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  • 1. TEDMEDLive Bologna : NEW TRENDS IN HEALTHCARE & MEDICINEApril, 20th 2013
  • 2. TEDMED is a multi-disciplinary community of innovators and leaders who share acommon determination to create a better future in health and medicine. So many of ourgreat challenges in health and medicine are rooted in social and commercial causes asmuch as medical. We need everybody at the table for an inclusive conversation about howto get the future in health and medicine we all want.TEDMED is a place where the person sitting next to you is as important as the speakeron stage.TEDMEDA multi-disciplinary community
  • 3. TEDMEDLive BolognaPRESENTSTO THEWORLDSOME OFMORE “FASCINATINGRESEARCH”,DOCTORS,MEN AND WOMEN OFACTIONwww.tedmedlivebologna.comTEDMED is a multi-disciplinarycommunity of innovators andleaders who share a commondetermination to create a betterfuture in health and medicine.So many of our great challengesin health and medicine arerooted in social and commercialcauses as much as medical.We need everybody at the tablefor an inclusive conversationabout how to get the future inhealth and medicine we allwant.
  • 4. WHAT IS TEDMEDLiveBOLOGNAwww.tedmedlivebologna.comBologna is a city of culture, well-known for the historicalcontribution to the academicand cultural world.In this event, whose theme is"New trends in Medicineand Healthcare" introducenational and internationalspeakers who will share theirideas for how to model thebetter the challenges we arefacing“IDEA IN FACT CANMAKE A DIFFERENCE”.We hope you will be inspiredand will join your voice to thechorus
  • 5. ProgramNew Trends in Medicine and Health care1° sessionGENETICS and PERSONALISED MEDICINE2° sessionNEW TECHNOLOGIES (REGENERATIVE MEDICINE)ACTIVE PATIENTS’ ROLE in RESHAPING HEALTHCARE3°sessionSOCIETAL CHALLENGES( communication, education, starts up)www.tedmedlivebologna.com
  • 6. www.tedmedlivebologna.comThe Event will be held in AULA MAGNA RIZZOLI
  • 7. andrea@tedmedlivebologna.comWe will be happy to discuss in person theopportunity that we have shown.Thank you.SponsorshipBelieve in the network of companies and people whowant to be agents of innovation and improvement inmedicine and healthEnhance the ideas, technologies, designand education to help create a better future.Invest in the global community to supportinnovation and the power of onlinecommunicationThe Sponsorship includes several special awards:before and during the conference.We will worktogether to create branding opportunities on the basisof your interest+39 333 42 77 402PartnersGold Sponsor