developing listening Intermediate Level


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developing listening Intermediate Level

  1. 1. DEVELOPING LISTENING SKILL INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Delgado Gustavo Di Cuonzo Andrea Laclé Gabriela Mahmud Josimar Rojas Claudia
  2. 2. What will you need? A robot picture and pieces of paper  with questions on it. Procedure: Tell to your students that you want to make a  presentation about your new creation “a Robot”. Show them the picture and start your presentation. Remember to talk about some important aspects, such as, what  is the robot name?, What is it for?, How much is it? among others. After you finish the presentation organize the students in groups  and deliver one paper per group. The group that answer all the questions at first is the winner. Remember to reinforce the student effort giving a gift to the  winners
  3. 3. What will you need? Story, a yellow card and a blue card  Procedure: Divide the students into two groups and give a card to  each group, tell to your students that you are going to dictated the story of Romeo and Juliet. “Romeo and Juliet fell deeply in love, but their parents did not get on. Everything became tragic when Juliet´s cousin killed Romeo´s best friend. There was a misunderstanding about a sleeping potion. Romeo, thinking Juliet was dead, committed suicide. Juliet awoke, saw Romeo, made a speech, and killed herself too” After you dictate the story tell to your students that you are going to  ask some questions the group that know the answer has to raise the card. If the answer is correct the group get a point but if the answer is wrong the other group has the opportunity to answer. Some questions could be: How many words are there in the story?  How many irregular verbs are there in the story? How many regular verbs are there in the story? And so on… The group that has more points is the winner, remember to reinforce  your students effort with a gift.
  4. 4.  What will you need? Sun light energy article (you can find it on climatechange-sunlightenergy.htm) Procedure: Read to your students the article and then make them  comprehension questions such as: 1.- We've have solar panels to heat our hot water since September 2001, The system has never given us any trouble and we use it as the sole method of heating water through the spring, summer and autumn True or false