Max my weight loss by john saeger


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Max my weight loss by john saeger

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Max my weight loss by john saeger

  1. 1. Max my weight loss by john saegerA new discovery to help you burn more fat and get a flatter belly. Yes that’sright a FLATTER BELLY!Over that past several months John has been workingon finding a new and faster ways to drop more fat off the mid section and tofind a better way to get you flatter, more defined abs.And he discovered the perfect flat belly formula. See, his clients are gettingamazing results from this new belly flattening training system he discovered.They love it because the results come fast, the belly fat just falls right off andwe could see really noticeable results in less than 30 days.The most common mistake people make when they are trying to get intoshape is they eat too little. Anything under 1200 calories per day isconsidered malnutrition. All that work you put in at the gym will account fornothing if you are not providing those muscles the nutrients they need torepair.CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MAX MY WEIGHTLOSS…Obviously, water is the best choice throughout the day, but propercarbohydrate electrolyte beverages are also a good idea during and afteryour workout. These drinks, when properly formulated, replace importantminerals like potassium, chloride, and sodium that are lost during exercise.Your body needs over 45 different nutrients every day. These nutrients areessential for proper health and must be provided by outside sources such asfoods, drinks and supplements. These nutrients can be divided into fiveclasses:- Carbohydrates (starches, sugar, and fiber)- Proteins (includes 22 amino acids: 9 of which your body cannot makeand thus must be ingested)- Fats (saturated, mono saturated, and polyunsaturated fatty acids)- Vitamins- MineralsThese nutrients work together and interact with body chemicals to performseveral functions:- Provide materials to build, repair and maintain body tissues- Supply substances that function in the regulation of body processes- Furnish fuel for energy needed by the bodyEach nutrient has a certain special job to do in the building, maintenance,and operation of your body.
  2. 2. Carbohydrates(Crabs): play a major role in weight loss. However, contrary towhat many may believe, it is eating carbs that helps you lose weight ratherthan the avoidance of them altogether. Look, it is no secret that there arecarbs to avoid such as processed breads and doughnuts, cookies, etc. But itis the good carbs that will help you stay healthy, perform at the gym, andlose body fat. If your body does not receive ready made energy (carbs) inthe diet it will break down muscle to provide the energy needed andfurthermore store any calories it does receive as fat to use later. Remember,carbs can be good for you when they are in the from of whole wheat bread,pasta and rice, pulses and some fruits like figs are rich in fiber, allowingproper digestion. The fiber in fruits and vegetables and may also help reduceblood cholesterol levels. Below is a closer look at carbohydrate classificationsand what they consist of.Some examples of Simple Carbohydrates are:Fruits & VegetablesDairySoda (aka, pop or “the sugary death”)CandyTable SugarIt is important to note that natural simple sugars are much preferred overprocessed (refined) simple sugars as they may provide essential vitaminsand minerals. In addition, natural simple sugars like those in fruits andvegetables do not generally contribute to weight gain like their processedcounterparts.Protein :Protein is a chain of amino acids essential for building muscle fibers.In your diet, it facilitates the repair of all types of cells and allows theformation of new ones. Complete proteins, those having all the requiredamino acids, are generally found in animal products like meat and dairy.Examples of protein:Red meatFishPoultryEggsMilkSoybeans:Other protein sources like beans and nuts do have protein but lacksome of the amino acids to be a complete source of protein unto themselves.The exceptions are soy and quinoa as they are complete proteins.Lean red meat, pork, poultry without skin, fish, dried beans and low-fat/ fat-free dairy are the protein choices lowest in fat and do the most to promotegood health.
  3. 3. Fats :Fat is required in your diet for proper body function, as it provides essentialfatty acids, which are not made by the body and must be obtained from food.The essential fatty acids are important for controlling inflammation, bloodclotting, and brain development as well as healthy skin and hair.A few quick tips regarding calories:Calorie Savings - In General, Choose Low Fat and Avoid AlcoholFat contains 9 calories per gram. By contrast, alcohol contains 7 “empty”caloriesper gram, while protein and carbohydrates contain 4 calories pergram.Calorie Savings - Fat-free is NOT Calorie-free Having “fat-free” on the labeldoesnt mean calorie-free. Many “fat-free” foods are so full of sugar theircalorie content is even higher than their regular, full fat counterparts. Alwayscheck the nutrition label for calorie content.CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MAX MY WEIGHTLOSS…