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Southeast Bookstore and Textbook Rental system may change in 2013, officials considering possibilities


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Southeast Bookstore and Textbook Rental system may change in 2013, officials considering possibilities

  1. 1. Â1 ARROW • week of Feb. 13 - 19, 2013 SOUTHEAST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENT PUBLICATION FEB. 13 - 19, 2013 Student run since 1911 NEW BASEBALL COACH. PAGE 2 + ​ Concealed carry debate Debate about concealed weapons on college campuses reenters spotlight. Page 7 + ​ FIGURE DRAWING CLASS. PAGE 4 + ​Southeast bookstore and textbook rental system may BRIEFSchange in 2013, officials considering possibilities BlogANDREA GILS and the University of Missouri.COPY EDITOR Proposals had to include specific Former Southeast student information about the bookstore’s pleads guilty to terrorismSoutheast Missouri State Univer- operation, including retail sales,sity may outsource its bookstore clothing and other merchandise charges on Thursdayand textbook rental systems next as well as information about According to the Associated Press, Quazisemester to keep up with textbook rental, including costs, Mohammed Rezwanul Nafis pleadedtechnological changes by signing a operation and incorporation of guilty to terrorism charges Thursday.one-year contract with a new current Southeast staff in their Last fall, the former Southeast Missourivendor. models. Mangels said Southeast State University cybersecurity major According to a press release will compare the vendors and the attempted to bomb the Federal Reservefrom Southeast, the university bookstore’s current textbook Bank with what he thought was aissued a request for proposals on rental models. 1,000-pound car bomb.Nov. 30 to vendors that might be Mangels said students will He was officially charged with aninterested in placing a bid. Within have a chance to hear how the attempt to use weapons of massweeks, students will have the vendors will operate first hand and destruction and to provide materialopportunity to listen to the be able to ask questions during an support to the al-Qaida. Nafis, 21, said invendor’s proposals before open forum that will take place the Southeast is considering outsourcing its textbook rental program court that he felt remorse and no longeruniversity officials make any last week of February or the first to another company. Photo by Drew Yount sees himself as a jihadist.decisions. week of March. Mangels said Read the story on Hannah Parent’s When Southeast Bookstore Southeast will use the feedback textbook rentals and that students currently offer. blog at southeastArrow.com.manager Jan Chisman announced from the forums and the informa- will see a difference in how the Mangels said she is observingshe was retiring, Kathy Mangels, tion provided to make a recom- bookstore is run, according to the courses that currently use Career Linkagesvice president of Finance and mendation to the Board of what he has been told by his e-books to see if there is aAdministration, said it was an Regents, which will make the final supervisor. difference in outcome when Annual campus-wide careeropportunity to look at different decision. “I have it that none of the rental electronic materials are involved. fair will be held March 7models of operation and at the “The textbook rental is a very plans are as good as the ones we “Nationwide, only about 5same time keep up with today’s important program to students, have now, either in price or in how percent of all books in courses Southeast Missouri State University’stechnological advances in the and we will consider the vendor many books are available to be currently are e-text, but we Career Linkages is hosting a campus-classroom. with regards to how it is set up to rented,” Dunn said. anticipate the industry that it will wide career and internship fair on Jack Dunn, a student worker at students,” Mangels said. “We have “It would just be more of a rate continue to grow,” Mangels said. March 7 for all majors on campus andthe bookstore, said that new a very successful program to rent any books, or a percentage “It’s still very new. ... There’s still for one day. A new feature providedtechnology won’t make much compared to other institutions. ... of new, and it wouldn’t be cheaper analysis to be done to see how through Career Linkages, located on thedifference. We are not looking to change that. than the 25 dollars that we have faculty can incorporate these second floor of the University Center, “Taking the words from a book … What we are looking at is how now,” Dunn said. “If they say they along with traditional print will allow students unable to attend theyou don’t want to read anyway and we can provide students the are going to get money for materials and make the best of the fair to submit their resumes for reviewputting it on a tablet doesn’t make cost-benefits of a rental program different things to be able to do learning experience.” by staff members at Career Linkagesyou read it any more,” Dunn said. that access to the new technology better things for the school, they Mangels said that the outsour- online through the university’s“There’s a lot more procrastination that gives them course materials can’t do anything better. … cing is not about trying to make homepage under Career Linkagesthat goes into technology, I think, in a whole new way.” Nothing helps everybody more more dollars and any profit would “News and Events” link.for students than actually doing Mangels said that if the than textbooks. … Even if they said go to funding student scholarships “This enhancement to the career fairwork. Whether the coursebook is recommendation is to work with they are going to give us more and other things the bookstore’s experience adds additional potential toon an e-book or whether it is on a one of the new vendors, Southeast technology, I don’t think they are revenue already does. connect students with employers tohardback, you’re not gonna read it will work with that vendor to going to help anybody.” “We are trying to be proactive provide an impression that lasts botheither way. So I think that that is all finalize what it proposes, which Mangels said that there may be on behalf of our students so we before and after the actual event,” saidfor looks and not for really student would include textbook rental some changes in merchandise can offer the materials in the Joyce A. Hunter, experiential learningbenefit.” pricing. offered, including electronic classroom and also watch for coordinator for Career Linkages. Southeast has received bids Dunn said he thinks there will equipment like iPads and laptops, them from an affordability Read the story at southeastArrow.from Follett, Barnes and Noble be an increase in the price of which the bookstore does not standpoint,” Mangels said. com. A Partnership with Southeast Missouri State University and Rust Communications • To advertise, call 573-388-2741