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Arrow 2012 10-19-6


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Arrow 2012- Issue: Oct.

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Arrow 2012 10-19-6

  1. 1. Â 6 ARROW • week of Oct. 24 - 30, 2012 STUDENT MUSIC RECITALCREATE The 2012 Athenaeum Series will include a student recital event at 12:30 p.m. Oct. 31 at Sadie’s Place in Kent Library.+​FILM festival at Rose TheaterAPPROXIMATELY 50 FILMS ARE EXPECTED TO BE SUBMITTED FROM STUDENTS IN MISSOURIFault-Line Film Festival accepts filmsfrom any Missouri college studentANDREA GILS Dufek said it is a combination of produc-COPY EDITOR tion and storytelling. “We had a couple of submissions whereThe Fault-Line Film Festival is a competition the quality of the product is just beautiful,organized by the mass media department at but there’s no story,” Dufek said. “Then weSoutheast Missouri State University for stu- have some that the story is developing butdents to showcase their talents by putting the production quality is so bad we weren’ttogether a story for film. able to hear it, understand it.” Dr. James Dufek, professor of mass media This is the third year of the festival but theand TV and film operations manager, said this second year that it is going statewide. Anyfestival is not just for TV and film students. student from a Missouri university is eligi- “It’s for everybody because everyone has a ble to participate in the festival. There werestory,” Dufek said. almost 50 entries last year and organizers Students from all disciplines can tell a story hope to have more this year. Students celebrate after the announcement of the Audience’s Choice award winnerthrough comedy, drama, science fiction or There is no limit to the number of stu- last year. Photo by Hunter Hempenanimation. dents that can be involved in each film, but Dufek said that students have the propen- films can be only 10 minutes long. Last year TV and film graduate Robert Speurlock The awards include: Best in Show and asity to use profanity in every film they make. there were some teams that had 20-30 stu- developed the logo while he was a student at certificate to runners up, the Judges Award, “Last year the festival was for a mature dents involved, while some groups had only Southeast. and an Audience Choice Award. This awardaudience because they were very expressive four members. “We wanted to tie in the earthquake fault- will be determined by tallying ballots han-with their dialogue,” Dufek said. “This is not Students who are not mass media majors line with the festival,” Dufek said. “If you ded out at the two-hour screening of thefor kids. Some of the things are very simple are not allowed to use the department’s are from this area we are sitting in a pretty winners and other entries during a screeningand wouldn’t offend anybody, and some are equipment becuase it is expensive and they intense fault line that could erupt in any open to students at 7 p.m. on Nov. 16. at Rosetrying to make a point by using their tools need to teach students to use it. Students time so we just tied in with the FFF.” Theatre. There also will be a screening openavailable.” have used their own cameras and iPhones The Fault-Line Film Festival Group was to the community on Saturday, Nov. 17. Dufek said that he does not want the and edited on their laptops. formed to combine different talents and Dufek said he hopes students understandaudience to categorize the event as one “It’s been proven now that you don’t need share resources, abilities and skills to make the script to screen process.where only profanity is shown. the highest end, high-end digital HD stuff the festival possible. The group also helps “Putting that on their lap, giving it to them “We don’t know what the product will to do a good story,” Dufek said. “It would be with the marketing, set up, screening and and saying produce this, with no support, nobe this year,” Dufek said. “You want them wonderful to have a shot in HD and better other manual labor activities. help, having to coordinate their productionto be as open and expressive as they feel lighting, but the fact that the story was told The festival features a guest speaker each and talent schedules, post-production, plannecessary.” was moving, did its job, you look past some year. Steven Poster, 2002-2003 president their script, book locations, compose shots Students and faculty work together to of the production elements that could have of the American Society of Cinematogra- in a single camera style, are among the seve-organize and produce the event, including been better because they did a good job with phers in Hollywood, was one of the featu- ral things students need to take into accountthe Department of Mass Media, Department what they had.” red speakers Southeast brought to talk about while shooting a film,” Dufek said.of Theatre & Dance, Earl and Margie Holland Associate professor Fred Jones and Dufek light shooting in the masters class during the In order to collect funds, there will beSchool of Visual and Performing Arts, worked with the advertising and public rela- award winners ceremony last year. T-shirts sold at $12-15, and the SaturdayCollege of Liberal Arts, Department of Indus- tions students to build a plan. But when they This year’s speaker will be David Johnson, screening will cost $5 to attend.trial and Engineering Technology and the had a marketing and development plan, they president and partner of Coolfire Media and “We want to have a donation attached to itDouglas C. Greene Center for Innovation