Students exhibit talent in last dance concert of semester


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Arrow 2012 12-01-7

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Students exhibit talent in last dance concert of semester

  1. 1. DIVE IN MOVIE Â 7 ARROW • week of Dec. 5 - 11, 2012 EXPRESS Recreation Services is sponsoring the dive in movie “The Santa Clause” at 9 p.m. Wednesday in the Student Aquatic Center.+​ LAST Chance to Dance SOUTHEAST STUDENTS TO PERFORM 35 PIECES LASTING NO MORE THAN EIGHT MINUTESStudents exhibit talent in last dance concert of semesterANDREA GILS it now has a time limit,” said Leshay Mathis, For graduating senior Chance Hill, thisCOPY EDITOR senior dance and corporate communication dance concert will be bittersweet since it is major. his last one, though he said it will be a greatFrom lights and sound, to costumes and cho- Senior Rachel Hunsell said it is a chance for memory and a great stepping stone.reography, students will be in charge of the students whose work didn’t get into either Fall Hill choreographed the piece “Okay...semester’s final dance concert, Last Chance for Dance or Spring into Dance performances Recap,” which he said will be humorous andto Dance, where everyone can “unplug” or for those students who don’t feel comforta- witty.before finals. ble auditioning their work yet, to present their “If you go to both Fall for Dance and Last The idea behind Last Chance to Dance is pieces. Chance then it will make so much morestudents will have their last opportunity to Hunsell choreographed two tap duets. She sense,” Hill said in an email. “I chose thisperform in the semester. This informal con- said she has high expectations for the show piece because all of the dancers need a goodcert is always the Monday before finals week, since the Department of Theatre and Dance laugh after such a long semester of rehear-so students are able to have a final hurrah at is continually growing and getting stronger, sals of the same piece. It takes everything inthe end of the semester, according to concert which in turn makes the concerts even better. a different light. We have been preparing fordirector Hilary Peterson. this only for about a week. There are eight In Last Chance to Dance, students submitall kinds of work including hip-hop, contem- “Watching them just lavish in fellas, which is fabulous because there are few male dancers.” Keith Johnson, below, lifts and throwsporary, jazz, duets and bollywood. According to senior musical theatre major their own creativity and Johnson is also in the Fall for Dance con- cert parody and said the piece is hilarious, Chance Hill, above, while rehearsing. Photo by Andrea GilsKeith Johnson, the students performing knowwhat students want see, so the concert will passion for what they do is so energetic and entertaining. Johnson is also performing in the piece “XY” with five male just lavish in their own creativity and pas-include pieces that students enjoy watching. enjoyable and so rewarding.” dancers, which he referred to as being a “man sion for what they do is so enjoyable and so Submissions began a couple of weeks dance for the ladies.” Johnson said the stu- rewarding.”before the event, and Peterson said she recei- Hilary Peterson dent choreographer of “XY,” Taylor Pace, wan- Mathis has been hired for several choreo-ved most of them on the first day. There will ted to give male dancers the opportunity to graphy jobs and works for the largest dancebe about 35 pieces with each piece lasting no “Every Last Chance is different, and that’s show what they can do. company in the world. She said dance haslonger than eight minutes. The short length the beauty of it,” Hunsell said. “This piece is specifically choreographed taught her never to give up on her dreamsgives more students opportunities to present Students have rehearsed some pieces for for guys,” Johnson said. “It’s tough, masculine, and that hard work and a positive outlook aretheir work. Freshmen, sophomore, juniors months and others only a few weeks. They are hard, rock, sexy, it’s everything that a man important.and seniors will perform and the time limit is in charge of scheduling their own rehearsals, wants to show and do.” “Everyone says majoring in arts is a sillythe only restriction. and the only dress rehearsal is the Sunday Peterson said that the audience will see idea, but I love what I do and I have been “It’s so funny to me because when I first before opening day. growth in the professionalism of students’ pretty successful,” Mathis said.came to the dance department, there were Mathis will perform in three pieces, two of work. Last Chance to Dance will take place at 7:30about 11 pieces in the show, and the majo- which she choreographed, including “Well “Students grow so much in one semester, p.m. Dec. 10 in the Donald C. Bedell Perfor-rity of them were things we were doing in our Well Well” by Duffy, which has four dan- and this concert is an opportunity to show mance Hall. Tickets are $10 for general admis-classes and we performed at Academic Hall. cers and is more of a “jazzy piece with a bit of their growth, like freshmen who come in sion and $3 for students with a Southeast ID.… Now students can only submit two pieces comedy,” according to Mathis, and “Express” August, and after three months grow to the They can be purchased at the River Cam-of work for Last Chance, and the show is per- from the movie Burlesque, which has 11 dan- point that they are a different dancer in one pus box office. For more information call 651-formed in the Bedell Performance Hall and cers. The final piece is a senior piece. semester,” Peterson said. “Watching them 2265 or visit Southeast Arrow has a Winner of a $100 Target Gift Card… 8 0 s N i gh t H E S H OW M E C E NTER AT T BASKETBALL DOUBLEHEADER ON Cong ra is ! SATURDAY, DEC. 8 tulations, Joe Norr Women’s Basketball Men’s Basketball vs. Western Illinois vs. Central Arkansas 3 p.m. 5:30 p.m. Prizes for the best 80s outfits to everyone who participated (male and female) in our Arrow Prizes for students sitting in the “Redhawks Nest” student section Readership Survey! • (573) 651-2113 Sponsored by: A Partnership with Southeast Missouri State University and Rust Communications • To advertise, call 573-388-2741