The tapping solution


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The tapping solution

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The tapping solution

  1. 1. THE TAPPING SOLUTIONDo you believe you have the ability to improve your life? Do you actuallythink things can be better for you, or are you just hoping they will be?I want to share something with you today that I believe can take you from“hoping” things will be better, to actually knowing that things will be betterand knowing how you’ll get there.The book, which was just released this week by Hay House Publishing, iscalled “The Tapping Solution”, and is written by tapping expert Nick Ortner.The book has the same name as Nick’s extremely popular film The TappingSolution, which has sold over 90,000 copies worldwide, but I can tellyou...this book is very different from the film!This new book will take you step-by-step, using both both beginner andadvanced tapping techniques, through a transformative process that willimprove your life by leaps and bounds.I truly believe that this book can take you from hoping things will be better,to actually knowing how to make them better, in any area of your life...I just finished watching a trailer for a new book about EFT Tapping, that wasinspiring, captivating and eye-opening, and it reminded me about how wehave the power, each and every day, to completely transform our lives.Whether you’re new to Tapping, or you’ve been Tapping for years, I highlyrecommend you check out this book as it is provides some amazing newdistinctions about how Tapping can be most effective for you today.If you’ve ever doubted for a second that Tapping works, then you need toread the latest science and research that is shared in this book because it willamaze you!It will have you (and those around you that wonder about Tapping) going,“Duh, of course it works!” :)You can actually see a video of Nick and Scarlett on the page here:Click here to read more about tappingsolutionsThis book is a must-have for everybody. It’s sure to be a classic that peoplerefer to for years... It’s an easy-to-read and extremely enjoyable book thatcan have a profound impact on your life today...
  2. 2. Whats Covered in the BookForeword by Dr. Mark Hyman, NY Times Best-selling author of "The BloodSugar Solution": Hear about the astonishing results one of Dr. Hymanspatients had with tapping, and Dr. Hymans vision for how tapping canchange the future of medicine and healing.Chapter One: A Monumental Discovery: Explore the incredible story of thediscovery of the tapping process along with the latest science and researchregarding EFTs effect on the amygdala (fight or flight center), the brain, andcortisol levels in the body. If youve ever wanted to understand exactly HOWtapping works and why it helps you let go, feel so good, and get healthier,then this chapter is for you. (And its great to be able to share with friendsand family!)Chapter Two: Experience Tapping Now: Where both the basic process isexplained in details, along with advanced uses, such as the "tapping tree" tohelp you tap through symptoms and side effects, emotions, events andlimiting beliefs on virtually any topic.Chapter Three: Relieving Anxiety, Feelings of Overwhelm and Stress: Wherewe explore how our current landscape is contributing to our stress anddissatisfaction and how to change our experience and response to thechallenges of life.Chapter Four: Your Resistance To Change: Where we uncover exactly whatskeeping you stuck, and explore topics such as "Fear of getting what youwant," "Self-sabotage, procrastination, perfectionism, lack of clarity andindecision" and "anxiety about change". When we address this often hiddenfear of change, then everything in our lives opens up and positive changehappens much more quickly.Chapter Five: Tapping Through Your Past: Where we explore how childhoodevents can affect our physical bodies and overall health along with ourcurrent patterns and limiting beliefs. Healing and releasing these events canhave a profound effect on our lives.Chapter Six: Healing The Body: Where we explore the relationshipsbetween stress, dis-ease, and the mind-body connection. Learn aboutincredible results where tapping was used to promote healing fromFibromyalgia, Insomina, Cancer and more.Chapter Seven: Releasing Physical Pain: Some of the most startling resultswith EFT are related to relieving physical pain. In this chapter, well explorehow to tap to relieve the pain itself, as well as explore the underlyingconnections between emotions and past traumatic events and physical pain.
  3. 3. Chapter Eight: Losing Weight and Letting Go of Fear, Guilt and ShameAround Food: Losing weight and releasing negative emotions around foodand our bodies is one of the biggest challenges many people face. Wellexplore the connection between stress and weight gain, how to use tappingfor food cravings, how to clear resistance to exercise, and the deepestlimiting beliefs about weight and ourselves that might be keeping you stuck.Chapter Nine: Creating Love and Healthy Relationships: Where I share mylove story and how tapping helped make it all happen! :) Well explore howto clear out old baggage, how our parents relationship might be affecting ustoday, and how to heal and improve current relationships.Chapter Ten: Making Money and Achieving Your Dreams: Where I reveal myextraordinary journey from massive debt to massive abundance and how youcan apply the same principles and strategies in your life. Well explore thelimiting beliefs that are holding you back, the "next step" strategy, how to"cure" procrastination,Chapter Eleven: Eliminating Phobias and Fears: Where we explore how to useEFT to clear out fears and phobias, of all sorts. Well explore tapping for thefear of heights, planes and even "clowns" and youll learn exactly how to tapon your fears or phobias and how to help the people you love.Chapter Twelve: Clearing Other Life Challenges: Where we address variousother uses for tapping, including: Insomnia, Addictions, Sports Performance,Working with Children and Teenagers, Surrogate Tapping on toddlers, petsand more, Better Eyesight, Managing Allergies and Increasing Creativity andImproving Performance.Chapter Thirteen: A New Vision For Humanity: The potential for EFT tochange your life is clear and obvious. The potential for it to change the worldis startling and inspiring. Well explore the work being done in Rwanda withsurvivors of Genocide, in Indonesia with people affected by the Pangandaranearthquake, in Mexico with children with cancer, and in the United Stateswith veterans suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).Chapter Fourteen: A New Vision For You: Where we wrap-up everything, helpyou share this technique with friends and family and give you a very special,and very secret, free gift...Both Beginner and Advanced Uses of Tapping Are Covered in the Book...Picking up the book just to get access to the bonuses, like the four live 90minute calls on money, pain relief, relationships and weight loss, are morethan worth the price of the book.
  4. 4. For starters, during the launch period for his new book, Nick is giving awaysome amazing bonuses for anybody who picks up the book online and someeven more ridiculous bonuses for those that actually go into a book store topick it up.You can check them all out here:Click here to read more about tappingsolutions