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  • 1. Andrea Cook Portfolio presented by Connect with Andrea Cook online:
  • 2. Andrea Cook Client Portfolio: With a focus in the legal and intellectual property space, portfolio represents 500+ attorney law firms and Fortune 500 corporations, SMB in technology, communications, education, media, government, retail and professional service providers.
  • 3. Global Branding Rollout: Client outsourced entire marketing and PR function to The Midas Center. Top priority included a new identity program with a brand compliance guide for offices throughout Americas, Europe and Asia. Andrea Cook
  • 4. Global Brand Rollout: A new online presence was integrated as part of the rebranding initiative for the intellectual asset management company. The Midas Center launched the company wide rollout within three months from strategy, to print- and digital implementation. (Before) Andrea Cook
  • 5. Online Branding Digital branding for global business included search optimization, online campaign strategy and development. Prior to the branding services, client’s name and keywords were non-existent. Within three months, client dominated the first pages of search. Andrea Cook
  • 6. Product Launch Campaign: New product launch integrated traditional and digital advertising, PR and direct marketing. Andrea Cook
  • 7. Thought Leadership Campaign: Market research campaign integrated traditional and digital marketing. Andrea Cook
  • 8. User Community Blog:, a user community blog was launched in 2005. Within the first week of launching the blog, 100% of the active users registered to participate and began engaging with customer service. Andrea Cook
  • 9. Event Marketing Campaign: Award-winning program generated leads from event marketing efforts that resulted to $10 million growth in revenue. Andrea Cook
  • 10. Law Firm Branding System: Award winning flexible brochure system included on-demand collateral for a 500 attorney law firm with multiple sub-brand practices. Andrea Cook
  • 11. Event Collateral Design: Award-winning creative design for women attorney networking group annual events. Andrea Cook
  • 12. Presentation and User Interface Design: New product demo design for sales presentations included CD mailers, web-based demos and new product launch design concepts. Andrea Cook
  • 13. Hyper-Local Media Launch: Designed, executed and monetized online community sites integrated with other community platforms and social media sites. Andrea Cook
  • 14. Community Development: Grew user community to 10% of actual population of town within the first quarter. Plan of growth included a bundle of iHEART-branded domains throughout northern Indiana. Developed Buzz Patrol, a team of local content providers. Trained sales team. Andrea Cook
  • 15. Online Wedding Magazine: Published a local wedding magazine that integrated social channels. Within launching the site, there were 20 paid members. Andrea Cook
  • 16. Digital Program: Designed and developed online strategy for public school system corporation of 3500 students with six schools. Program included social media strategy, team training and Facebook advertising campaign that led to 2600% ROI within six weeks. Andrea Cook
  • 17. Design: Art directed, project management, copywriting, image selection, illustration and design for an 8-page brochure. Andrea Cook
  • 18. Design: Thank you stationery bundle for clients to pay gratitude forward. Andrea Cook
  • 19. Annual Report Design: Art directed, photography and project management for Marshall County Community Foundation. Andrea Cook
  • 20. Annual Fundraising Campaign: Art directed, photography and project management for Marshall County Community Foundation. Andrea Cook
  • 21. $200 Work Week Challenge Content Strategist: Retained by agency to develop content strategy, development and influencer outreach for leading fashion brand. A $200 Work Week Challenge led to a series of five posts from Fashion Night Out activities. Andrea Cook
  • 22. Content Strategist: Storytelling content for fashion brand’s work outfits featured a cowork owner and was published on Another pitch led to an opportunity to showcase spring fashion on the Today Show. Andrea Cook
  • 23. Event Coverage: Launched a new practice in 2011 for businesses who rely on the speaker circuit to get added publicity from content captured and published by Event Correspondent services. Andrea Cook
  • 24. Thank you. Questions? Let’s Connect! - Andrea Cook Connect with Andrea Cook online: email: