Andrea gangemi project portfolio updated 2011
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  • 1. Andrea Gangemi Projects Portfolio (1998-2011)Andrea Gangemi last update Sept. 2011
  • 2. My Projects • Pietro Fiorentini (2009 - 2011) o EVCD Firmware • Motorola (2005 - 2008) o Symbian Uiq Multimedia features o RFC4975 (MSRP) • Laben (2002 - 2005) o AGILE o SHARAD o PCDF • Galber ASE (1998 - 2002) o Digital Inclinometer prototype o Liquid Level Gauge prototype o Diving Computer Firmware
  • 3. Pietro FiorentiniFlow Computers (EVCD) for Gas Metering • CTR (UNI-TS 11291) Communication Protocol o Requirement Analysis & Negotiation. o UML SW Architecture. o Cryptographic Algorithm Analysis & Implementation from scratch. o Code Performance Analysis (CacheGrind). • Low Level Drivers o Pressure & Temperature I2C bus management. o RTC Quartz Parabolic Compensation. o C language implementation on Nucleus and Proprietary OS (NEC 78K0R, Freescale ColdFire and TI MSP430). • Product Validation o Python/C Configuration & Validation Tools o EMC Test Support
  • 4. MotorolaMSRP (RFC4975) Symbian Uiq • Text based protocol for exchanging • Multimedia Domain Lead binary contents. (Media Player, streaming etc.) o Requirement analysis. o SOW definition. o UML SW architecture. o Requirement negotiation. o C language implementation on o Follow up internal and Linux mobile platforms. third-parties development. o Leading the international development team. o Showcasing prototypes in USA.
  • 5. Laben (1/2)SHARAD • Subsurface sounding radar for the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. o Requirement negotiation and SW design. o On-board SW team leader. o C and ASM development of data acquisition, signal processing, high resolution timer algorithm and telemetry (Virtuoso RTOS on AD DSP). o Directly involved during the Assembly, Integration & Verification phase (AIV), including Satellite integration in USA.
  • 6. Laben (2/2)AGILE PCDF • ASI satellite for Gamma Ray • Microgravity life science Observation. experiment for the International o Driver development of satellite Space Station. high energy detectors. o C development (VxWorks o SW version management using RTOS) of serial driver, motor CVS. controls and Telemetry management. o HW/SW integration.
  • 7. Galber ASEDiving Computers Firmware Transducers development • Calculate and display Nitrogen • Level meter absortion in human tissues during o HW and FW design. scuba-diving. o Involved in mechanical o Requirement negotiation. specification (IP65). o Impact Analysis for algorithm o 100% PIC ASM, including implementation on 8-bit fixed point math, ADC, I2C, microcontroller. keyboard and display. o C implementation (NEC-78K0 • Bi-axial tilt meter series) o HW and FW design. o C and ASM development on TI MSP430. o RS485 custom protocol. o LabWindows PC interface.
  • 8. Contacts: Andrea Gangemi email: tel: +39 340 5987091 skype: andreagangemilinkedIn: