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H-Art 2008
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H-Art 2008


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. H-art innovation profile Padova Forum della ricerca e dell’innovazione, Maggio ‘08 1 H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved
  • 2. H-art is an interactive media agency Delivers vision & consultancy, state of the art technology, high-end interface design in the world of interactive media. H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved 2
  • 3. The scenario we’re in... ... the innovation of the NET ... and customer relationship ... ... or user engagement H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved 3
  • 4. 08 NewMedia Landscape The will to partecipate, to create, to contribute and dialogue is at Recent history its maximum. People want to be involved and desire to share. Everything. The Consumer was named “man of the Year” as for 2007 by Time Magazine. He is more and more the Management More frequently from mobile too. true protagonist of media landscape. Terms like UGC or Advocacy are daily used in many biz tables H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved 4
  • 5. Amazon sells the same products as competitors such as, and they receive the same product descriptions, cover images, and editorial content from their vendors. But Amazon has made a science of user engagement. They have an order of magnitude more user reviews, invitations to participate in varied ways on virtually every page and even more importantly, they use user activity to produce better search results. While a search is likely to lead with the company's own products, or sponsored results, Amazon always leads with quot;most popularquot;, a real-time computation based not only on sales but other factors that Amazon insiders call the quot;flowquot; around products. Tim O'Reilly - O’Reilly Media, Inc., H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved 5
  • 6. Let’s have a look at a book on Amazon 6 H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved
  • 7. What about Brands? How Si aprono, condividono maggiormente. Osservano, ascoltano, cambiano. Rendono contenuti e applicazioni riutilizzabili A Greener Apple: Una Online petition alla Apple o interfacciabili gratuitamente da terzi. di Green Peace Sono sempre più orientate all’Open Source e la risposta ufficiale di Steve Jobs su e ai Mashup (Web Services & Api Based) Cercano altre forme di visibilità. Portano l’esperienza digitale sempre più anche I am the media, nel mondo fisico. mi fido di “una persona come me” Il Diesel fashion show al Pitti con la proiezioni olografica lungo il catwalk. H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved 7
  • 8. H-art offering H-art is where brand strategies and targets get in touch with common people. Where companies try to find effective contents, services and experiences to deliver through interactive interfaces. And people have to find them, have to use them. web mobile ip-based TV brand strategies contents, services digital interfaces common people and targets experiences H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved 8
  • 9. H-art Services New Web Development Interactive Channels sdfg Interactive Marketing Strategic Planning Mobile Websites & Applications Interactive advertising creative Analysis & Information Ip-based TV Interfaces Blog Marketing & Digital PR architecture Viral campaigns & promotion New Devices Interfaces Web Design & Development Search Engine Marketing Content Management & Analytics & optimization Technology Solutions e-commerce H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved 9
  • 10. H-art is more than H-art H-art is a company growing in H-Farm. In the field of interactive media, H-art in collaboration with some other H-Farm companies can deliver immersive and effective cross-media projects. 3D Modelling Sound Design Post Production Flash Programming Interface & Interaction Design Video Formatting & Production H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved 10
  • 11. 3 main project triggers for H-art real value usable used experience H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved 11
  • 12. Grazie Ogni diritto sul presente lavoro è di proprietà di H-art S.r.L. La riproduzione, la pubblicazione e la distribuzione, totale o parziale, di tutto il materiale contenuto in questo documento sono espressamente vietate. H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved H-art is a company growing in H-farm 12 H-art © 2007 - All rights reserved