had no way to fund it nor resources to pro- board member at Cinema St. Louis. Cool- to help offset costs in the future,” Dufek said.and Entrepreneurship at Southeast. mote it. fire Media is a St. Louis company that pro- There is no profit made with any of the According to Dufek, there is an artistic and According to Dufek, this is where James duces commercials and a reality show selling. The money collected goes right backcreative background with all the developers Stapleton from the Center of Innovation and called “Sweetie Pie’s” on the Oprah Winfrey into the festival to help fund the event.and the judges. The seven or eight judges Entrepreneurship came in. Dufek said Sta- Network. The committee’s long-term goal is to makewill select the winners and runners up accor- pleton wanted to include the mass media in The award ceremony will take place on the festival nationally recognized.ding to a determined criteria, such as con- the center’s Global Entrepreneurship Week. Wednesday, Nov. 14, at the Donald C. Bedell “We want this to be able to grow and stu-textual and storytelling techniques, compo- “This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t Performance Hall. There will be $4,000 in dents to get exposure to go to the next level,sition, sound bed, music, dialogue, acting for the Center for Innovation and Entrepre- awards and prizes. Each team will get a crys- to independent film-making,” Dufek said.and lighting. neurship,” Dufek said. tal trophy if they win an award. “We hope to go national.”Haunted downtown walking tour gives eerie history of Cape GirardeauBRITTANY TEDDER teenagers about the history of the building. apparently connects to taking the bodies out at night usingARROW STAFF WRITER “It was a 16th or 17th birthday party, and the kids and their lanterns or candles,” Rhodes said. parents were with us,” Mershon said. “I was in the process There is also folklore that there is a tunnel that connectsPort Cape, the Sherwood-Minton House and Old Lorimier of telling the history of the Glenn House, and we heard what the Sherwood-Minton House to the Old Lorimier Cemetery,Cemetery are just a few places in Cape Girardeau that have an sounded like either sobbing or laughter inside the house. The Rhodes said. However, there never has never been any proof.abundance of history and ghost stories. kids thought we staged somebody, but we definitely didn’t.” Mershon said that the alleged tunnel was used by the The Haunted Downtown Tour is a walking tour that begins Mershon said there have also been stories of strange happe- Union soldiers to take the dead bodies to the cemeteryat the Boardman Pavilion across from Hutson’s Furniture on nings during construction of the River Campus. during the night because they did not want to show weak-Main Street in downtown Cape Girardeau, travels along Spa- “When we do the haunted tours, we hear a lot of people ness or their forces thinning down.nish and Lorimier Streets to the River Campus and ends back who say ‘I worked on that job site, and this happened,’” Mer- “It’s thought that potentially more Civil War soldiers diedat the pavilion. shon said. “It seemed to be a lot of things like tools being in Cape Girardeau than at the Battle of Appomattox, not Christy Mershon, the assistant director of the Office of moved.” because of the battle but because smallpox was so bad,”Extended and Continuing Education at Southeast Missouri According to Mershon, the Sherwood-Minton House on Mershon said.State University, and local photographer Tom Neumeyer are Washington Avenue is arguably the most haunted place in The tapping ghost is the most well-known story in Oldthe tour guides. Cape Girardeau. Lorimier Cemetery, Mershon said. Mershon said during the tour she and Neumeyer talk “It’s a house that is thought to be so haunted that in times “You’re in the cemetery looking around, and you feel aabout and visit different buildings downtown along the that it’s been sold, the real-estate signs disclosed that the tap on your shoulder, you turn around and there’s nothingcorridor where Broussard’s, Buckner Brewery and Port Cape house has been said to be haunted to avoid any lawsuits,” there,” Mershon said. “Not a lot of people said they saware located, depending on the time of night and how many Mershon said. things, just felt a tap.”people are in the buildings. Joel P Rhodes, a professor in the Department of His- . Mershon said people can bring flashlights and cameras, “Sometimes we go into some of the buildings, depending tory, said one association of its haunting is the idea that the and they should dress appropriate for the weather and wearon how busy it is,” Mershon said. “We’ve gone into Port Cape, Sherwood-Minton House was a smallpox hospital during the comfortable shoes to the tour.the River Campus and the Glenn House property, a historic Civil War. The legend is that the soldiers who died in the hos- The next scheduled tours are at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Saturdayhouse right down from the River Campus.” pital were carried to the Old Lorimier Cemetery at night. and 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Sunday. Each tour lasts 90 minutes. Mershon said last year she heard some strange noi- “Some of the ghosts’ stories that are associated with Contact the Office of Continuing Education at 573-986-ses at the Glenn House while she was talking to a group of that involve bobbing lights over in the cemetery, which 6879 for reservations.A Partnership with Southeast Missouri State University and Rust Communications • To advertise, call 573-388-2741