to find out more, andothers said it was well edited and it came together nicely. However it hasnot successfully gain interest by all audience members.The feedback given has been very much appreciated If I were to re-do thedocumentary I will make sure it allows enough interest for all viewer, I willbe more understanding of what content my target audience is asking of.
  13. 13. These are the questions I asked about the print advert, again I put this on the social network Facebook.1) Do you think that the image on the print advert is eye catching?2) Do you think it matches the theme of sweets?3) Does the print advert influence your decision to watch the rest of the documentary?4) What would you say looks most professional about the advert? and why?5) Is there anything you would change about the print advert?6) Do you watch Channel 4?
  14. 14. 1)Yes2)Yes3)Yes4) Pictures, Format, Wording5)Yes6)Yes
  15. 15. 1)Yes2)Yes3)Yes4) Pictures of teeth5)No6)Yes1)Yes2)Yes3)Yes4) Channel 4 Logo5)Yes6)Yes
  16. 16. 1) Yes2) Yes3) Yes4) The Channel 4 Layout5)Yes6)Yes1) Yes2) Yes3) Yes4) The main image5)Yes6)Yes
  17. 17. 1) Yes2) Yes3) Yes4) The teeth and wording5)Yes6)Yes
  18. 18. The feedback shows that everyone who answered the questionsfound that the image for the Print advert was a good attractiveimage that everyone could understand.
  19. 19. The feed back for this questions shows that the image is representativeto the theme of the documentary showing that the audience has a clearunderstanding of what it is about.
  20. 20. The feedback shows that the print advert is attracted the audience, andthat it has influenced them into wanting to find out more and watch thedocumentary.
  21. 21. This feedback implies that people approved of different things about theprint advert. Four of the individuals said that the main image was whatthey liked about the print advert a whole, as it intrigued them and madethem want to know more about the documentary. Also one individual alsosaid that the format was good. Three people said that the text and thewording was good as it was attractive and encouraging. Also the Channel 4layout impressed the audience as it looked professional.
  22. 22. Here my audience feedback tells me that there could beimprovements, some said that the S’s in the title could be in capitals ratherthan in lower case. Another suggested making the time and date a bitbigger. And to move the channel 4 logo down. This feedback is very helpfuland if I were to do this print advert again I would make sure that I make thewording bigger, for my audience to see and understand. I will also organisemy letters a bit better and make sure the logo is place we the audience can
  23. 23. This audience feedback clearly shows that Channel 4 was a good choice aseveryone who answered the questions said that Channel 4 was a channel thatthey watched.