Management 30 Original Course - Training in London, 5th-6th June, 2014


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Management 30 is a book, a training course, a set of management games originally created by Jurgen Appelo - and now a community of professionals working to improve organizational systems, behaviours and management. Management 30 courses have been running around the world - from Europe, Canada to Japan - for the last 4 years. With this summer course, you have the unique opportunity to experience this original training course in the UK and to interact with fellow professionals from various industries. For more information, visit or!training-events/c5q.

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Management 30 Original Course - Training in London, 5th-6th June, 2014

  1. 1. Over the two days of the course, participants will experience theory and practice in small chunks, reflect on inspiring stories, work through fun games and exercises and focused group discussions. The goal of the course is to inspire participants to take action to improve their organization. Day1: Agile Management is the generic term for leadership and governance of creative teams in a way that is consistent with lean agile thinking. You will be acquainted with the common methods and challenges of agile management in transformations around the world, and the necessity of good management in an agile organization. Complexity Thinking lays the foundation for the following Management 3.0 themes. It explains why traditional linear thinking is not appropriate in today’s world and why it should be replaced by thinking in complex adaptive systems. Energize People explores the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, the ten intrinsic desires and common techniques to explore what is important to people in your teams. Empower teams illustrates stories on self-organization and how managers can create the conditions for successful, self-organized teams. You will learn how to create empowerment and autonomy, distribute effective authorization and decision-making in the organization and grow relationships based on trust. Concrete practices discussed include delegation poker and delegation boards. Management 3.0 MANAGEMENT 3.0 TRAINING Management 3.0 is a workshop, a course, a book and a collection of concrete practices, to inspire team members and managers to transform their organizations to be more innovative and highly productive. http://management30trai ningl Register for 5th - 6th June, 2014 London
  2. 2. Day2: Align constraints revolves around setting goals and a sense of purpose that channels self-organization in the desired direction. You will learn when to manage and when to lead, the criteria to set inspiring goals, and the challenges of management by objectives. Develop Competence explains how and when to apply the seven approaches of competence development in order to grow high performing teams. Measuring competence in complex adaptive environments as well as recruitment best practices are discussed. Grow Structure illustrates how organizational structures can be catalysts or barriers to growth. This session helps the manager to develop the best organizational structure to facilitate communication and to find the best mix of teams between specialization and generalization. Change Management gives valuable suggestions on how we can drive continuous improvement of the organization as a change agent. Four facets of change management are illustrated and practiced to help the participants become change agents in a complex environment. All course participants will receive materials of the course exercises, an official certificate of course completion and a copy of the book How to Change The World signed by the author Jurgen Appelo. Prices For the 2-day seminar including full daytime catering and materials: Early Bird Single: 860 GBP Full Price Single: 960 GBP 20% VAT will apply on above prices, where applicable. Group discounts are available for multiple participants from the same organization on request. Please read our Terms & Conditions Dates Of course, we also offer in-house courses. Inquire directly at andrea (a) We will gladly send you an offer. Trainers Andrea Darabos is a licensed Management 3.0 trainer. As a lean agile coach, Andrea works with organizations to become better sources of value by continuous improvement, rapid adaptation and collaborative learning. She has international experience working in program management and consulting in large- scale lean agile transitions for various multinationals across Europe, US, Canada and Asia. Andrea believes high- performing teamwork and continuous learning is essential to win and to also have fun in today’s complex world. Ryan Behrman is a licensed Management 3.0 trainer. Ryan has been at various points in his life a developer, teacher, academic, coach, and manager. He's passionate about reminding teams and individuals what they already know but have somehow forgotten: that they have the power within themselves to change and to be both happy and productive at work. Originating from South Africa, he has worked with organizations transitioning to Agile ways of working in UK, Germany, and Canada. Industries span retail, supply chain, publishing, government, travel, and packaged software. 5th-6th June London Register 9th-10th October London Register